Catching up… Repeat Offender

The month of December can easily become the never ending list of things to do. From holiday shopping to holiday parties and preparing for the end of the year celebrations, it is like the energizer bunny. And that is exactly what had happened to me. Being a bit of a procrastinator can be a good and bad thing, the positive side was I didn’t miss any posts that I had planned for the month… but the downfall is that I lacked the time to prepare for the first of the year. Working a full time job and running my blog can be a lot to juggle, any blogger who works full time will tell you that. My blog isn’t a burden to me what so ever, I get more disappointed that I have no time to share my creativity on here because it is something I truly enjoy doing. So since my weekends are normally filled with styling outfits, taking pictures, editing and writing .. the holidays put a halt on that. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fell on the weekend, although it was strange not doing anything for my blog that weekend it felt really nice to spend time with my family. Even my Christmas gifts were in reference to my blog! Sometimes I wonder if any one reads this thing, I know some do but I understand that life happens and you can’t read every bit of my sometimes lengthy posts.. like this one.

I don’t want to get too much into what I received for Christmas (since I want to use some of them for posts on here) but I will tell you one of my favorite gifts of all. My brother doesn’t read my blog (that I am aware of) so his gift was probably the most surprising of all. Opal is my birthstone and it is so different from all of the other birthstones. From afar it may look almost like a white stone but it has a rainbow crystal look up close. Since I had first gotten my ears pierced (at the lovely age of 7) I fell in love with this stone. It was different, like me. I can’t tell you how long I had these earrings, but I had them in my possession forever it seemed. Unfortunately one day the post broke off, I was devastated. Another pair of opal earrings I had owned I was terrified to wear, the stone was knocked out during a haircut. Luckily I was able to place the stone back in but I hadn’t really worn them since (besides not liking the pear shape they came in). Having another pair of opal earrings was something I really wanted because I knew I would wear them every day… and jewelry isn’t something I ever cheap out on. I purchased myself a pair of diamond earrings because I am woman hear me roar & I don’t need a boyfriend to do so #independentwoman #girlsruntheworld After awhile I had completely forgotten about this and tried to fill my void with other fake earrings, that I couldn’t even wear for a long period of time without my ears turning green. So on Christmas morning I was looking forward to getting my Christmas chocolate in my stocking like I do every year. At the very bottom of my stocking was a tiny box that said “SISTER” on it. When I opened it up and saw these earrings I was floored. I couldn’t believe he got me new earrings! It was such a sentimental gift, especially from my little brother. The relationship I have with my brother is the typical older sister and little brother bickering… we communicate mostly by making fun of each other. So during the holidays it is the one time we put the bickering aside for just one day. Normally he knows to get me something related to the New York Rangers so this was a real surprise for me on Christmas morning. Who knew little brothers could be so sweet? 

Since this is a fashion/beauty blog, I can’t not talk about fashion…. when the above 2 paragraphs had nothing to do with fashion. But they were leading up to this I swear! The title of this post is about being a repeat offender.We all have those outfits that we really favor, I don’t care about being a fashion repeat offender. Kate Middleton does it all the time. Ok maybe not as often as I do but I am not technically a royal princess. In my own world I am.. where every one is happy with pizza and puppies. Point is, if you like the outfit. WEAR IT DAMNIT!

My Christmas Holiday Party look. In the beginning of the month I attended what my friends from college have named “A Horrible Christmas Brunch” or “Christmustache.” The boys go with the later name, but being a girl I can’t participate in how they do. We meet up for brunch and then bar hop for the rest of the day and into the night. The residents of Park Slope haven’t hated us too much yet. Last year I was unable to attend as I was away in California visiting my best friend. It is not a day I like to miss out on. Now that you understand what we do during this party, you will understand my attire. I wanted to keep it casual, yet a little festive. Wearing winter whites is my new thing this year, it is risky (especially with this crew). I took the chance any way. My outerwear was rather questionable, but I hate having a large coat with me while at the bars. Since I loved this outfit so much, I decided to wear it to my Christmas Lunch for work too.

