OOTD Photoshoot

When it comes to fashion and style, the photo has to tell a story. Without a story, nothing will draw you in – where is she going? what is she doing? where can I wear this? oh and where can I get it? I have written this before, whether any one reads this or not is still unknown, but I take my own photos. Yes I am my own photographer – with the help of a tripod and a self timer, all previous photos were taken by me, myself and I. The sucky part about this is it takes me a lot longer to achieve the story I am trying to create – being in 2 places at once is rather difficult & they have yet to perfect cloning. What I learned from the Create & Cultivate Mentor Power hour? OUTSOURCING!

From my research and asking other bloggers, photographers can be rather pricey. I want to be able to still afford these photos since this is mostly a hobby right now, I do not make any money from blogging. Although it would be nice to make a profit & work with other brands – I am not there yet. Plus any money that I did make would go directly back towards everything for my blog, such as a photographer.

When Rowell reached out to me I was excited and nervous – I didn’t want to be disappointed by how much it would possibly cost. Luckily the pricing was within my budget and I was super excited to experience a photoshoot in NYC. All of my favorite bloggers take photos on the streets and in the cross walks, to be one of them for a minute was magical! Rowell was super awesome and helped me feel comfortable taking photos in public, its not that easy when people are all around sometimes looking at you giving you the feeling they are thinking “what is she doing, who does she think she is” or my favorite “CAN YOU GET OUT OF MY WAY I HAVE SOME PLACE TO BE” Often I am one of the later because I am running for my bus on the way out of the office. I did my best to put my focus directly on the camera and think happy thoughts – which resulted in RBF (Resting Bitch Face) haha!

I really enjoyed walking around and chatting while stopping and taking pictures. It felt more natural rather than a strict photoshoot. As I said photos are meant to tell a story… so here is what this photo series is about. We met up by Bryant Park and walked along the streets of the exact outfit I wore to work. Although a majority of my pictures are in front of my garage, house or in my yard I really do wear these outfits out and about! Showcasing my outfit on the streets feels more relatable, at least to me. This is exactly where I would have walked on my lunch hour. Working in Manhattan is a dream, and I am working on the dream of actually living in Manhattan. Simply walking a few blocks I can get some inspiration – whether it be a place I want to go, an outfit I want to wear, some food I want to try or a piece of art I want to create. Its endless. Everyone is constantly moving at a rapid pace, in New York its the constant go go go go GOOOO. Often I find myself moving so fast that I walk 5 blocks out of my way because I stop thinking and I am too busy observing my surroundings – from the comfort of my oversized sunglasses of course.

I can’t wait to put more looks together and take more photos of my life on the go!


Outfit details…

xx Sarah


OOTD: Camo print

This is a new series I am going to try out so I can share my daily looks on the go. As much as I would love to be at the level of having my photos taken for me throughout New York City, I am not quite there yet. Yet being the key word. What I want to continue to do is be relatable to my readers & followers. These quick outfit selfies and shameless bathroom selfies is the way to do so. I am on the go and so are you… now let’s jump right into this.

For the Easter holidays I was leaving work at an earlier time on a Friday, and who else wouldn’t be excited about this? What that meant for me is that the bus would be a little less crowded and I’d be getting home earlier than 7PM. To make the day even better I got my first paycheck so you know shopping was my number one priority. There is a Zara not too far from my office, 2 actually but the one on Fifth is much better.   Attempting to not go overboard since I did have to carry my purchases back to my office, then to the bus and finally home. 

Taking advantage of how quiet the store was when I got there I immediately grabbed a bunch of jeans to figure out my size. These hips don’t lie when it comes to the difficulty of finding the right size and style of jeans. Some of the newer trendier styles do not compliment my body type, as much as I’ll say “oh my gawd those are SO CUTE!” They do not look cute on me. Sticking to cuts and styles that flatter my figure is a million times more important than trying to fit into the new trends. Especially when my assets are saying “oh hell to the no!” I’ll do a review on these jeans once I put a few fun outfits together and then decide which one I’m wearing first 🙊

Jumping into what I am actually wearing in this post here. I saw this camo print shirt and it was one of those “I just had to have it” moments. Camo is rather popular now a days or at least from what I’ve been seeing on the streets. I liked that it was a high low button up shirt rather than a regular t shirt or hoodie… what inspired me most was that I could wear a statement necklace with this type of collared shirt. 

Post purchase(s) I thought about what styled statement necklace I was looking for. Anything I had from my current collection & I was insisting on treating myself. A black or gold statement necklace is what I had in mind, ironically I got both but I loved how the mate black necklace looked best with it. The necklace looked like it was part of the shirt & I liked how it made many people do a double take of what it was. I paired it with my new high waisted jeans from the Gap and my trusty high top converse sneakers. 

Outfit details….

xx Sarah

Feeling Blue

It is no lie that blue is my favorite color. I mean I am a huge New York Ranger’s fan afterall, but that has nothing to do with this outfit or post…

I found this Navy Blue Front Tie Top on the sale’s rack at Dynamite. If you didn’t believe that I shop there often, now you do. Jean are also from Dynamite that I purchased last year, below I linked the same pair.

Where to buy…

Some fun facts about the last picture above. My 5 1/2 year old cousin took the photo on her mom’s iPhone. Can we say future photographer??


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