White for spring

Can you tell I’m really feeling white for spring? If the monochromatic blog post didn’t do it for you then maybe this outfit will.

Recently, I attended the Create & Cultivate NYC Conference which is for females in the space of fashion, beauty, business, and everything in between – influencers, brands, entrepreneurs, etc. A few years ago I had attended this event to gain more knowledge because I am a true marketing nerd and chose to return again this year since times have changed and digital marketing has continued to evolve. Just like my love for wearing all white. Continue reading “White for spring”

Fall Haul

Fall weather had been slow to approach here in NYC – so I decided to take a leap and splurge on some new items. Lately, I’ve been feeling as if my style is evolving into a new chapter. The esthetic remains the same of what I have always loved – graphic tees, jeans, converse, anything and everything athleisure. For some reason, I feel as if it has gone to a somewhat more mature level. So without any more babbles… let’s jump into what I did purchase.

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Clowning around in LaLa Land

I mentioned I enjoyed mocking myself, and this pun I have used before. This top was a favorite from Zara and I really wanted to use it again in a post. My friend Alison was the BEST PERSON EVER since we decided to drive around shooting some looks, changing in the back seat of a car was a first for me and something I will have to get used to when it comes to banking looks. Continue reading “Clowning around in LaLa Land”

Saturday style

Family is everything to me. The past few weekends have been filled with plenty of family fun, and some not so great weather. The weather kept postponing any kind of days I wanted to take some pictures. So here I am posting some pictures I quickly took at my little cousins dance recital. These 3 little girls have a special place in my heart, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them… give them candy, unnecessary gifts, letting them play with my expensive makeup… no matter what I can’t seem to say no to these cute faces. Their mom asked me to do their makeup for the big day since every time I see them they scream “COUSIN SARAH DO MY MAKEUP!” They sat perfectly for me and looked absolutely beautiful!! I may be bias on this but they really are pretty damn cute 🙂 Before the show started I was able to snap some photos of my look for the day…

My outfit for the day I wanted to be comfortable but also stylish.. it was a dance show I was seeing after all. The top I got from Dynamite which I really loved. Ruffles are very much trending right now and I loved the look of this top! They only had a medium in the white and a small would’ve fit me a little bit better but I couldn’t pass up this purchase. The jeans from Zara are very stretchy, when I am sitting they feel a little bit tighter.. the more I wear them the more comfortable I feel. 

This watch. It has a story. I have been coveting this and waiting for it to be back in stock… I am not a watch person or into a ton of crazy accessories, simplicity is my main focus. The watch is just a quick simple accessory to my look, loving the all black look of the watch with the hint of gold. Forever wearing black and gold and white together. My bracelet was purchased at the Create & Cultivate conference after I had my aura “read.” Onyx is a form of protection from negativity… anything that will help deflect any negative vibes. Positive vibes only are allowed in my world! 

Outfit details…

Spring Shoulders

The off the shoulder trend continues into the spring, along with this comes the statement sleeve trend. My love for bell sleeves has grown into my love for statement sleeves. I cannot get enough of it, except when I am trying to eat. Then it becomes an annoying trend… but I digress. This cute top I picked up in Zara on my lunch break, after seeing so many blue stripe shirts all over Instagram I wanted to find something different compared to the typical blue stripe shirts that I had been everywhere. This top had the blue stripes but vertical rather than horizontal, I once read that these are more figure flattering… since I am constantly hiding my wide hips I figured this would be a fun new trick. The beautiful sleeves with this top were an added bonus… They aren’t too overpowering either. I could definitely get away with wearing these out to lunch or dinner.
White jeans. These have been on my lust list for over a year. Why did it take me THIS LONG to cave in and buy them? I could not find the right fit or a pair that didn’t seem see through either. Since my hips are so wide I try to stick with the darker washed jeans, they are more slimming for my body type. But I hate denying myself from a color that I could make more flattering depending on how I styled it. These jeans were found in Dynamite. I mean where else would you expect me to find them? I can rave about this store for days on end. What I loved most is that the length fits me perfectly as well. Did I mention they had the frayed ends? Even better in case they stretch out and I need to trim them to fit me better 🙂

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


Clowning around with Zara

I mentioned in my about me that my posts will contain some comedy. The title of this blog post is exactly that. When I initially saw this top on the rack I LOVED IT. Immediately found my size and said MINE…. then when I put it on I realized it reminded me of a clown’s top with the ruffles. Didn’t seem to bother me much when it came to wearing it though!

This top incorporates the continuing off the shoulder trend with the statement sleeves being bell sleeves. God that was a lot of rambling about sleeves. Point is that this top is fabulous. I absolutely love it… it goes perfect with my clowning around attitude.

The jeans are also Zara… it was a gamble buying jeans from here. I tried on a few of their jeans and the cuts seem to be all sorts of different depending on the style. Disappointing to see that the flared ankle jeans DO NOT flatter me at all, a trend I won’t be enjoying. These jeans are mid rise and stretchy, which for a first pair would be my best gamble. Unsure if these jeans stretch after wearing them more or if they shrink after washing them. I do hope they stretch out the more I wear them… I also was wearing them on days that were 70 degrees almost 80, which was not helping my full review. Other than that I like how they fit me and they do feel comfortable since they are so stretchy. Stay tuned for my continued review on these jeans..