Tradition continues, those who cannot attend will be the face of the Lama on my friend Tom’s shirt.

If you are wondering where he got this amazing sweater, it is from Target

Outfit details:

Christmas: I couldn’t get a full head to toe look on Christmas Day because my little cousins immediately dragged me to show me all of their new Christmas presents and to watch the shows their American Girl dolls would be performing. I must say this top got double the wear within the last 2 weekends of the year. Not only did I wear this top on Christmas Day but I also wore it on New Years Eve. If it looks familiar, it is from my Black Friday Haul. To make an extremely long story short: I ordered this on Black Friday, 2-3 weeks later my package still hadn’t arrived, contacted Missguided: YOUR PACKAGE IS LOST. Me: LOST?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN LOST?! Missguided: “its ok we’ll fix it”, they sent my items overnighted without any extra charges & honored their Black Friday prices, got my items a few days later, happiness.
For Christmas, I wore this top with my new favorite Express Mid Rise Jeans and Suede Sandals. It was 60 degrees out on Christmas in New York. I’m still shocked too… With a nice cat eye (which took me 20 minutes to do!) and a red lip, it was a fun classic make up look with my new gold top.

Outfit Details…

I loved this top so much I included it in my “overnight bag” while visiting my best friend in her new apartment. She shops in my closet so I had to bring 100 options with me. My new overnight bag broke about 100 feet from my car #chronicoverpacker I was really looking forward to wearing my custom shirt that my cousin had made. What I had forgotten is that I folded it in my bag. WRONG MOVE. When I took it out the bottom line had started to lift, it made me very sad. She had just moved in and we couldn’t find her iron… I couldn’t bear to think of ruining the entire shirt so I did not wear it. Instead, I wore the same awesome gold crushed satin top from Missguided. I kept the same makeup look from the pictures that I took because I enjoy looking like a raccoon. One bad ass raccoon.

Outfit Details…

My Best friend’s Outfit details may look familiar….

Now as I have stated that I normally do blogging on the weekends, so here are my excuses why there will only be a few posts this week….

  1. the holidays were on the weekend and I can only take pictures on the weekend. Why?
    1. by the time I get home from work the sun is down
    2. Weather
    3. Lack nice lighting inside/ don’t own “studio lighting”
  2. my only day off this week, the weather decided to be weather
    1. it rained.
    2. I take my own pictures (a majority of the time) so using a tripod in the rain isn’t something I feel comfortable with
  3. I refuse to put half ass quality blog posts – Brooke from the Notebrooke spoke about this and I really agree with her on this one. I don’t want to put out a post just to put out a post. or even do it for the gram.

Stay tuned for more new looks this year! I’m really excited for the new things to come and have a full 365 on this blog!!

xx Sarah


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Silver & Gold: Holiday Make-up Looks

Continuing with the make up looks this week.. These can be worn for Christmas or even New Years. I love both looks!


Silver Look Details:



  1. Laura Mercier powder under my eyes… this is going to get messy ladies!
  2. Inner corner of my eyes: I used Verve from the front of my eye to the middle, then packing on Pistol in the middle.
  3. Middle to outer corner of my eyes: I blended Pistol and MAC Knight Divine together
  4. Crease: I went in with a MAC Brush using Satin Taupe to blend out my crease.. I then took a MAC Brush to blend everything out.. constantly blending this look. Since my eyes really pop when I add some purple shadow, I took the color Busted and added this to my crease as well.. blend, blend, blend!
  5. Using the Urban Decay Setting Spray I picked up the color Gun Metal from the first palette and sprayed some setting spray.. I placed this color on the middle of my eyes for more of a silver effect.
  6. Outer Corner: because I can’t help myself when it comes to a smokey eye I added some of the color Dark side to the outer corners of my eyes and blended this until I was satisfied with the look.
  7. Smoke it out! : using a smudging brush, I first took MAC Knight Divine and blended this on my bottom lash line.. after I cleaned the brush off and picked up the same Dark side color and went over this for a more layered effect.
  8. Liner & Lashes: this was a huge tip from my cousin, I used the gel liner before adding my false lashes.



