Sunday Funday at the Highline

June has been such a busy month for me! My weekends have been jam packed with events and it has left me little to no time to put together fun looks for you all. This process is actually a huge help in my day to day routine, the looks that I post are things I would actually wear. So needless to say my morning routines have been a bit difficult in trying to figure out what I am wearing.. I spend more time standing at my closet then I normally should and that leaves me with minimal time for my morning makeup routine. 
Since I was on the go I figured I would snap a picture of my outfit that I wore this weekend. I took my mom and my aunt out for their birthday to a nice brunch at Serafina’s and then we walked over to the Highline for a nice scenic view of NYC. Although I am here daily now, I don’t make the time to slow down and see the beauty that I am surrounded by. The day prior I was a fool and forgot to sunblock myself, it was a family filled weekend as my little cousins were over and I was more worried about them then I was myself. An overly long sentence to say that I got sunburn on my back. This completely changed the outfit I was going to wear. Since it was so hot I did want to wear a dress or shorts. 

A few weeks ago I picked up this top from H&M. I loved the idea of pairing this with white pants and wearing it to work with a denim jacket. Since I am always cold in the office the jacket is the perfect style solution to this look. I will definitely show you all how that look will turn out but lets jump back into this look shall we? I wore my lighter washed denim shorts and a pair of my go to sandals from last year. Luckily my feet weren’t too beat up from walking for hours it seemed. 

What I focused this entire look around was my necklace. Before jumping on the line to check out at H&M I always look at the accessories. And there it was. A SHARK TOOTH necklace. Impulsive purchase that was a million times worth it. 

Can’t wait to get back into shooting some looks for you all and sharing my summer style!!

Outfit details…

xx Sarah



OOTD Photoshoot

When it comes to fashion and style, the photo has to tell a story. Without a story, nothing will draw you in – where is she going? what is she doing? where can I wear this? oh and where can I get it? I have written this before, whether any one reads this or not is still unknown, but I take my own photos. Yes I am my own photographer – with the help of a tripod and a self timer, all previous photos were taken by me, myself and I. The sucky part about this is it takes me a lot longer to achieve the story I am trying to create – being in 2 places at once is rather difficult & they have yet to perfect cloning. What I learned from the Create & Cultivate Mentor Power hour? OUTSOURCING!

From my research and asking other bloggers, photographers can be rather pricey. I want to be able to still afford these photos since this is mostly a hobby right now, I do not make any money from blogging. Although it would be nice to make a profit & work with other brands – I am not there yet. Plus any money that I did make would go directly back towards everything for my blog, such as a photographer.

When Rowell reached out to me I was excited and nervous – I didn’t want to be disappointed by how much it would possibly cost. Luckily the pricing was within my budget and I was super excited to experience a photoshoot in NYC. All of my favorite bloggers take photos on the streets and in the cross walks, to be one of them for a minute was magical! Rowell was super awesome and helped me feel comfortable taking photos in public, its not that easy when people are all around sometimes looking at you giving you the feeling they are thinking “what is she doing, who does she think she is” or my favorite “CAN YOU GET OUT OF MY WAY I HAVE SOME PLACE TO BE” Often I am one of the later because I am running for my bus on the way out of the office. I did my best to put my focus directly on the camera and think happy thoughts – which resulted in RBF (Resting Bitch Face) haha!

I really enjoyed walking around and chatting while stopping and taking pictures. It felt more natural rather than a strict photoshoot. As I said photos are meant to tell a story… so here is what this photo series is about. We met up by Bryant Park and walked along the streets of the exact outfit I wore to work. Although a majority of my pictures are in front of my garage, house or in my yard I really do wear these outfits out and about! Showcasing my outfit on the streets feels more relatable, at least to me. This is exactly where I would have walked on my lunch hour. Working in Manhattan is a dream, and I am working on the dream of actually living in Manhattan. Simply walking a few blocks I can get some inspiration – whether it be a place I want to go, an outfit I want to wear, some food I want to try or a piece of art I want to create. Its endless. Everyone is constantly moving at a rapid pace, in New York its the constant go go go go GOOOO. Often I find myself moving so fast that I walk 5 blocks out of my way because I stop thinking and I am too busy observing my surroundings – from the comfort of my oversized sunglasses of course.

I can’t wait to put more looks together and take more photos of my life on the go!


Outfit details…

xx Sarah


Create & Cultivate: NYC Conference

I found this event when I originally created my twitter, I was looking for other sites to follow & found this cute website where they had a TON of positive and up lifting blogs. This immediately caught my attention, while exploring their site I saw that they had conferences for bloggers… Not only did it include other fashion or lifestyle bloggers but brands and any one interested in this type of field could attend. Luck was on my side when I found out they were preparing an event in NYC! I immediately got my ticket when they went on sale. The main event was going to take place on Saturday, May 6th and there would also be a cocktail hour on Friday, May 5th. I had to attend both since this was in my New York backyard after all.

