Fall Haul

Fall weather had been slow to approach here in NYC – so I decided to take a leap and splurge on some new items. Lately, I’ve been feeling as if my style is evolving into a new chapter. The esthetic remains the same of what I have always loved – graphic tees, jeans, converse, anything and everything athleisure. For some reason, I feel as if it has gone to a somewhat more mature level. So without any more babbles… let’s jump into what I did purchase.

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Sunday Funday at the Highline

June has been such a busy month for me! My weekends have been jam packed with events and it has left me little to no time to put together fun looks for you all. This process is actually a huge help in my day to day routine, the looks that I post are things I would actually wear. So needless to say my morning routines have been a bit difficult in trying to figure out what I am wearing.. I spend more time standing at my closet then I normally should and that leaves me with minimal time for my morning makeup routine. 
Since I was on the go I figured I would snap a picture of my outfit that I wore this weekend. I took my mom and my aunt out for their birthday to a nice brunch at Serafina’s and then we walked over to the Highline for a nice scenic view of NYC. Although I am here daily now, I don’t make the time to slow down and see the beauty that I am surrounded by. The day prior I was a fool and forgot to sunblock myself, it was a family filled weekend as my little cousins were over and I was more worried about them then I was myself. An overly long sentence to say that I got sunburn on my back. This completely changed the outfit I was going to wear. Since it was so hot I did want to wear a dress or shorts. 

A few weeks ago I picked up this top from H&M. I loved the idea of pairing this with white pants and wearing it to work with a denim jacket. Since I am always cold in the office the jacket is the perfect style solution to this look. I will definitely show you all how that look will turn out but lets jump back into this look shall we? I wore my lighter washed denim shorts and a pair of my go to sandals from last year. Luckily my feet weren’t too beat up from walking for hours it seemed. 

What I focused this entire look around was my necklace. Before jumping on the line to check out at H&M I always look at the accessories. And there it was. A SHARK TOOTH necklace. Impulsive purchase that was a million times worth it. 

Can’t wait to get back into shooting some looks for you all and sharing my summer style!!

Outfit details…

xx Sarah



Summer Sweaters & Shorts

With this wacky spring/summer weather Mother Nature is like the Katy Perry song “Hot and Cold.” For those in between days I found this is the perfect outfit. This sweater I got on sale from Express and its pretty light weight.. still has the cozy factor which is a must in my world. If it ain’t cozy, then I don’t want it. The shorts are new and from American Eagle… what caught my attention was the different washes of denim mixed with these shorts. I hate wearing lighter washed denim because it makes me look a lot wider than I really am, the camera adds 10 pounds which doesn’t help either. The side panels of the shorts had the darker denim to make me feel comfortable but the lighter denim in the middle, everything else was ripped which makes me happy – I love destroyed denim!!

The shoes! I know every celebrity has been wearing these and weather or not they are a quick trend I don’t really care. I fully plan on purchasing at least one more pair of these slide sandals. Maybe not with a giant silk bow on it but they are comfortable. Walking as much as I do on a daily basis I need comfortable shoes. I live in sneakers so with the warmer weather coming I was looking for an alternative – and here they are!

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


Game Of Thrones Look: Winter is Here

Since I first started this blog I have been planning this look. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, so my search began. After the killer season finale we all found out that winter was here to stay… as it has become in New York. Despite the very random spring feeling days, winter has made sure we haven’t forgotten about him just yet. The temperatures have dropped so staying warm is important, so why not be fashionable about it? Here in New York, fashion girls know how to style their outerwear. From many different styles of coats in a ton of a different colors, or your basic black, camel, navy, white, grey coats. Having options is key, and it is something I have definitely learned over the years. This “coat” which is really cape is a different take on the winter outerwear trend. Capes are something I would recommend wearing if you are quickly going from indoors to outdoors and you aren’t traveling super far. It is a really cute quick overcoat for your outfit and to be honest it was the longest cape I could find with a faux fur collar that didn’t break the bank.