Golden Look Details:


  1. Again I used the Laura Mercier (linked above) powder to set under my eyes, I knew this was going to get a little messy.
  2. I packed on the UD half baked color all over my lid, I wanted this to be mainly gold and not have any other shades of gold involved.
  3. Crease: I blended MAC Soft Brown in my crease to soften this look, since it is a matte color I knew it wouldn’t take away from the golden look I was trying to achieve.
  4. Liner: I can’t resist a good winged liner look and I normally do this with a very neutral look, since this was going to be festive I decided to wing it. Using the Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid liner it was a bit easier to draw out my desired winged look rather than using the gel liner. I haven’t used this liner much but I expected the pigmentation to be deeper since it is a black liner. I had to go over my liner a few times to get the dark black look I wanted.
  5. Mascara & Lashes!
  6. Lips: Oh this lip color is just. I don’t even have a word. It SLAYS. This is by Colour Pop Cosmetics in the shade prim.


xx Sarah


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Frosty Makeup Look


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done any make up looks. Honestly I was waiting to get my new camera so I could have better quality photos of my make up looks. I’ve seen this look all over social media, at least the eye make up.. even on the run ways. But I have never tried it out myself. With this frosty look I wanted to add a pop of color with the Too Faced Matte Liquid lip in Candy Cane. It is the holiday season after all.. Might as well try to be festive!




Top details.. Free People Ottoman Cotton Textured Turtleneck Tunic | similar cheaper option from Tillys or Forever 21



xx Sarah


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A little bit of sparkle for the New Year: NYE look

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

I like to plan certain outfits ahead of time. My birthday, Halloween, Christmas and New Years. I never know where I am going but I sure as hell know I am going somewhere. This look I’ve been plotting for some time, again it’s nearly 2 weeks away and I have no idea where I am going or what I am doing. Because of this I didn’t want to splurge on an insane outfit … so I picked some things that I had in my closet. Yes I own a tulle skirt, doesn’t everyone?!

The shirt: this was the biggest part of my outfit that I was beyond excited about. I found a similar print on Etsy. Now I am all about supporting my fellow creative peoples, but I am more supportive of my family first. My cousin has this amazing contraption of sorts called THE CRICUT. I was intrigued, what does this thing do? Well. When I saw all of the custom shirts she had been making for her daughters I knew I just HAD TO ASK: Can you make this?! When her response was yes, I immediately picked a day to visit and watch her at work with this thingy-ma-bob. Before I knew it (6 hours later thanks to a trip to the craft store, a cricut program delay and having to wash & dry the shirts) I had my shirt. Now I don’t hang up many tees in my closet, only the ones that I truly love and I spend some money on. This was “cricut couture” so of course it got a special place in my closet. My cousin yelling at me for the care of these custom shirts had nothing to do with it. (Purchased from Target)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The skirt: so I have a black tulle skirt in my closet. It was a necessary purchase. Why? Because I had wanted to wear one when I went to see Swan Lake. I may have been the only adult dressed as a form of a ballerina but this should only show you more that I really don’t give a shit about what others say about my outfit or style. If I like it – I AM GOING TO WEAR IT. And now my crazy purchase comes in handy.. besides Halloween. Anyway I wanted to be fun and festive this year so pairing a basic tee and some heels turned this into a really fun look. (originally purchased from Windsor (currently unavailable) – similar skirt from Charlotte Russe)

The bag: as much as I truly desire a really nice designer hand bag, sometimes it is just easier to get a cheaper bag that you don’t really care if it gets wrecked. After all, you are using it go to out to bar/club. Unless you’ve grown up and go to grown up places… in that case I bring my nicer bags. But for this event I wanted something fun and different. This Faux Calf Hair Foldover Clutch was perfect for this outfit. It added a fun look instead of the typical leather clutch.