Friday’s outfit:

When I heard cocktail hour I wasn’t too sure if I originally wanted to go. The following day was going to be a long day and beauty sleep was a priority. Last minute when I saw the space they were going to have it in I decided to go. I wanted my outfit to reflect how beautiful the space was and it was a cocktail hour after all, why not go with a cocktail dress? When I got there I realized how overdressed I was! Standing out from the crowd is what I like to do best any way, so it worked its way out. I met a few other bloggers that night & everyone was super sweet. My goal for the night was to have fun, which I definitely did! Being awkward and shy is also a huge thing for me, I wasn’t able to snag a picture of my full outfit from head to toe but here are 2 awkward photos of my dress 🙂

Outfit Details…

Satuday’s Outfit:

This outfit was plotted for MONTHS! MONTHS I TELL YOU! Knowing that this was going to be an all day event (8AM to 8PM) comfort was my #1 priority. I found this top on ASOS and fell in love. It was different and incorporated the off the shoulder trend I had been seeing. It was also very ruffly which is crazy in trend as well. If I was going to go over the top for a top, this was it. My accessories were a way for me to bring in some color to my white top… Bauble bar was the way to go. I chose the blue tassel earrings for 2 reasons: 1. it is my favorite color and 2. because the New York Rangers were playing and I was supporting them from Queens with the lack of a TV to watch them (they lost but that’s another story). Adding even more color but still keeping it simple I chose this really awesome colorful bracelet. It was the subtle hint of a confetti of colors that I was looking for. My detail even went to my makeup, inspired by Christen Dominique from Instagram I chose to add some bright purple as my under eye liner.. this also made my hazel eye’s really pop. With a hint of pink lipstick I was ready to go.

I will talk about what I took away from the entire event in another post but I need to take a minute, or a paragraph, to tell you the most amazing part of my experience there. I had the pleasure to meet and listen to Arielle from Somethingnavy. She is one of the first bloggers I began to follow years ago! I never knew much about fashion bloggers nor did I understand how the entire deal worked but I absolutely loved following her instagram. All of her outfits are and continue to be amazing, and even affordable at times – she pairs some high end designers with her looks. Constantly am I looking at her instagram for inspiration, motivation and even just a reminder that she too has some struggles but doesn’t let it stop her. Watching her instastory and even following her on snap chat I was able t see the behind the scenes life she was living. What an inspiration she is to all bloggers around, from the ground up she has built this into a business and to think it all stemmed from her going through a bad break up that she even decided to create the blog in the first place. Being relatable is something she strongly makes sure her readers and followers feel, and as a follower and reader I sense it immediately. Especially when I met her, she gave me a hug and complimented my hair (which was having a total frizz ball moment). She was so humble and so kind and sweet and waited to take pictures and talk to any one that wanted to meet her. If she ever reads this, which I hope she’ll find in her million likes and comments, I just want her to know how inspiring she is. I cannot wait for her clothing line to come out in the fall & I hope that I am able to get it all before it sells out.

Outfit details…

Accessory details…

Stay tuned for another post as to what I’ve learned and what I saw 😉

xx Sarah


Dynamite Style

3 different styles with 1 dress, YAAASS.

I practically LIVE in Dynamite’s clothing. What I love most is that I can mix and match all of my outfits. Which means I’m getting my moneys worth. 

So as Super Mario would say, HERE WE GO…

Outfit #1: I styled this Ribbed Mock Neck Dress with a purple cinched waist maxi vest  and Steve Madden Stecy Sandals. A great outfit when your ready to take on the day and kick a little butt.

Outfit #2: This could easily be a perfect date night outfit as well with a statement necklace. Worn with the same Steve Madden Sandals as above. (similar necklace here and here too)

Outfit #3: Now as much as I love how heels may look, my feet cry with pain after awhile. For a more casual look I styled this with a Dynamite faux leather moto jacket and Van’s slip on sneakers.

Accessories worn in outfits #1 & #3: Rebecca Minkoff Moto Hobo and Quay Australia Vivienne Sunglasses 


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Fall 2016 Trends

Grab your pumpkin spice latte’s ladies.. It’s going to be a lengthy post!

I’ve done my research on the latest fall trends from Vogue to Elle to inStyle to wmagazine. The fall/winter runways definitely set the tone for these major trends, I did try to find the ones that stuck out the most to me and what I have been seeing in the stores/online/Instagram/the street.