The past two weekends it snowed here on Saturday in New York, last weekend being the absolute worst! Being cooped up at home was not something I had been looking forward too after a very long and draining week at work. Earlier in the day I decided to shop a little online, and ASOS was having a sale! A recipe for potential budget disaster, I managed to only purchase things I truly wanted at the moment. Of course there is always that one buyers regret, and it is sold out now too! I couldn’t stand it any longer, I had to get out of the house! Many years ago I decided to get a truck for one of these instances, besides the fact I still had to get to work in any weather. The snow was light and fluffy so it wasn’t too difficult to clean off my truck, and thanks to my handy dandy extended snow brush I was able to accomplish that. Luckily I managed to stay safe on the roads and reach my friends house to spend a fun Saturday night screaming at the television while the New York Rangers played.

Sometimes the winter can get boring because not many people want to go outside. It is freezing after all, and the Starks have been warning us for almost 6 years now that winter is coming.



I get it Ned. Winter is here. Ironically I am wearing my faux fur blanket as a cloak as I type this post. Another part of this outfit that I absolutely loved is my new over the knee boots. I am a very loyal shopper to Steve Madden, a majority of my shoes are from there. Whether it is just the style they make I always find myself looking at their shoes. Even on other websites without realizing that I am clicking on a Steve Madden product. Sueded is my absolute favorite for fall/winter boots and booties. Personally, I just like the way they look better. Leather and faux leather have always given me a problem. I have a wider calf and there are very limited options out there. Ah hem, all shoe designers I’m looking at you. I understand that it is difficult and you can get them stretched out. Which I have, and even the shoe maker told me that if I were to stretch them any further it would damage the boot. After attempts of doing work outs to try to make my calves a tad bit smaller, I gave up. This is my body and these are my calves. END OF STORY. I went back to my love of suede, it is a little more stretchy and forgiving. Plus it looks so much nicer compared to a leather boot. You don’t see all of the wrinkles in the leather unless it is a wrinkled leather boot (which I have owned before). The downfall of these boots is I need to be weary about wearing them in the snow and slush and rain. But there is always another pair of boots that I can wear 😉

However, putting this look together I began to find the positive things about winter. The more fun moments about winter that I used to love as a child. Playing in the snow, avoiding the ice, the fun of it all. Could I wear this look in the snow? Absolutely not. Maybe if I had a longer cape… and by that I mean a cloak.. and a direwolf. My labradoodle isn’t that intimidating.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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Black Friday Online Haul

I hope after a nice 4 day weekend everyone is adjusting to the swing of things. A long holiday weekend filled with non-stop eating and socializing and shopping we all feel like we need a break from things. Can’t stop now though, not with the holidays right around the corner! Previously I have posted about how to get your black belt in shopping on a black Friday. I truly hope this helped some of you when it came to shopping. This year I decided to go on a different route when it came to shopping, staying at home in bed and all of my shopping was completed online. Last year I did venture to the stores after my holiday dinner, luckily I had Thanksgiving at my house so I didn’t have to worry about the long travels home and then to the stores. What I discovered is that most of the stores begin their “Black Friday Sales” on Thanksgiving, so there is no need to wake up at the crack of dawn or in the middle of the night to head to the stores. This worked out in my benefit because I was able to quickly get what I needed and leave before the insane crowd of people arrived to cash in on these sales.

This year after my family left, I jumped on my laptop to see if there was anything left in the wish lists that I had created the weekend prior. Unfortunately, half of the items I was lusting after were no longer in my size or completely sold out. My bank account rejoiced with this news… I on the other hand was disappointed & saddened but realized that there were no need for half of the clothing items I wanted.. I mean how often was I going to wear a royal blue suede jacket? Probably once. On the positive side there tends to always be a sale during the holidays so IF some of these items were to come back in stock (like this beautiful black suede and faux fur jacket from ASOS) then I may consider it a sign from the shopping gods to purchase it… but let’s talk about what I DID purchase.