The accessories: this is one of my all time favorite necklaces to wear, I can’t recall the exact place I had gotten it from, possibly Aldo. It reminds me of the old punk jewelry that I used to wear in high school.. just grown up and more stylish. | closest option from Amazon, or try this Bauble Bar Greta Choker | As for the rings…honestly I have a dish of gold rings that I have collected over the years, it is hard to keep up with where these are from at some point. One of which I found that is still available for purchase from Charming Charlie, the crisscross ring. Forever 21 and Claire’s or Icing is my go to for these rings, since they are so cheap I don’t feel so bad about losing them.. which I tend to do. Here are some from Forever 21 that are similar to what I am wearing.. Rhinestone Midi Ring Set or Caged Ring Set . Oh and the bracelet I’m wearing is actually a hair tie.. check out this post for more details 😉

What I love most is that I can pair this with jeans and my OTK boots for a more casual look. Like I said I still have no idea where I am going or what I am doing. To quote Pretty Woman here, I’m a “fly by the seat of my pants” kinda gal. Sometimes it’s more fun, but also a pain in the ass when it comes to picking out an outfit.

Now instead of doing a separate post about NYE looks I’m going to post these at the end of this look instead. We are on a time crunch after all and I want to leave you ladies with enough time to get any of these looks if you haven’t gotten one already.

Dressier looks:



  1. Forever 21 Velvet Cutout Romper
  2. Sequin Velvet Cami Jumpsuit
  3. Express Cut out Jumpsuit
  4. Dynamite Mesh Long Sleeve Romper
  5. Missguided Hammered Satin Plunge Cut Out Jumpsuit in Bronze


Dresses & Skirts…

  1. H&M Sequin Wrap Skirt
  2. Cut-Out Long Sleeve Sequin Midi Dress
  3. Express Patterned Sequin Slip Dress
  4. Express Cut out Sequin Slip Dress


Casual looks:

  1. Forever 21 Off the Shoulder Top in Champagne
  2. H&M V neck Cami
  3. H&M V Neck Cami in Green or Silver
  4. H&M Sequined Camisole Top
  5. Lipsy Satin Bardot Top
  6. ASOS Satin Wrap Back Cami Top


Shoes… OMG SHOES….

  1. BCBGeneration Darron Patent Pump
  2. Steve Madden Satya in Rose Gold
  3. Steve Madden Sweetest in Rose Gold
  4. Steve Madden Fantasia in Rose Gold
  5. Steve Madden Rivers Sandals
  6. Aldo Stessy in Bordeaux Misc.
  7. Impo Panama Bootie
  8. Zigi Soho Arlina Bootie
  9. Aldo Praduro Over The Knee Boot
  10. Zigi Soho Brock Over The Knee Boot
  11. Steve Madden IRENEE-G
  12. Steve Madden Wiliamsg Lace up Flat

I know these are A LOT of looks to sort through, but it all depends on where you are going to be on New Years. Which is why I broke down the different styles for you. I can’t believe New Years Eve is nearly a week away! I’m not one for New Years Resolutions, are you? I’d love to hear your thoughts & suggestions… Leave a comment!

xx Sarah


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Holiday gift favorites

Holiday gift shopping can either be fun or dreadful. Sometimes I tend to push this task off until the last minute, we’re all human it tends to happen. This year I attempted to get everyone’s wish list a month prior. I kept telling myself “Yes! This will be the year I’m not running around scrambling last minute!” And here I am, with things still on my list to get. The convenience of online shopping is great and all but sometimes a little too convenient. You forget that you have to leave time for shipping, unless you have Amazon prime. Why I haven’t invested the money in this yet? I don’t know. Every year it’s the same problem, I found the perfect gift online but it’ll never get here in time so I have to settle for the next best thing or have that awkward moment of “hey I ordered this late so you have to wait another 5 days.” It’s embarrassing, especially when it’s your immediate family members.

My other fun problem is that I have a HUGE family, small family gatherings have never ever existed in my life. And honestly I wouldn’t change a thing about that. What is different about my family is that spending time together and seeing each other for the holidays is more important than the gift giving. My bank account appreciates this tradition as does my other 20+ family members. As my brother has often said “my presence is my present,” a funny saying but ever so truthful. Although giving gifts is fun (and receiving them too) I always try to remember that spending time with your family and making memories is priceless. As corny as it sounds it’s insanely true. The only gifts I can’t skip out on is my little cousins, all of my cousin’s kids. Even if it’s a little gift I know that they’ll appreciate the thought because they rather me play a game with them or play with one of their new Christmas toys than open up another toy that will probably be flung across the room in 5 minutes & forgotten about until it’s time to go home. Cue toddler meltdown.

