What is Sustainable Fashion?

I’ve been seeing this phrase buzzing everywhere on my social media. According to a quick Google search, sustainability means avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

Now sustainable fashion – what is it exactly? “Sustainable fashion is a movement and process of fostering change to fashion products and the fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. Sustainable fashion concerns more than addressing fashion textiles or products. It comprises addressing the whole system of fashion.” Via Wikipedia. But we know that there is more it to than that so let’s dive deeper…

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Year of firsts…

Last year when I initially started this blog I wasn’t too sure how far I would get with this project. Would I keep up with it for a year? Will I enjoy it? Will it spiral into something amazing? All unknowns. 2016 was simply not my year, personally I had struggled immensely even from the year prior… who am I kidding 2015 wasn’t my year either. I was at a point in my life where I suddenly woke up and all I could think of was “HOW THE FUCK DID I END UP HERE?” Time had slipped from my hands and the things I kept putting off suddenly were bitting me in the ass. My best friend had been nagging me for the longest time to pursue a career in something that I enjoyed… I am also the type of person when you repeat yourself more than a few times I begin to ignore you. Everything around me was changing, it felt like I was caught in this never ending wave crashing at the shore line… any time I thought I got my head above water, suddenly multiple waves would hit me all at once. I couldn’t catch a break and I was forced to start from scratch again. and again. and again. This was when my anxiety was at its peak and I had no control over it. My nervous energy ran rapid, channeling it into a calmer energy was like trying to hold one of those squishy toys that never stayed still in your grip. Just impossible.

Jennie (my best friend in the universe) continued to push me to find something, to find a career, to find my passion… she knew I loved to shop and I loved the hunt of finding an outfit. She suggested I applied to jobs for Fashion brands with social media involved. I had lived on Instagram and Pinterest for things… and Twitter for hockey. There wasn’t anything that I couldn’t find out: sales, that top from that Instagram photo, a similar dress from Pinterest. I had been following Something navy and the like to know it page for awhile, I loved that I was able to find out what these girls with the perfect photos were wearing. Hardly do I ever leave the house without putting myself together (unless I am going to a drive through), even when I think that I look like a mess people say I am always well put together. After looking at other “fashion bloggers” I thought to myself: “Why can’t I do that? Girls always ask me where I get XYZ or how I did my makeup/hair, this would be the best way to share it… and even meet other girls who are obsessed with fashion as much as I am.” I love my dear friends but none of them are as crazy about fashion and trends and all things pretty as much as I am. It was the most sense and the first clear as fucking day sign that I had seen in 2 years.

Taking every bit of my nervous and wild anxious energy I decided to put it all towards creating my blog. Having anxiety is a struggle, finding a way to exhaust all of this anxious energy that didn’t involve over thinking or struggling to control your outbursts isn’t easy. Working out, doing yoga, keeping busy all seemed like great ideas that you talk about in therapy, but putting it to action is another story.  I had to find my own way, despite the many suggestions and offers. Taking that first step forward is the biggest push I have ever done, and I am so happy I did. Finding a name was my first job, I wanted it to describe me in a nutshell and be slightly ironic. It took me longer than I wanted, so I said to a friend “I am so indecisive about this… just like everything else.” Indecisively Stylish was born.

My other dear friend, Alison, is a giant ball of energy.. she radiates positivity and always reminds me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She was SOOOO excited about me starting a blog and how I wanted to create things. The night began of adventures so I could write about where I went in this cute little black dress I had. I wanted my blog to be relatable, I wore this to that occasion or out with friends. She knew I was absolutely terrified to take photos in the streets… I mean all I could think about was people thinking “who does this girl think she is? does she think she’s an ‘insta-model’?” Learning to tune all of that out and focus on what the story I was trying to portray was my goal. Alison forced me to focus and have fun at the same time. It was an amazing night out and we wandered from place to place and laughed the whole way through. A few days later she offered to help me take some photos for my blog and it all began.

