Something Navy November Collection First Impression

Arielle of Something Navy has been a blogger I have been following since before I knew what blogging was. Following her journey for years, I have seen her style evolve and a dream of creating a collection come true. Her past collections have been beautiful but I was, unfortunately, unable to purchase anything I desired since it sold out SO DAMN FAST! This time around I was determined to sit by my ancient MacBook Pro and get at least 1-2 items. Mission accomplished.

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Grey Casual Days

Casual is comfortable, just like this look. This is very true to my style in the sense it is more sporty and involves sneakers. We can all agree it is hard to wear sneakers in the freezing cold when we are all much warmer in boots. However what was most fun about this look was that I was able to layer this with my new favorite bralette from Free People. Read More

Beverly Hills

“I may be a beginner at some things, but I’ve got a black belt in shopping!” Phyllis Nefler

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Soho Stars

I am from New York, more specifically from Brooklyn (proud) and currently residing in the forgotten borough (embarrassed). What may surprise you is that although I have done a majority of the tourist attractions throughout all of my life, there are certain parts of New York City that I have yet to fully explore and appreciate. Soho being one of them. When Rowell suggested that we shoot in Soho I was so excited, so many bloggers shoot there and I love the cobble stone streets and graffiti walls. I some what felt like a tourist walking around in awe looking at everything. It really is like a movie set walking around, these are the iconic places that you see so much. Mostly over the gram but you see my point…

After walking around a bit I decided that I must shoot here forever and always. Not only did it make my commute a little lighter being closer to downtown already but I loved walking around the area. The Soho and Noho area is so beautiful. The small streets and shops are so inspiring and I really need to make an effort to explore the area more. With the summer ending and the fall weather in the far distance I can only imagine how perfect it would be to adventure there… while dodging all the tourists of course.

Since I work in the heaviest of tourist areas, dodging tourist isn’t a problem for me any more. Constantly reminding myself that when I am in a rush that the streets are not a hockey rink. Pushing through the crowds as if I am trying to get to the puck along the boards or in the corners isn’t the nicest thing. Now I get why some people say New Yorkers are rude. I digress….

Rowell suggested that I take a few photos pretending to hold the balloons here. As the cheese ball that I am I went for it. He understands my humor in the sense that behind the resting bitch face I am giggling and laughing the whole way through. Let’s talk about this outfit though… it is a fashion blog and not a full time comedy act ya know…

I found this top that I wanted to wear to my trip to California. As much as I wanted to wait to share this look with you all while I was away, I couldn’t hold back any more. I have this terrible habit of holding onto an outfit for the perfect shot or the perfect day. Star print is my favorite, I hope to incorporate more star printed looks into my wardrobe for the fall. I love everything about the stars and planets… scientifically and even horoscopes. If you didn’t know that Mercury was in retrograde now you do..

So wearing white pants is risky for me to begin with. Not only do I take public transportation every day but I often spill things on my shirt and pants… part of any meal that I am eating, ink from my pen, Cheeto dust, you get the point. Prior to leaving for the shoot I got the tiniest crumb of chocolate on my pants. FREAK OUT MOMENT. TIDE TO GO PEN. OH MY GAWD!! I knew it was the end from there… one stain and the others will follow. I still had to take the train down to Soho after work, paying for a cab to sit in traffic near me is just plain stupid. Trains are the way to go. I prayed to the fashion gods to let me get to the location and get some great shots without another disaster stain happening. My prayers were answered.. This look is my absolutely favorite. Black and white is my favorite combination! I am loving these white pants despite the anxiety it gives me to wear them….  changing in the bathroom with these on the other hand….

If Lysol happens to stumble upon this post please know that I would be a great brand partner. Not only do I hate germs but I would be an amazing customer as I would  go through lysol disinfectant sprays and wipes… spraying every object in my path to avoid germs. Changing white pants in a bathroom was my first blogger experience of “the floor is full of germs and you cannot touch it with your bare feet or get your pants on it” game. So many paper towels covering everything and a intense balancing act. I didn’t want to take the outfit off because I did love the way it looked. But I also wanted to utilize my time by getting more than one look.

The lesson here is simple: Look at the stars, look how they shine for you… and everything that you do…. yeah they were all called bathroom germs.