So who do I even buy holiday gifts for? My immediate family: my parents, brother, his girlfriend, my best friend and the dog. If she’s been good. Luckily I can get the dog a cheap toy from home goods since it will be destroyed in 60 seconds and she’ll look like Santa with the stuffing all over her face. Between my best friend and my brother’s girlfriend it is pretty easy to shop for both of them. Anything that I would like or wear it would be the same for them. So it’s kinda like shopping for myself, unless I really get out of control and have a “one for you and one for me” moment. Your guilty too, don’t even try to deny it. Being practical sometimes works out for the best in these gift shopping searches or another times you know that they want something specific.

And then there is the difficult person to shop for. Mom, I’m sorry that I’m writing this.. but it is the God honest truth. She is the most practical shopper there is, I have learned all of my couponing and sale skills from her. She is like a ninja. I’m pretty sure she secretly had the idea for retail me not, or at least it was inspired by her couponing skills. The biggest issue is if it looks anywhere near expensive she will hardly use it or wear it. Why? Because she rather keep it looking nice rather than potentially getting it ruined or use it for special occasions only. I drove the sales associates at Michael Kors absolutely crazy one year trying to pick out the perfect bag for her… she is using a cheap one she found at I don’t even know what store now.

So what in the world was I going to do? Gift cards tend to your mom tend to say “I was too lazy to get you anything nice” so that option is forever out. Last year, without even realizing it, I figured out a way to shop for her: Shopping for myself. When I came home with some goodies from Black Friday she really liked the things that I picked out and the 1 sweater I was on the fence about her liking. SUCCESS! But this was a process. I have to show her 100 options to see what she likes and throw her off to what she is getting as a gift.

So let’s pick out what are some great holiday gifts shall we?


  1. SMASHBOX Cover shot eye palette -the one shown is golden hour. Shay Mitchell (one of my major inspirations in all aspects of life) released these and 6 other palettes just in time for the holidays. With a nice variety of color schemes it is definitely a good gift for a makeup lover. And the price is $30! Not bad, even for a Secret Santa gift!
  2. Urban Decay Full Frontal Reloaded Vice Lipstick Stash – I’ve raved about these lipsticks before and I’ll say it again. These are great lipsticks and I really love the colors and pigmentation. This is a pricey gift ($59) but it is a great starter kit for lipsticks.
  3. GLAMGLOW Sexy Kissable Lips Set – this can be a little more of a practical gift. It’s winter time so we are all suffering from chap lips, why not get a lot to help battle that issue? This comes with a lip scrub and moisturizing treatment. Want a little plump added to your lips, this kit has it all. And for $25!
  4. Sephora Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go Clutch – want to throw some goodies from Sephora or even some samples or a gift card? Put it all in this really cute clutch. It’s only $18 but let me tell you these come in handy when you travel and need some makeup storage.
  5. Color me calm kit – these have become very popular over the past year. Last year I got this from a really good friend of mine, we all struggle with some stress/anxiety issues and this is a great tool. Plus on those winter days or nights where your snowed in and watched everything on Netflix already this is an awesome way to relax. Unless you prefer to shop online.
  6. Kate Spade portable charger – for those friends and family that is constantly on the go. No one likes to be that person looking for an outlet to charge their phone or asking the bartender to plug your phone in or even pay for a charging station. Why not eliminate all that hassle and have one of these instead? Of course it is important to remember to charge this too but hey I would definitely want one of these ($60).  Plus I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing battery issues with their iPhone 6, I guess it’s time for an upgrade.
  7. Rebecca Minkoff Always on Power Tassle Keychain ($50) & Rebecca Minkoff Always On Power Puff Keychain ($60) – both of these type of keychains are in trend now. Mostly I have seen the puff keychain, these aren’t cheap either. So why not splurge on a keychain that is fashionable and functionable? Rebecca Minkoff has been very involved about incorporating technology into fashion. Honestly I love it. She even has bags with chargers built into them! LOVE IT!
  8. Knit Beanie with Pom Pom – a very popular hat for this winter, this one in particular is from Forever 21 and comes in a few different colors. For $6 it’s a great cheap way to get a few color options for your winter outerwear. OR you can try the Faux fur Pom Pom trend – check this cute beanie from kohls only $14!
  9. Who What Wear Lace up shirt ($22) – I follow them on Instagram and when I discovered they have a clothing line at target it was heaven! This style shirt is extremely trendy now, why not get it at a great price?
  10. Who What Wear Teddy bear Bomber Jacket – for $50 this is the cheapest I’ve seen this stylish jacket. Bomber jackets have been a heavy favorite this season, I own 2 of them myself. This trend has truly expanded from plain bombers to designed to Faux fur/teddy bear look. Staying warm and stylish this winter is key.
  11. Dynamite Blue Velvet Slip Dress – 2 trends in 1. I really love this blue velvet color and it would be a cute gift for your friend to wear for New Years Eve.
  12. Gap Honeycomb cable knit Sweater – can’t go wrong with a classic cable knit sweater. I really love the Gap for these classic sweaters, they are a little pricey but if you find a coupon or sale it’s worth buying.
  13. Steve Madden Softey Sandals – you are either going to love these or hate them. Now I have seen this trend around for some time but among the fellas, my brother included. Socks and flops. Sometimes it’s questionable, other times you don’t even care enough because your on the go and it’s so damn comfortable. My cousin got me hooked on these styled sandals, she got me these Adidas Gold Sandals and they are so comfortable. It is definitely one of those “don’t knock it til you try it” trend. Plus this is one of my go to blogger off duty shoe wear look.