Learning so many things along the way was a challenge but it was a world that I knew I could easily become a part of. No one to answer to but myself and everything was on my terms and my point of view. Blogging is something I can’t imagine not doing. Whether 5 people read my post or 500 people read it. You love it or you want to make fun of it. This was the perfect way for me to control my anxious energy and put it towards something positive. A positive outlet where I can be me and have fun doing so. This blog had pushed me in such a positive direct that things became a little bit better towards the end of 2016. I was determined to make 2017 my year. I blinked and I suddenly was moving on from a job that I felt so stuck at and moving onto an entire different industry and work environment. Showers of positive changes just kept happening and I couldn’t believe that it all started with one small step. One giant leap for Sarah.

I am still taking pictures in my backyard because on most days (the weekends) it is easiest for me. Now that I found a photographer that I am getting more comfortable around I am taking that step towards the New York City backdrops every girl wants. My blog turns 1 today and looking back I can’t believe how much has changed for the better. Through my platform I was able to interact with other fashion bloggers, and guess what? We all struggle with the same things! So many girls also fight anxiety and they are open about their struggles. I went from being in an environment of people where it was shameful and I was seen as a girl with a mental disorder who could break down at any moment to reading about how a girl had a really shitty anxiety attack that lasted for a week and what she did to pull through on top of posting a really cute outfit. It was a more accepting world and I didn’t feel so alone. I am happy that I took that risk to make this blog and post as much as I possibly can here.

Happy 1st Birthday.

Outfit details…

Dynamite “nothing to wear” tee (unavailable)

xx Sarah


Create & Cultivate: NYC Conference

I found this event when I originally created my twitter, I was looking for other sites to follow & found this cute website where they had a TON of positive and up lifting blogs. This immediately caught my attention, while exploring their site I saw that they had conferences for bloggers… Not only did it include other fashion or lifestyle bloggers but brands and any one interested in this type of field could attend. Luck was on my side when I found out they were preparing an event in NYC! I immediately got my ticket when they went on sale. The main event was going to take place on Saturday, May 6th and there would also be a cocktail hour on Friday, May 5th. I had to attend both since this was in my New York backyard after all.

Friday’s outfit:

When I heard cocktail hour I wasn’t too sure if I originally wanted to go. The following day was going to be a long day and beauty sleep was a priority. Last minute when I saw the space they were going to have it in I decided to go. I wanted my outfit to reflect how beautiful the space was and it was a cocktail hour after all, why not go with a cocktail dress? When I got there I realized how overdressed I was! Standing out from the crowd is what I like to do best any way, so it worked its way out. I met a few other bloggers that night & everyone was super sweet. My goal for the night was to have fun, which I definitely did! Being awkward and shy is also a huge thing for me, I wasn’t able to snag a picture of my full outfit from head to toe but here are 2 awkward photos of my dress 🙂

Outfit Details…

Satuday’s Outfit:

This outfit was plotted for MONTHS! MONTHS I TELL YOU! Knowing that this was going to be an all day event (8AM to 8PM) comfort was my #1 priority. I found this top on ASOS and fell in love. It was different and incorporated the off the shoulder trend I had been seeing. It was also very ruffly which is crazy in trend as well. If I was going to go over the top for a top, this was it. My accessories were a way for me to bring in some color to my white top… Bauble bar was the way to go. I chose the blue tassel earrings for 2 reasons: 1. it is my favorite color and 2. because the New York Rangers were playing and I was supporting them from Queens with the lack of a TV to watch them (they lost but that’s another story). Adding even more color but still keeping it simple I chose this really awesome colorful bracelet. It was the subtle hint of a confetti of colors that I was looking for. My detail even went to my makeup, inspired by Christen Dominique from Instagram I chose to add some bright purple as my under eye liner.. this also made my hazel eye’s really pop. With a hint of pink lipstick I was ready to go.

I will talk about what I took away from the entire event in another post but I need to take a minute, or a paragraph, to tell you the most amazing part of my experience there. I had the pleasure to meet and listen to Arielle from Somethingnavy. She is one of the first bloggers I began to follow years ago! I never knew much about fashion bloggers nor did I understand how the entire deal worked but I absolutely loved following her instagram. All of her outfits are and continue to be amazing, and even affordable at times – she pairs some high end designers with her looks. Constantly am I looking at her instagram for inspiration, motivation and even just a reminder that she too has some struggles but doesn’t let it stop her. Watching her instastory and even following her on snap chat I was able t see the behind the scenes life she was living. What an inspiration she is to all bloggers around, from the ground up she has built this into a business and to think it all stemmed from her going through a bad break up that she even decided to create the blog in the first place. Being relatable is something she strongly makes sure her readers and followers feel, and as a follower and reader I sense it immediately. Especially when I met her, she gave me a hug and complimented my hair (which was having a total frizz ball moment). She was so humble and so kind and sweet and waited to take pictures and talk to any one that wanted to meet her. If she ever reads this, which I hope she’ll find in her million likes and comments, I just want her to know how inspiring she is. I cannot wait for her clothing line to come out in the fall & I hope that I am able to get it all before it sells out.

