KKW Beauty: Mrs. West Collection First Impression

The amount of times I mention her name on my blog is ridiculous. Kim Kardashian has always been a fashion, style and beauty inspiration to me. Not to mention a hell of a businesswoman. We’re both Libras, love fashion, have a booty and we both can’t dance… I could go on but that isn’t the point of this post.

When she came out with the KKW Beauty line I was stoked. It took me a bit of time to order from her site because I really prefer to sample the product prior to purchasing. Her collaboration with Mario is still on my radar, but when I saw the Mrs. West collection I immediately knew I had to have everything. I still remember seeing her wedding photos for the first time and fell in love with her makeup look. Stalking the internet for the exact products that she used, and I’m pretty sure I still have it saved somewhere. But this collection took me one step closer to achieving that look… just for every day though… I’m not getting married any time soon…

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Abercrombie Haul

It took me a while to decide which look to share first. This black ribbed matching set was the favorite to be photographed first. But that didn’t happen. A self-timer photo session with this pretty white top happened. So in this post, I’m sharing both along with the other matching set.

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White for spring

Can you tell I’m really feeling white for spring? If the monochromatic blog post didn’t do it for you then maybe this outfit will.

Recently, I attended the Create & Cultivate NYC Conference which is for females in the space of fashion, beauty, business, and everything in between – influencers, brands, entrepreneurs, etc. A few years ago I had attended this event to gain more knowledge because I am a true marketing nerd and chose to return again this year since times have changed and digital marketing has continued to evolve. Just like my love for wearing all white. Continue reading “White for spring”

Travel Diaries: Kim Kardashian Inspiration

Clearly, I have a thing for the city of Miami. This time I was here to party… more specifically for my future sister in law’s bachelorette party. When she told me where we were going I was beyond excited, and I knew that I wanted to wear lots of color. I mean I’m in Miami where bright colors are everywhere.

This really pushed me out of my comfort zone in many different ways…

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Dresses and Sneakers

I’ve waited awhile to wear this outfit. That perfect day, a day where it’s not too hot and not too cold… the perfect date. Now that I’ve loosely quoted Miss Congeniality let’s get back to the fashion aspect of this post.

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Monochromatic Trend: White and Black

Monochromatic is defined as having or consisting of one color or hue. And when you love to wear one of two different colors all the time this becomes a favorite trend. The two main colors I often wear on my blog is black and white – often all black or hues of black. This spring I’d like to gravitate towards wearing more white – with the hopes that I’d be able to survive the day without getting a stain or dirt on my outfit. And because I am so indecisive it took me some time to decide which hue to share.

This monochromatic trend isn’t relatively new either, each season many tend to favor a specific color hue – this season it happens to be white. I’ve seen it all over Instagram, Pinterest and in stores… most recently at Zara. It was an extremely inspiring moment to see the display of all white monochromatic outfits, more notably wide leg pants.

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All Black Casual Look

Black is my favorite color. That shouldn’t surprise you. But what I love more than wearing black is being casual in all black. My underlying style has remained the same since I was a teenager – graphic tee, jeans, and converse sneakers. Even at 30 I am still dressing relatively the same. Continue reading “All Black Casual Look”

Beis Travel First Impression

It is hard to find a travel line that actually has products that are useful and not just pretty. I am very much for quality over quantity, and unfortunately, I have hit a wall when it comes to travel necessities. Spending too much time on what I was wear rather than what I was packing it in. Shay Mitchell has always been an inspiration to me when it comes to fashion, life, and travel – often I’ve attempted to recreate her looks. But when she released this travel line, I knew that she wasn’t messing around…

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