Some of the trends continuing into the fall are:


One of my favorite trends this past season. Personally I started wearing the off the shoulder trend last fall/winter. My favorite store Dynamite had many fitted sweaters and shirts for me to incorporate into my every day style.

One of my most coveted tops from Shop Bop , this also comes in white for $65:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 2.57.44 PM

Looks for less: ASOS off the shoulder top  ($23), Forever 21 off the shoulder sweater ($15.99), Forever 21 Green off the shoulder top ($14.90)

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The 90’s have returned and I couldn’t be happier. There are a variety of styles you could wear.. From statement chokers to simple chokers.

Dynamite gold choker:


Dynamite classic suede choker:


Bauble bar slimmer black ribbon choker:


You can even layer your chokers with some of your favorite necklaces.. I have found some choker sets with the layering option.

This is from Bloomingdales, don’t be intimidated since it’s only $20:


Express layered choker necklace:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.16.58 PM

Style recommendation: don’t wear choker with a higher neckline top.. It’s best to wear them with a lower neckline or it becomes too distracting.


I am absolutely loving this velvet trend. From dresses to rompers to shoes.

Straight from the runway, Balmain Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016

Balmain : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2016/2017
PARIS, FRANCE – MARCH 03: A model walks the runway during the Balmain fashion show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2016/2017 on March 3, 2016 in Paris, France. (Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Look for less, thank you Express ($49.90):

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.20.52 PM


A more glamorous evening dress by ASOS:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.33.27 PM

Kendall Jenner started to show off these Gianvito Ross Velvet booties in July:

Kendall Jenner Credit: Michael Stewart/GC Images

Look for less by French Connection ($165):


Another velvet shoe trend is the pump, check out these Steve Madden Velvet Platforms (they come in Navy, Burgundy and Black Velvet):

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 3.52.47 PM

Taking a turn down memory lane with the 90’s style, if these Steve Madden Velvet Sandals don’t remind you of Clueless then AS IF


My only concern with the velvet shoe is how to wear them during the fall weather.. Living in New York, you know it’s going to rain. Best to check the weather before rocking this latest trend.

Which brings me into the next trend….


I have always loved suede.. I would easily rock a suede boot over a leather boot any day, it’s very comfortable.

New this fall is the suede shoe trend, now ladies who doesn’t like to be comfortable and fashionable. Check out these DSW Suede High-Top Sneakers and Zara Leather High-Top Sneakers:


American Eagle Suede Booties (currently on sale for $35):

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 4.54.47 PM

DSW Suede open toe booties, another trend this year. The grey option is by Chinese Laundry ($99.95) and the navy option is by Indigo Rd. ($49.95)


Personally a majority of the boots and booties I own are suede. The downfall of suede is the rain (and snow). As beautiful as they look, it looks terrible when they get ruined. Worry not, being the clumsy person I am there has been incidences where I thought I ruined my suede shoe forever. My vodka soda suede incident was tragic, I had worn the shoes for maybe 2 hours. Luckily my aunt was to the rescue.. a damp cloth and a suede shoe brush. CRISIS AVERTED. My lesson learned was to get my suede shoes sealed, try this Gear Aid ReviveX Nubuck, Suede, and Fabric Shoe Care Kit to avoid any mishaps like mine. 


The pair of shoes I have been desiring for what seems like forever are none other than the Stuart Weitzman boots. God are they BEAUTIFUL. I mean look at them. LOOK AT THEM!

And they have an option of a heel or flat, my ultimate dream come true. What ‘s not so dreamy is that price tag ($798). I can justify just about anything, but I can’t break the bank just yet with those boots… Unless I were to find them online, through tradsey or gilt.. Still on the look out

Here are some similar and more affordable styles:

Zara Flat Over the Knee Boots ($79.90), DSW Over the Knee Boot (69.95)


Zara High Heeled Boot ($89.90), Lolashoetique Take Me Higher Boots ($119.99)



These are a definite must have this fall. I already purchased one from Dynamite and I’m IN LOVE! These can be dressed up or dressed down. I cannot wait for the cooler weather to wear this jacket.

Dynamite Lightweight Bomber Jacket ($49.95) [Option from Zara $49.90] & Nylon Bomber Jacket ($69.95) [Option from Zara $39.90]


Embroidered Bombers are also a trend I have been seeing for this fall as well. Check some of these out from Zara & ASOS:

Splurge on Zara’s Bird Embroidered Bomber Jacket at $99.99


Look for Less from BooHoo $44




This happens to be a staple piece in my fall/winter/spring/summer wardrobe. I can wear them with just about EVERYTHING. Jeans and a tee, over a dress (fancy and casual), sweatpants, workout gear, I could go on FOR-EV-ER.