Outfit details…

Accessory details…

Stay tuned for another post as to what I’ve learned and what I saw 😉

xx Sarah


Repeat Offender: Green

This weeks theme. I don’t have a brand new outfit every day, no one does. Not even the Kardashians do. So how do we rotate our favorite pieces into our wardrobe now that it is a little cooler out? Let me show you.

Today I am wearing…

I really love this maxi vest that I purchased from Dynamite. It instantly feels like I’ve dressed up my entire outfit. Most of my go to looks are very basic and simple, adding this vest makes me feel a bit more fashionable and a little less basic.

The black off the shoulder top has gotten so much use since last year. The main reason why I purchased it is because I like to be different, not everyone was rocking the off the shoulder trend. At least from what I had been seeing.

Lastly these booties are the perfect transition bootie. We all know the mornings start out freezing cold and by the time we are all leaving work it’s somehow extremely hot out. This bootie gives you the perfect amount of coverage for this kind of weather. AND they are a wooden heeled bootie, fall trend for the win!

I’m on twitter now too!! 


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Sweater Weather

Fall is FINALLY HERE! I am so excited! First sweater outfit of the season and I’m keeping it casual.

This past Sunday I attended the 3rd Avenue Feastival in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It has become a tradition with my family that we get together. We always meet at my Aunt’s house to watch the afternoon football game before heading out to the Avenue. My youngest cousins really look forward to this and I love spending time with them so being casual was important since I tend to be running around with them for awhile. Once the little ones have their fun, my older cousins and I head to the local bars to have our own fun.With all of this in mind I wanted to be casual but nice enough where I didn’t look like a complete bum either.. after all it is Sunday and I prefer to relax and be comfortable..

 I am wearing…

This sweater immediately caught my eye when I was shopping in express. Who doesn’t like a jeweled toned sweater? What I also loved about this is it was crop topped, a majority of my jeans are high waisted (it’s just a preference). So what I loved is that made me look a little taller than I really am since I am a shrimp! #shortgirlproblems 

Of course I had to pair it with my new favorite high top chuck taylors, after all I was walking around all day and with my littlest cousins it was easier to run after them. 

To make it a little bit more dressy I added the Bauble Bar Catena Choker from Shay Mitchell’s guest bar tending line. You can check out my previous post on a review of my favorite items in her line, this of course being one of them. 

With my make up look I wanted to keep it neutral brown tones. This is a look I often wear because it’s simple colors and they make my eyes pop. I used a mix of urban decay naked 1 and Mac eye shadows paired with Kat Von D’s Lolita. This liquid lipstick LASTS!! I didn’t have to worry about reapplying once while I was out. 

Soon I will be posting more beauty looks with details, any and all suggestions are welcomed! Although I am not a professional make up artist nor do I think I am one I really love being creative and having fun with makeup. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!! 

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Sneaker obsession

A trend I have been noticing more and more lately. Sneakers with everything.. I mean the only outfit you can’t wear sneakers with is a bikini but everything else is fair game.

Now as much as I love the look of heels I DO NOT like the feel of them. For an every day shoe I would prefer to wear sneakers, preferably my converse sneakers. Since I was 14-15 years old I have been wearing them, I didn’t care if it was pouring or snowing or 100 degrees out.. I was wearing my chucks dammit!

It was a trend I never really grew out of, even throughout college. I would try to wear other sneakers, but the good ole chucks were always my favorite. This trend has sky rocketed, girls are wearing them with their wedding dresses, ball gowns, choosing them over a sky high pair of stilettos, it is endless.