Hope you enjoyed reading my holiday gift favorites! What are you favorite gifts to get your friends and family?

xx Sarah


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Lace & Leather


Yesterday was winter whites and today I have gone back to my Wednesday Addams look. Gotta stay true to your style. This lace bell sleeve top I have worn previously (Feelin’ Witchy) Any excuse to wear this again and I’ll take it. I did splurge on this top after all. Today I went with a different approach to this look. Instead of wearing a cami underneath I decided to take a walk on the wild side and go without. Pairing it with black jeans and sky high ankle booties it gave it more of an edgier look.


This faux leather jacket is obviously one of my favorites. Since my sleeves are so large, I wore the jacket just over my shoulders so I can still show off these gorgeous sleeves. I was also looking for an excuse to wear this gorgeous deep purple lipstick again, this look was definitely it.

Where I would wear this look? Probably on a night out on the town with my girlfriends, and preferably a place with seating… I mean look at the size of my heels. Despite the height of these heels they are actually very easy and comfortable to walk in. I got these ages ago when I used to avoid getting my work pants hemmed.. they also reminded me of what Lady Gaga would wear too. Just dancing in these can be a challenge after an hour or so… and I would know because I have done it. Unfortunately the height on these heels could not save my pants in this case. I rolled these up to break up the monochromatic black look.


Outfit details…


Makeup info…


This can become a holiday look if you’d like. Hear me out, I know this outfit looks so goth but hey I like taking chances and looking different. Swap out the dark purple lip for a bold red lip, add a cami underneath this top because I don’t think your family wants to see your bra. You can keep the heels if you’d like or a smaller heeled option if you’d prefer:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


xx Sarah


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Totally Taupe: Holiday look


With the holidays approaching I was really excited to see the holiday look books that my favorite stores were putting out. Dynamite always has such nice options for the holidays and I fell in love with this taupe off the shoulder top. Not only did it play part in the off the shoulder trend but there is a bit of a small bell sleeve with the slit, another one of my favorite trends.

I kept the rest of the outfit rather simple since I want the main focus to be on the top. Wearing my new black jeans from Express and my favorite fall sandals it completed my look. Although the weather can be tricky in New York this time of year, I wanted to take the gamble by wearing these sandals. Can’t let them go just yet. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of them between work and outtings with friends and family. Believe it or not they are super comfortable too.