Here is a recent purchase I made from Dynamite, I had been wearing the same Forever 21 leather jacket I purchased about 7 or more years ago, and yes it has lasted me this long and I will continue to incorporate it into my outfits in the future. But a girl needs options! Here’s 3: Dynamite ($59.95), Forever 21 Faux Leather Jacket  $34.90 , H&M Moto Jacket $49.99



This trend started last winter, everything is tied up and laced up. It’s hard to explain this trend, so I’ll just have to show you…

Lace up top – Free People ($58)  Missguided Lace up body suit ($32)

Express 2 trends in 1, off the shoulder lace up sweater ($44.90), H&M 2 trends in 1 off the shoulder lace up top in grey ($12.99),  Express lace up pull over sweater ($49.90)



The 90’s are back and better than ever.. growing up I do remember the slip dress trend. I might have been too young to wear it, but what the girls in New York have been doing is LAYERING. How to transition your summer slip dress into the fall? Wear a blouse or tee shirt underneath. A style I rocked at the tender age of 7. (As shown in the Kendall & Kylie look for less image below)

Splurge on this Topshop Drape Back Satin Slip Dress ($92)

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 6.19.55 PM

Looks for Less: Free People Bodycon Slip Dress ($30),  Tobi Open Back Slip Dress ($32), Kendall & Kylie Washed Silky Slip Dress ($39.95)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I hope this helps shopping for the latest fall fashion trends! Remember just because it’s the latest trend doesn’t mean you HAVE TO WEAR IT. Pick the style or trend that compliments your style and body type most..what makes you feel comfortable and confident!

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Beach Please

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I wasn’t kidding when I told you that I LOVE ROMPERS. No really, I do. Not as much as I love Quay Australia Sunglasses (style I’m wearing is called Vivienne). It has rapidly turned into a small collection. The romper I’m wearing today is so light weight, its perfect for a hot summer day… and yes even with the long sleeves.

How did I encounter this really awesome romper you might wonder? Let me share..

This is a story about a girl named Lucky…

EARLY MORNIN… Apologies, this quickly took a wrong turn down bad karaoke lane. YIKES!

In Long Beach Island, there is a great boutique called Island Gypsy. Every year that I visit I always make it a top priority to visit this great shop. What makes boutiques like this so much fun to shop in is that not everyone will be wearing the same outfit as you since they carry limited quantities of each clothing item. My personal style has always been to stand out from the crowd, so boutique shopping is perfect for me. This shop has multiple locations you can visit, I highly recommend checking them out!

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Being the determined girl I am, I searched high and low of where to buy this romper online. Success! Well somewhat, you can purchase this Love Stitch Romper here. They don’t have the navy option that I’m wearing, both styles in black and cranberry are definitely worthy of a purchase.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Last part of my outfit is the sandals.. which are now filled with sand. Oh, the lengths one will go to create a cute blog photo. These are Steve Madden sandals which I purchased earlier this spring and are also sold out. Need not to worry since I found a similar pair you can purchase at Macys here. Would you look at that, they are on sale too!

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Summer Romper

Its summer. Its hot. Sometimes sticky and gross. Who are we kidding here, it is just not comfortable. But what is comfortable is a romper. This past summer it has been my go to look, some of these can even be worn straight into the fall. The perfect transition outfit in between seasons (summer into fall and spring into summer).


Today I’m wearing the O’Neill Nashville Romper paired with Steve Madden Gladiators. This entire look is the definition of COMFORT. These sandals I purchased earlier this spring and I am so happy that I did, from spring to summer I got A LOT of use out of them.


Although the romper is a bit of a splurge, I will share my secret of how I purchased it. Amazon. The app is the best thing since sliced bread – my bank account would disagree. It is complete up to your discretion if you would rather purchase it through the O’Neill website. On amazon there is a few dollars worth of a price difference, in my eyes a few dollars saved is better than nothing.

Summer is almost over, stay cool!




A warning to all the ladies rocking a romper…… Godspeed.  9c1e0ea8d7f415bd0b918887cb0c4824fc27af40cb32747d98f71cfe216602f3

Saturday Night Vibes

Love is wearing your converse sneakers on a night out…



Last night I wore the Kendall & Kylie Pacsun Cutout Keyhold Halter Dress paired with classic low top Chuck Taylors. I kept my accessories minimal since its summertime with a  Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C bag to store half of my beauty products from home.  Because we all know girls have a ton of non-sense items in their purses, including myself.


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Similar dresses (since the one I’m wearing is sold out):


MissGuided cut out keyhole bodycon dress black


Express Black Cut-Out Fit And Flare Dress


And just like any New Yorker, you always end your evening with some pizza. ARTICHOKES PIZZA!