In my first post on the blog I wore my converse sneakers, walking around NYC it was a good choice. I have made the mistake of walking in 5 inch heels before, it is not a wise one. If you are the type of girl who can wear heels every day, that’s great. I’m not, and I bet more than half of you out there or reading this aren’t either.

Some celebrities rocking the converse sneaker look:

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High top vs low top: I have both in a few different colors. I tend to always wear my black low top converse, I do own a white pair and a pink pair too. Recently, I purchased the Chuck Taylor 2‘s, and THEY ARE SO NICE. Beyond excited for the cooler weather since I will probably wear them with everything, which I’m sure you’ll see on my blog in the future. I also have a red high top converse pair which I like to wear to hockey games. Yes the arena is cold but the cold never bothered me anyway…

Let’s snowball this trend shall we? Athleisure is part of this sneaker trend and having a bit of a sporty style I really love that I don’t get the stares of wearing sneakers any more. For some time now I have been covering the Nike Roshes. I don’t work out regularly, even though I should, so there was no reason per day for me to own these.

Now I do.

Some celebrity and Pintrest inspirations:

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There are so many different types of sneakers that you can wear. High top, low top, slip on, running, training, air Jordan’s, nikes, whatever your little hearts desire.

Another trend that is beginning to sky rocket is the old school vans sneaker look. Now Kendall Jenner rocked this look:


Buy the Van’s Old Skool Sneaker.

I mean who doesn’t like a laid back skater style? It is all about comfort, which is a word I will use repetitively since it is a highly important part of my style. Again, I rocked these shoes when I was younger so I am very happy to see this trend come back.

Adidas sneakers. I mean these were an 80’s classic… and their back again! Very easy to incorporate these from dressy to casual as well. Take a look at some of these celebrity inspired looks:

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Buy the Adidas Original Superstar sneaker.

A sneaker I highly recommend investing in is the slip on sneaker. Sometimes we’re lazy, most of the time I am. So it’s just easier to slip these shoes on and run out the door because your “fashionably late.” I got these vans slip on sneakers last winter for a vacation. I can pair them with just about anything.. a dress, jeans, workout gear because I’m “running to the mall”, sweats, etc. I truly appreciate these when I’m shopping. It’s a lot easier to slip your sneakers back on after trying on 100 different outfits and 200 different shoes.

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There are so many sneaker trends out there, always go with what catches your eye!

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Throw back: Cali Edition

About a year ago I went to visit my best friend in LA. Preparing for this trip was almost double the work since she shops out of my closet, so it was an absolute MUST that I bring a ton of options. I had a lot of fun shopping around for outfits to wear, since it was December when I was visiting I naturally assumed it was going to be warmer in LA than it would be in NY. Boy was I wrong. For whatever reason, the weather in New York decided to come along with me for the trip! But I didn’t let that stop me from having a good time.

She took me to all of the typical touristy type places because well why not? I’ve never been to LA before and I wanted to see as much as I could in a short weekend. In my first few hours we grabbed lunch at Fat Sals, which is Turtle from Entourage’s sub shop. It was delicious! She then took me to Universal Studios since it was overcast, there were parts that were decorated for Christmas too. My favorite being Whoo-ville! It wouldn’t be Christmas without the GRINCH! 

Leaving the studio I got to see the most beautiful California sunset sky… it was magical! 

The next 2 days were packed with me trying to cover every bit of LA as I could in a short period of time. My first night consisted of going to a speak easy which was a ton of fun. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures with a flash and with the jet lag (plus a few drinks) I was only able to sneak one which was completely dark. WOOPS! 

Day 2, she drove me around Hollywood and we were on a mission to find my favorite band of all time’s star- THE BEATLES. Mission accomplished! 

Outfit details…

We also went to the Chinese Theater. Being from New York I’m very much used to being around tourists. This trip it was the other way around and it felt so strange! LA is rather similar to New York in certain senses, there is a bit more of a suburban type feel in California while in New York there are busy streets and people from all over the world it seems. You can easily spot a New Yorker walking through a tourist crowd (were the ones pushing through because we have places to go and people to see), but here in LA it was different. No one seemed to be around these tourist areas except for tourists. Now that comparison rant is over, I couldn’t  leave without getting a few pictures of my favorite Hollywood ladies..

