Clowning around in LaLa Land

I mentioned I enjoyed mocking myself, and this pun I have used before. This top was a favorite from Zara and I really wanted to use it again in a post. My friend Alison was the BEST PERSON EVER since we decided to drive around shooting some looks, changing in the back seat of a car was a first for me and something I will have to get used to when it comes to banking looks. Read More

Urban Fedora: Sharing my shopping secrets

Finally I have returned!! I am so happy to be back in the groove of things once again. As I am typing this I am pool side after shooting some quick looks at home. Balancing a full time job and a blog isn’t the easiest task to do. No matter what my full time paying job will always come first, it is a steady income and I am trying to get the ball moving for my marketing career. My work environment is amazing and isn’t something I am easily distracted from… the only distractions is the million options for snacks we have in the kitchen. Other than that I am a busy bee from the moment I walk in to the moment I leave to commute home. Tired is an understatement especially when my weekends are filled with many events.

The holiday weekend I used to recharge my batteries… it continued into the week where I needed some time off. It wasn’t that I hated blogging, i just didn’t have the time or effort that I wanted and prefer to have when I do things for my blog. I always loved the entire creative process and that is something that will never change. I will continue to evolve with the changing processes which I am trying to get into place before the summer is over. I am hoping at least. It is a small goal but I am trying to stay focused on the positive and most important things here, which is the creativity. I will never post anything just to be “consistent.” My consistency is that I have a full time job and this is something I do as a hobby. A hobby which I love and adore… I truly hope one day something can blossom from this, but right now I am still at the beginning stages of it all. The interactions I have had so far have been nothing but wonder and awesome! I love interacting with other bloggers through social media or anyone who leaves a comment. If my funny comment or caption made them smile when they were having a crummy day then I am happy, or if it made them happy or laugh in general then that makes me happy. If it inspires someone to go out and buy the exact outfit or something similar then that makes me happy. Can you tell my goal here is to be happy? Haha!

I woke up feeling like it was time for me to jump back in. It was an itch I needed to scratch and I am sooooo fucking happy to be back! Oh my god! It felt like a century!!! This particular look I have been hoarding in my brain for some time. I share with you all over the winter how I turned this slip dress into a top. And I did it again. Converting my looks into different seasons is 1. Fun 2. making my get my bang for my buck. No doubt I was inspired by a few of the bloggers I followed but these were items I already had in my closet. No need for me to go out and buy anything new. Which is a point I want to make. If you see someone wearing something and you want to recreate the look always look in your closet first before spending the money on an entire new look. This could be something you wear just once, its not worth spending extra money if you don’t have to.

This is my creative process when trying to recreate a look that I see:

  1.  Where is the look from?
    • If this is another bloggers outfit, head over to their website to see if they linked the look.  9 out of 10 times they linked all of the items they are wearing, and sometimes looks for less or similar options if it is sold out.
    • Too lazy? Sign up for like to know it. Most bloggers are associated with this app. You can download it through your phone or sign up here. If you screen shot the look it will show up in the app with the outfit details
  2. Check your closet
    • Always look in your own closet and dresser to see if you already have this look or something similar..even if it is one or 2 pieces from your wardrobe that you already have.. not only is this saving you money but you are creating a look that you are inspired by
  3. Price decision
    • If there is a particular item that you cannot live without decide if it is worth the purchase:
      • Can you see yourself wearing it more than once?
      • Can you name 3-5 places/occasions where you would wear this?
      • Can you find this item for less on Amazon or a similar item somewhere else you frequently shop?
    • Out of my budget.. like waaayy out of my budget
      • OK so I cannot afford this right now or maybe even ever – what are my options?
        • Save up for that item, whether it be a pair of jeans, purse, sunglasses, dress, shoes
        • Check to see if you can find a similar option for something in your price range.. thjs goes into the “fast fashion” topic that was discussed at the Create & Cultivate conference that I attended in May. I am going to get super honest with you… From a designers POV, it sucks… you work you ass off to get your company off the ground and your items are marked at a certain price range because of the quality… from a middle class working girl POV, I can’t afford to spend $200+ on all of these items, especially if it is a trend.. this is going to go out of style in a year so why spend the extra money when I can get almost the same item from a different store that sells in my price range. I get it because I am living that life style now. Is there a way to balance this out? YES! I recommend in investing in designer items that you are going to get every day use out of. Bags, every day shoes, jackets, sunglasses, glasses, jeans. These are items that I am willing to spend a little extra money on… I am not saying spend a grand or more on that one bag or that one coat, be reasonable here and use your noggin and judgement on what you feel comfortable with