The great thing about shopping online is that I had multiple tabs open after adding everything to the carts so I can compare what I was buying. Sometimes you don’t realize that you gravitate towards similar colors or styles. With Express I knew that I wanted to buy a ton of sweaters that I could wear to work and I desperately needed a couple pair of jeans to hold me over until I can buy a nicer pair or 2 or 3. We all go through a point in our lives where our body shape changes, for me personally it was from all of the “excessive partying” lifestyle. After a bit of a health wake up call I was forced to change my “partying lifestyle” ways to a healthier one. What hadn’t changed is that I am a shopping addict. So after purchasing MANY stretchy jeans, none of them fit me. That’s the unfortunate part of those types of jeans, they stretch out but never stretch back in… so I have to have a few pairs to hold me over until I can buy at least 2 nice pairs (at a discount of course 😉 )

Most of the sweaters I got I wanted to be able to wear for multiple occasions, who doesn’t want multiple looks out of one item? I know I do. My main goal was a balance of casual and dressy items. Since I also recently purchased an all white outfit, I decided this winter I wanted to wear some more lighter shades rather than my gothic Wednesday Addams go to look. Missguided was having a sale that was 50%! I pinned this gold off the shoulder top a few months ago and decided this had to be one of my holiday looks. Luckily it was in stock and in my size. The Dynamite off the shoulder look is some what similar but longer sleeved, a girl needs options! These looks I can wear all throughout the winter and show off the metallic trend for the winter. A win, win in my book.

Adding a little bit more color into my wardrobe is a challenge, I’ll admit. Since pink/blush tones are a trend for the fall/winter I wanted to slowly dip my toes into this trend. In my Quick post: Turkey Day outfits I suggested this sweater as an option for a holiday look, now I wouldn’t recommend anything that I wouldn’t wear myself. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it… stay tuned for how I feel about wearing pink rather than white or black. Missguided also had a cool graphic shirt that had part of LA & NY on it, I have a secret love for California… truly I do. Last spring I really didn’t feel like coming home while visiting there because who doesn’t love sunshine every single day?!

Now onto the classic slip dress. I’m pretty sure this isn’t something that you are suppose to wear out in public but I don’t really care. I’m not one to follow the “fashion rules.” If I like it, I’ll wear it….. and Shay Mitchell posted this in her winter look book (which you can watch all of its awesomness here). I’m really excited to create a look with this and see how many looks I can get out of it. During the spring/summer months I love wearing dresses and rompers because I don’t like wearing pants. It is so freeing not wearing any pants. During the winter I become a person with so many layers because IT IS BRICK outside. So I’ve decided to challenge myself on wearing dresses in the winter.. stay tuned for the posts where I let you know if I turned purple or blue from it.

Below are the links to all of the items that I purchased. Any one get any major deals or purchase an item that they have been lusting for that went on sale? I’d love to know! Leave your thoughts below in the comments!


  1. Missguided crushed satin bardot blouse gold
  2. Urban Outfitters Slip Dress
  3. Dynamite Mixed Fabric Sweater – Pink
  4. Express Side Zip Hi-Lo Hem Crew Neck Sweater
  5. Express Fitted Crew Neck Sweater – Deep Violet
  6. Missguided contrast sleeve cold shoulder tunic white
  7. Dynamite Satin Off the Shoulder Blouse
  8. Express Black Mid Rise Jean Legging
  9. Express Crew Neck Shaker Knit Sweater – Soft Ivory
  10. Express Solid Dark Mid Rise Jean Leggings
  11. Missguided black spliced city of new york print t shirt


Lastly, my most expensive purchase was my new camera! This was a serious splurge and a major investment. It isn’t the first time I have considered buying a DSLR camera, when I was in college I really found a love for photography.. Mostly it would be during family events and I had a lot of fun doing it. My little cousins were my main focus and now their parents have at least 500 photos or more of them because of my constant snapping. Now that I have a very good reason (my blog) it is worth having. If you recall my tip for comparing your items, this can become confusing. And it did. What I thought I was ordering was actually the Canon Rebel t5 and not the Canon Rebel t5i. Ironically I noticed this hiccup 2 days later… when I was writing this post…

Operation Dumbass:

Since I now realized why people go to the STORE to PURCHASE ELECTRONICS, I have learned my lesson. If I would have gone to Best Buy I could have easily avoided this entire debacle… but it wouldn’t be me if there weren’t some type of hilarious stupid moment. In a complete panic I call the store to find out when the sale ends, which was Saturday. I ordered my camera on Thursday night… the camera won’t be delivered until the follow week. CRAP. Calling my friend in a panic I ask if she will come with me to keep me calm as I rush to Best Buy to get the camera I REALLY wanted… they claimed to have 3 available in stores. Well. I get there. And they do not. Son of a biscuit eating bull dog.