Lastly, the shoes. I don’t have many shots of these shoes but I am SO INCREDIBLY happy that these are in style. It is so much easier to wear over gladiators or any other thong sandal. Curious to see how these will handle my NYC street walking but I am anticipating it to be a comfortable stride. I fully plan on purchasing more of these styles, maybe even a bit of a sportier sandal which might be even better during the summer months to come.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


OOTD: Camo print

This is a new series I am going to try out so I can share my daily looks on the go. As much as I would love to be at the level of having my photos taken for me throughout New York City, I am not quite there yet. Yet being the key word. What I want to continue to do is be relatable to my readers & followers. These quick outfit selfies and shameless bathroom selfies is the way to do so. I am on the go and so are you… now let’s jump right into this.

For the Easter holidays I was leaving work at an earlier time on a Friday, and who else wouldn’t be excited about this? What that meant for me is that the bus would be a little less crowded and I’d be getting home earlier than 7PM. To make the day even better I got my first paycheck so you know shopping was my number one priority. There is a Zara not too far from my office, 2 actually but the one on Fifth is much better.   Attempting to not go overboard since I did have to carry my purchases back to my office, then to the bus and finally home. 

Taking advantage of how quiet the store was when I got there I immediately grabbed a bunch of jeans to figure out my size. These hips don’t lie when it comes to the difficulty of finding the right size and style of jeans. Some of the newer trendier styles do not compliment my body type, as much as I’ll say “oh my gawd those are SO CUTE!” They do not look cute on me. Sticking to cuts and styles that flatter my figure is a million times more important than trying to fit into the new trends. Especially when my assets are saying “oh hell to the no!” I’ll do a review on these jeans once I put a few fun outfits together and then decide which one I’m wearing first 🙊

Jumping into what I am actually wearing in this post here. I saw this camo print shirt and it was one of those “I just had to have it” moments. Camo is rather popular now a days or at least from what I’ve been seeing on the streets. I liked that it was a high low button up shirt rather than a regular t shirt or hoodie… what inspired me most was that I could wear a statement necklace with this type of collared shirt. 

Post purchase(s) I thought about what styled statement necklace I was looking for. Anything I had from my current collection & I was insisting on treating myself. A black or gold statement necklace is what I had in mind, ironically I got both but I loved how the mate black necklace looked best with it. The necklace looked like it was part of the shirt & I liked how it made many people do a double take of what it was. I paired it with my new high waisted jeans from the Gap and my trusty high top converse sneakers. 

Outfit details….

xx Sarah

Zara Wide Sleeve Sweater

Lately I am all about the statement sleeve and the wide sleeve tops. This goes from bell sleeves, to statement sleeves, to oversized sleeves. I love them all. These aren’t so meal friendly but thats why we roll up our sleeves to dig into a good meal right? When I saw this on the rack at Zara I was honestly uncertain. It looked HUGE, and insanely cropped. I wanted to take the chance, plus it was on sale. Can’t put too much of a fight on that one. I went for a color I normally wouldn’t go for. This does come in black and fuchsia. I have more black tops and clothes than I can count, nor am I a pink girl. On a rare occasion I will wear pink, just not with this top. It came in a sand, neutral color which I was curious to see how it would look against my fair skin tone.

Shopping for neutral colored tops can be hard when you have fair skin. You don’t want the top to match your skin tone too much or look like your completely naked. Maybe this is just a fear that I have of this color spectrum. Maybe its because my fair skin is still somewhat of an insecurity. What I won’t ever stop doing is pushing myself to get outside of my comfort zone and find the beauty in what I am insecure in. Embracing my fair skin tone has been a struggle, but I continue to push myself to try new styles. And this time. IT WORKED! I was so happy when I had put this sweater on. Although I look like I am drowning in it, I cannot begin to tell you how snuggly this sweater is! I understand why it is cropped since the sleeves are so.. HUGE. And such a fun look to wear! The only thing I regret is not having a lighter shade of shoes to wear with this (because I only own black shoes) Just another reason for me to go shopping for spring 😀 … I’ll link below other shoes I would wear with this style.

Outfit details…



xx Sarah


In Between Weather: Layers

Layers. Its key to almost every in between season. Layers are great to wear because if it gets warmer you can take the bulkier layers off and still be comfortable. Or if it gets a little colder you can add the layers on to stay a little warmer. I’ve been seeing so many bloggers layer looks especially with slip dresses and slip tops. Although I only have a slip dress, I didn’t want to waste money by purchasing another top that would just be in my closet for one specific look. Converting my slip dress into a slip top was easy.. I just tucked it into my jeans. The material is thin enough where it wouldn’t bulk up and look funny which made life so much easier. I recently got this simple top from Zara, of course I have it in black too. I am trying my best to stay clear of buying black clothing items since I have SO MANY already. This was a compromise since gray is in the same color family of my favorite color to wear.

I wanted to keep with the trends of the fishnets under the jeans look, it was some what strange to wear. Despite the fishnets being thin, it is still another layer… underneath your jeans. My jeans are ripped at the knee so its a cute little pop that you’d see when I’m walking or sitting down. Its a fun little surprise to my outfit that most might not see immediately. Wearing my trusty leather jacket draped over my shoulders has been my go to look for the past 2 seasons (I’m counting winter as almost over with that quick warm weather we got). This changes the entire look and I highly recommend trying it out… just not walking around on a cold winter day. It looks cute, but doesn’t feel so cute as your getting a blast of cold winter air in your face and chest.

Accessorizing this was rather easy and I wanted to keep things simple. My velvet choker added another fabric style to the mix and my Dynamite layered necklace. Of course I had to wear my Quay Australia Vivenne glasses. I love them dearly. Also because it was so windy out my eyes were tearing… it was so bad that my liquid liner was smudging terribly and my makeup was making its way onto my contact lenses! Not sure if this has ever happened to any one else before but it has happened to me way too often that I know what to do. And that was to cut my photoshoot short and fix my lenses haha!

Outfit details…


xx Sarah