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


Spring Shoulders

The off the shoulder trend continues into the spring, along with this comes the statement sleeve trend. My love for bell sleeves has grown into my love for statement sleeves. I cannot get enough of it, except when I am trying to eat. Then it becomes an annoying trend… but I digress. This cute top I picked up in Zara on my lunch break, after seeing so many blue stripe shirts all over Instagram I wanted to find something different compared to the typical blue stripe shirts that I had been everywhere. This top had the blue stripes but vertical rather than horizontal, I once read that these are more figure flattering… since I am constantly hiding my wide hips I figured this would be a fun new trick. The beautiful sleeves with this top were an added bonus… They aren’t too overpowering either. I could definitely get away with wearing these out to lunch or dinner.
White jeans. These have been on my lust list for over a year. Why did it take me THIS LONG to cave in and buy them? I could not find the right fit or a pair that didn’t seem see through either. Since my hips are so wide I try to stick with the darker washed jeans, they are more slimming for my body type. But I hate denying myself from a color that I could make more flattering depending on how I styled it. These jeans were found in Dynamite. I mean where else would you expect me to find them? I can rave about this store for days on end. What I loved most is that the length fits me perfectly as well. Did I mention they had the frayed ends? Even better in case they stretch out and I need to trim them to fit me better 🙂

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


Off the shoulder basic

An outfit inspiration is usually the start of my search for an outfit. I obsess over it until I can find the exact outfit or something extremely similar, never settling for less. My research skills often go deep and before I know it I’ll finally score success in finding that exact item. There are times where I see the price and say “YIKES! No thank you” so I’ll look for a cheaper option or it’s in my price range. 

So here was my inspiration for this look:

Now I have previously shot this look with black jeans but I didn’t like the way it came out. The black jeans I own are high waisted, so my torso looked shorter and well my boobs looked like they hung a lot lower than they really were. I decided to reshoot this wearing boyfriend jeans instead. I was more comfortable with the look and to be honest I liked it so much better.

Off the shoulder tops have been my go to look for sometime now. Believe it or not it’s hard to find these types of tops in long sleeves or a non-body suit. For a simple top I don’t need any extra buttons. If you prefer that your top stay in place then a body suit is your go to, it keeps the shirt tucked in and prevents its from riding up. If your like me and don’t care so you’d rather be comfortable and constantly pulling down your top down then go with the regular tee. I score this top on an ASOS sale back in January. They have sooo many other options for these tops. Some even come in packs of black and white or black white and grey. Prices aren’t terrible either for such a basic tee.

Outfit details…

Girl on the Floor: off the shoulder

I’ve decided to bring back this series of photos because I said so. Although they look like it is easy to take, they really aren’t. I love a challenge so I will be determined to perfect this pose/outfit photo. But let’s get to the reason why I am posting this photo. The shirt.

The top:  I got from Express way back in September. I have worn it once since then. Stupid, I know. Its such a beautiful and comfortable sweater, I really need to start wearing it more. I figured by sharing this post with you all it would light a fire under my ass to wear it more often… just as the cold brick weather is hitting New York too. The detail on this sweater is beautiful and I like how it isn’t something you can easily find too. Normally the lace up trend is on the front of the sweater in the v-neck style, which EVERYONE is wearing. I haven’t caved in…. yet.

You can wear this sweater with a pair of jeans, joggers or even a skirt. I would suggest using a patterned skirt or even a bright color since this top is so simple. Since it is ribbed I wouldn’t pair it with velvet or satin, the textures are too different.

The jeans:  Previously I mentioned how I am now on the hunt for new jeans. Most of the jeans I had in my closet are too big now, damn stretchy fabric. I needed something new and something fast. Luckily Express is always having some type of sale. I got these jeans because I was sick of wearing the high waisted jeans. When I was a little “bigger around the middle” thanks to my partying and terrible eating habits, I was self conscious about wearing any mid-rise and especially low rise jeans. No one wants a muffin top. So I got a ton of high waisted jeans. I still do love them but the ones that I had no longer fit and I felt more comfortable to try the mid-rise jeans. These are not only stretchy but very comfortable. I wear them multiple times during the week and even purchased a second pair. What I also LOVE about these jeans is that they come in SHORT! YES! sometimes with ankle booties they are still too long but I like rolling them up for a different look… plus they aren’t as long as my other jeans. #shortgirlproblems

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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