I explained my dumbass-ery to the sales associate/really awesome dude and he totally understood my situation. He even checked the storage room to make sure they didn’t have any in stock. And they still didn’t. Instead of letting me leave the store all upset he told me to order it with them and he would wave the shipping for me. AWESOME. But he wasn’t done just yet with the sale.. he made sure it was 1 day shipping. Legend – WAIT FOR IT – DARY. LEGENDARY! THANK YOU BEST BUY FOR HELPING ME WITH MY DUMBASS PURCHASING MISHAP. Working in customer service can be tough, and it is something I completely understand. I knew he was only doing his job by giving me the let down information and I didn’t dare take it out on him, I only inquired if I should purchase it online myself or if it would be easier in store. He assured me that by purchasing it through the store I would get it faster and if I ordered it online I wouldn’t get my beautiful camera until mid-December. Operation Dumbass ended successfully in my book. Lesson for all of you: GO TO THE STORE!
Canon - EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera.png

Special thanks to my friend Alison for accompanying me on Operation Dumbass, your calming presence was much needed as was your laughter. Huge thanks to Best Buy, your employees really go above & beyond for their customers… and for laughing with me that tryptophan is dangerous when shopping online. You guys are great! 

xx Sarah


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Repeat offender: ripped sweater 


Even Wednesday Addams can’t believe it…

I TOLD YOU I LIKE THIS SWEATER. They say if you really like a top to buy it in more than one color. NOT EVERY SINGLE COLOR. But one other color. I’ve been gravitating towards green. My collection of this color is growing. I can’t help it.. and I bet half of you reading do the same thing. Join the club..

This may or may not have been my reaction when I saw the sweater came in green too..

So in today’s pictures if you can’t tell I just felt like sitting down in the leaves. Ah, to be a kid again… and boy did it feel freeing! Until my neighbor walked by and many cars with people staring at me. Dedication to be a kid at heart and get your perfect self timed picture..

Outfit details…


I like it too Debbie.. the only time I will ever agree with you.

Oh and ask me if I care I posted a similar look about a week ago…giphy-2


Hope you enjoyed reading todays repeat offender blog post…


I know I enjoyed writing it 😉


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Why is your sweater ripped?

“Did you pay for that? Did you pay for a sweater that is already ripped? Why would you do that? Your jeans are ripped too.” This is a conversation I have with my father nearly every fall/winter.. as a matter of fact I had it with him last weekend. I always have a laugh because I am paying for a destroyed product. Purposely destroyed but clearly I don’t care..
I wore this outfit for a casual Friday night to the movies with my best friend to kick off my birthday weekend. We saw “The Girl On The Train” and the following photos are what I like to call “The Girl On The Floor” …. these outfit selfies are WORK 

If you can’t tell by now that I am halloween obsessed now you do. More fun facts about me! Anyway, I purchased this sweater because the back reminded me of skeleton ribs. Creepy? Maybe? I’m still going to wear it though.. I also got it in green too (wait for the repeat offender post)

📷 the fall nights have truly arrived here in New York. My girl took this photo for me as she yelled “JUST LOOKING AT YOU MAKES ME FREEZING! How are you wearing that sweater now without a coat?!” For fashion and style my dear friend, it’s always for fashion! #dedicated📸

This was a comfy and casual styled look for a Friday night to the movies. She also gifted me with a necklace for my birthday that I added to this look, it is half of an arrow.. she wears one half and I wear the other. I love arrows, they are very meaningful to me. It went perfectly with my layered necklace look and I adore it so much I’ll probably be wearing it in multiple posts! 

Snap chat pretty filter for the win! I’ve previously written about this layered necklace but I wanted to show you all how I accessorized this for my outfit. Using all of the layered necklaces for tonight’s look. I love gooooolllllld.

See. Can’t talk or write about anything without adding a joke. 

MY POINT IS… you can really layer any gold necklace that you have with this look. My birthday gift from my BFF added to my look perfectly. Mix and match any of your favorite necklaces.. I love adding accessories on a whim. Mostly because I’m running fashionably late and I’m putting my earrings/bracelets/necklaces/rings on as I’m running or hobbling on one foot out the door.

So now for my outfit details…

 Stay tuned for my birthday weekend looks!!  

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