Afterwards she took me down to ‘The Grove’ which has some great shopping , nice restaurants and where celebrities are often spotted. There is a little farmers market next to it so adventuring we went! I’ve never been to a farmers market before.. I spend more time exploring pizzerias than I do any other food. Walking around it was extremely beautiful, all of the shops were great.. of course I was mostly only browsing since I had almost a 50 pound suitcase going there. But I did purchase a sweatshirt since it was FREEZING. I’m in California you’d think it would be a hell of a lot warmer than New York would be. And that’s when it happened. Justin Bieber was there. Crying girls. Papparazzi. I had my first LA celeb experience. 

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of him, but I did get a nice picture of the Christmas tree. I was feeling the holiday spirit on this trip! 

While in LA, I had also mapped out some of the locations where American Horror Story had filmed. It was the perfect luck that the Murder House AND the LACMA lighting visual were either in driving distance or walking distance from my friends apartment. I was in heaven!

Murder House

Couldn’t take a picture without a Coven inspired hat either. This is from Dynamite (where else right?) but here is a very similar one from Charming Charlie. You can find these styles hats just about anywhere, I’m always trying to find excuses to wear them!

And I also demanded that I walked the same walk that Lady GaGa, or the Countess, walked at LACMA…

Actually I went there twice with another friend of mine.. although wearing a hoodie wouldn’t be considered fabulous I just couldn’t help myself that it was in walking distance from my friends apartment!

Now onto my favorite outfit of the trip…

We had big plans to go to SUR since we’re both fans of the show Vanderpump Rules on Bravo. I felt the need to get a little dressed up since it was a nice night out with my best friend. I found this really cool long top from ASOS, completely 90’s inspired which I was totally loving. The perfect dressy casual outfit for a night out with a friend.

Outfit details…

  • ASOS PETITE Exclusive 90s Extreme Longline Split Front Top – sold out (similar style with lace here and without lace here too)
  • 7 for all man kind jeans – the skinny – I purchased these at Century 21 a few years ago, always gotta know where to look
  • Steve Madden Platform Suede Sandals – last season (current style without the platform here and a replica Chinese Laundry Sandal here
  • Accessories: starburst lariat necklace from Dynamite last season (love this similar option from Spring or you can try this Dynamite similar option) and my go to Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C Bag


    The sangria is a definite must have!! And the food was delicious too. Yes we had the fried goat cheese balls and yes they were good. In all honesty here I’m not a huge fan of goat cheese, my best friend is and I let her enjoy a majority of them. They do have this chocolate cake that is simply to die for. Wishing I could have it right this second! Overall we had a lot of fun at SUR and would recommend anyone visiting LA to check it out. We didn’t see any of the cast (besides Peter for a split second) that night unfortunately but it’s just an excuse to go back and see them all! 

    Now I cannot end this post without showing you a beautiful sunset beach photo that I took in Venice Beach.

    My last full day day in California was spent bike riding from Venice Beach to Santa Monica. Both were so beautiful I did not want to leave. I mean look at this view …

    Before we left to go see the sunset in Venice, I saw this sign. Less than 2 months later I booked my flight to return for round 2 of adventuring with my best friend.

    Hope you enjoyed reading about my first trip to LA. If you liked reading this let me know and I’ll post about my second trip in the spring and talk about the style difference in girls from LA to girls in NY!

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    Graphic tees & jeans

    My high school style has some how managed to stay with me all of these years. Just lucky that graphic tee’s are a trend now. I have been wearing band t-shirts since my teens, not because its cool and trendy but because I am a fan of the music. Hello teenage angst, didn’t know I invited you to this blog post…

    Any way, here is what I am wearing today…

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    Feeling Blue

    It is no lie that blue is my favorite color. I mean I am a huge New York Ranger’s fan afterall, but that has nothing to do with this outfit or post…

    I found this Navy Blue Front Tie Top on the sale’s rack at Dynamite. If you didn’t believe that I shop there often, now you do. Jean are also from Dynamite that I purchased last year, below I linked the same pair.

    Where to buy…

    Some fun facts about the last picture above. My 5 1/2 year old cousin took the photo on her mom’s iPhone. Can we say future photographer??


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