These are just some tips and tricks that I use when I am shopping. I even see my cousins who tend to buy the designer items use this rule of thumb when shopping. Why spend a ton of money on just one item when I can find more than one and spend the same amount of money? I hope these tips help you out the next time you are searching for an item or see something you like online. It isn’t about having the in trend items or wishing you were them on these lavish vacations when following these bloggers or social media influencers.. it is about finding inspiration and motivation to make your life better. If seeing a girl constantly travel makes you jealous, wipe off the green mug and book a vacation somewhere or find a place you really want to visit and start saving. Being the green eyed monster isn ‘t going to get you far in life, but using it as motivation to push yourself to do things and flipping a negative feeling into a positive one a better outlook on life in my opinion.

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


Summer Basics

My every day wardrobe where I am not thinking twice about what I am wearing before running out the door is simple and basic. A basic tee and jeans and my converse sneakers. No matter what time of year you can always find me in some form of this on a daily basis. It is the one outfit that I never have to think twice about wearing. In the summertime I trade in jeans for shorts.

This year was the first year I decided that I no longer wanted to wear the same Hollister shorts I had been squeezing into for years. And I say squeezing into because my weight has fluctuated over the years. It is hard for me to justify the idea of buying shorts that are more than $50 or even anything near $100. The answer is simple, I am wearing them for 3 months out of the year, it isn’t worth me spending the money on it. But now I am considering buying at least one nice pair of jean shorts.. since I am getting older an partying on the weekends until 5AM isn’t part of my lifestyle any longer. In the meantime I wanted to find something that wasn’t super duper short like my Hollister jeans shorts. The shorts I am wearing in today’s post are from American Eagle…. I have always heard that they have the best fitting jeans. Personally I will disagree, they don’t perfectly fit my body type nor do I feel comfortable in them. I wanted to give their shorts a chance since I did hear such great reviews about them. Honestly, these shorts are extremely comfortable. They are a bit of a longer cut compared to my Hollister shorts which is something I was looking for. Who wears short shorts? Not Sarah… well at least not all the time any more haha! Purchasing this and one other pair on Memorial Day I was able to get them on sale and a free hat which is what I’m wearing.

These shorts were so comfortable that I didn’t give a hoot with the 100 cars that were driving buy or all of my neighbors who decided to come outside all at once while I took photos of myself on my front stoop. Where I live it is normally the quietest street in America. Hardly do cars ever come flying by consistently and you hear the leaves tumble, the branches in the wind and the rare horn honking from the main street near by. Nope, not the day I decided to take some pictures out front! It was the most awkward moment in my neighborhood. Cars slowing down looking at me probably thinking “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GIRL DOING??” or “WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?” At least these are the phrases I make up in my mind of what they are probably thinking. I went ahead and kept with a theme. The I don’t care of what is happening around me but I am focused on doing what I normally do… which in today’s day and age is being on your phone. Jesus Christmas did that sentence make me sound old. It’s the truth. We are constantly on our cell phones and not paying attention to what is happening around us. Its a comfort zone, including for myself. Giving that focus on my phone while I was snapping my self timer photos away made it a little less awkward. It didn’t make my resting bitch face go away though.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah