I love GOLD… Details

Focusing on accessories for today’s post. Normally I am not the type of girl who wears a ton of accessories. The simpler, the better in my opinion. Although this past fall/winter season I have really loved layering my accessories. When I got this Bauble Bar collection by Shay Mitchell it really opened up my eyes to a new way of dressing up my outfits. The smallest detail can make or break your outfit. Often I avoid wearing a ton of accessories because well I tend to break things or get caught on things since I am clumsy. Not a good look. So the less that I have to get tangled in it is usually for the better…

Today I saw an accessory post on Pinterest and fell in love with the detail. I love pulling from what I already have (no matter how old it may be) and putting the look together. The wrap around necklace was the most fun part as I wanted to use one of my favorite sparkling chokers to make a different layered look. This wrap around choker necklace has been worn a billion times by every basic girl on planet earth. But not me, nope. I insisted on creating a different look.. and I am so glad that I did. By layering the Catena choker necklace between the wrap around necklace it allowed it to pop even more and look like a completely different necklace. And that was from thinking outside of the box.

Still obsessing over the celestial jewelry, these layered necklaces made it so much easier to put this look together. The base of this look was not the wrap around choker, it was my arrow necklace. This was a gift from my parents and arrows have been extremely symbolic to me over the years…


This has been blasted all over every bit of social media possible, I KNOW. At the time in my life when I saw it I was wondering when all of these bad things happening were ever going to end. It seemed like time after time after time, something horrible or life changing was happening and I didn’t understand why. Reading this, it made so much more sense and gave me a sense of hope. That I wasn’t being pulled in the wrong direction, but pulled back further enough to launch into the right direction. And here I am. Doing something I absolutely love, my life is changing for the absolute better, anything negative or pulling me down has been eliminated and I am focusing on only the good while forcing positivity in every which way. Now that was extremely off topic, but a part of me I wanted to share with you all.

Baaaaccckkk to the post. I based this look all around my arrow necklace, although the arrow and the moon don’t necessarily go together it didn’t matter to me much since all of the items I was using was gold. The amount of gold accessories I own is ridiculous, even writing this I am reminded that I need to invest in some other silver pieces for my collection for more of a variety. Another of my favorite necklaces is the star burst lariat necklace from Dynamite. Such a great find from that store and I really love incorporating it into all of my outfits. It also gave a great focal point to the rest of my accessories as it laid between the end pieces of the wrap choker necklace. Wearing it with a simple white tank and my trusty faux leather biker jacket it brought life to a simple outfit!

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


Mad for Plaid

So maybe I’m a little late with this look, but to be honest I wore so much plaid last season I slightly became sick of it. Well red plaid that is.. so today I decided to mix it up a bit. Go with my favorite color: BLUE!

Oh and once again I’m almost head to toe in Dynamite’s clothing. Its my favorite store. I ain’t sorry..

Outfit details…

Now I have mentioned that this shirt is from last season, of course from Dynamite… I mean where else right? Since its no longer available I have found some similar styles here:

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But since I did (ok maybe I still do) have a thing for plaid.. here are some more of my favorite plaid options..

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Accessory details…

  • Ray-Ban Wayfarer Original Classics – these are my everyday go to sunglasses. I’ve had them for I cannot tell you how many years without making myself sound extremely old. They go with EVERYTHING!
  • Bauble Bar Questa Earring Trio – today I’m wearing the Crescent Moon earrings from this pack… In my Bauble Bar haul I mentioned how you can mix and match these earrings or wear them separately.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post as much as my dog enjoyed joining my photo session!


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Sweater Weather

Fall is FINALLY HERE! I am so excited! First sweater outfit of the season and I’m keeping it casual.

This past Sunday I attended the 3rd Avenue Feastival in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It has become a tradition with my family that we get together. We always meet at my Aunt’s house to watch the afternoon football game before heading out to the Avenue. My youngest cousins really look forward to this and I love spending time with them so being casual was important since I tend to be running around with them for awhile. Once the little ones have their fun, my older cousins and I head to the local bars to have our own fun.With all of this in mind I wanted to be casual but nice enough where I didn’t look like a complete bum either.. after all it is Sunday and I prefer to relax and be comfortable..

 I am wearing…

This sweater immediately caught my eye when I was shopping in express. Who doesn’t like a jeweled toned sweater? What I also loved about this is it was crop topped, a majority of my jeans are high waisted (it’s just a preference). So what I loved is that made me look a little taller than I really am since I am a shrimp! #shortgirlproblems 

Of course I had to pair it with my new favorite high top chuck taylors, after all I was walking around all day and with my littlest cousins it was easier to run after them. 

To make it a little bit more dressy I added the Bauble Bar Catena Choker from Shay Mitchell’s guest bar tending line. You can check out my previous post on a review of my favorite items in her line, this of course being one of them. 

With my make up look I wanted to keep it neutral brown tones. This is a look I often wear because it’s simple colors and they make my eyes pop. I used a mix of urban decay naked 1 and Mac eye shadows paired with Kat Von D’s Lolita. This liquid lipstick LASTS!! I didn’t have to worry about reapplying once while I was out. 

Soon I will be posting more beauty looks with details, any and all suggestions are welcomed! Although I am not a professional make up artist nor do I think I am one I really love being creative and having fun with makeup. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!! 

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Shay Mitchell’s Bauble Bar Haul

I have heard a lot of good things about Bauble Bar, having searched the site before Shay Mitchell’s line I was very impressed with what I had seen and even made a wish list. Once her line dropped, well so did my wallet.

Let’s jump right into her amazing collection shall we?

First look here is the Catena Choker, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this choker. I can really wear it casually or even for a dressier event. You will most definitely be seeing me wear this often.

Up next, the Questa Earring Trio. There is a bit of a celestial/astrology vibe to her collection which I truly love. This trio set reminded me a bit of the Game of Thrones quote “Moon of my Life” and “My Sun and My Stars.” Now that I’ve completely geeked out there, lets discuss on how to wear these earrings. You can wear them as a set, or mix and match. Here I mixed and matched them to go with the Game of Thrones reference.



I also purchased the Solar Necklace Set. I really love the idea of layering chokers and necklaces. This gives me the freedom to do both. I can wear the choker alone or the layered necklaces individually. Essentially, I got multiple necklace options in 1 purchase.


Last item, is the Galileo Choker in Burgundy. I already have 2 other black chokers which is why I went with burgundy. Besides the fact it is a really beautiful color for the fall and the winter. I cannot wait to find the perfect outfit to wear this with!


Her collection doesn’t end there just yet ladies! Here are some of my other favorites…

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  • VORTEX CRYSTAL CHOKER – I mean can we say the perfect crystal choker?! YAS HONEY! I will either be wearing this just to wear it or finding some place fancy to wear it.
  • ODYSSEY DROPS – New Years Eve. Enough said. These are perfection for your NYE outfit!
  • INTERGALACTIC RING QUARTET – Continuing with the celestial/astrology theme. I love a nice ring set, especially in gold. Again, these could be worn separately or together as a set.
  • SOJOURN BRACELET SET – If you have been looking for a nice bracelet set, here you have it. Personally I don’t like to wear a lot of bracelets. I tend to get tangled up in many things, but these I would definitely purchase. I could wear them as a set entirely or pick a few that I would like to wear. Who doesn’t like to have options when it comes to accessorizing??
  • SUPERNOVA CHOKER AND BIB SET – I can’t even put into words how beautiful this set is. It is just simply BEAUTIFUL. And again, these can be worn separately or as a set. Honestly it is so damn beautiful that I would wear it to bed.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my Bauble Haul!

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