Red tends to be the go to color for the holidays, and I have worn it in the past. Who doesn’t like to feel festive?! This year I wanted more options, plus I like to stand out from the crowd rather than blend in… or “blend in” with the holiday decorations…

(Photo from Pinterest)

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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Holiday Wish List

With the Holiday’s approaching at what seems like warp speed. Your mind is all over the place with gifts you need to buy for your family & friends and things that you want for yourself, its ok to have a few “To Me, Love Santa (aka me)” gifts under the tree. Currently I’m at the age where I am too old to get gifts from my family members and very single that I don’t have a significant other that gets me nice gifts. So its completely up to me here.

The grinch has a serious point 😂

As I wrote in my previous post (Black Friday shopping), I wrote about the things that I needed to get. Quickly summing up the things that I needed, we can throw that idea out of the window because here are the items that I REALLY REALLY WANT. No budget, just wishing, like I just won the lotto .. now lets jump right in!

Oh we can’t forget the bag that every girl dreams of having…


One day Chanel.. One day…

What does your wish list look like? I’d love to know!

xx Sarah


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Black Friday Online Haul

I hope after a nice 4 day weekend everyone is adjusting to the swing of things. A long holiday weekend filled with non-stop eating and socializing and shopping we all feel like we need a break from things. Can’t stop now though, not with the holidays right around the corner! Previously I have posted about how to get your black belt in shopping on a black Friday. I truly hope this helped some of you when it came to shopping. This year I decided to go on a different route when it came to shopping, staying at home in bed and all of my shopping was completed online. Last year I did venture to the stores after my holiday dinner, luckily I had Thanksgiving at my house so I didn’t have to worry about the long travels home and then to the stores. What I discovered is that most of the stores begin their “Black Friday Sales” on Thanksgiving, so there is no need to wake up at the crack of dawn or in the middle of the night to head to the stores. This worked out in my benefit because I was able to quickly get what I needed and leave before the insane crowd of people arrived to cash in on these sales.

This year after my family left, I jumped on my laptop to see if there was anything left in the wish lists that I had created the weekend prior. Unfortunately, half of the items I was lusting after were no longer in my size or completely sold out. My bank account rejoiced with this news… I on the other hand was disappointed & saddened but realized that there were no need for half of the clothing items I wanted.. I mean how often was I going to wear a royal blue suede jacket? Probably once. On the positive side there tends to always be a sale during the holidays so IF some of these items were to come back in stock (like this beautiful black suede and faux fur jacket from ASOS) then I may consider it a sign from the shopping gods to purchase it… but let’s talk about what I DID purchase.

The great thing about shopping online is that I had multiple tabs open after adding everything to the carts so I can compare what I was buying. Sometimes you don’t realize that you gravitate towards similar colors or styles. With Express I knew that I wanted to buy a ton of sweaters that I could wear to work and I desperately needed a couple pair of jeans to hold me over until I can buy a nicer pair or 2 or 3. We all go through a point in our lives where our body shape changes, for me personally it was from all of the “excessive partying” lifestyle. After a bit of a health wake up call I was forced to change my “partying lifestyle” ways to a healthier one. What hadn’t changed is that I am a shopping addict. So after purchasing MANY stretchy jeans, none of them fit me. That’s the unfortunate part of those types of jeans, they stretch out but never stretch back in… so I have to have a few pairs to hold me over until I can buy at least 2 nice pairs (at a discount of course 😉 )

Most of the sweaters I got I wanted to be able to wear for multiple occasions, who doesn’t want multiple looks out of one item? I know I do. My main goal was a balance of casual and dressy items. Since I also recently purchased an all white outfit, I decided this winter I wanted to wear some more lighter shades rather than my gothic Wednesday Addams go to look. Missguided was having a sale that was 50%! I pinned this gold off the shoulder top a few months ago and decided this had to be one of my holiday looks. Luckily it was in stock and in my size. The Dynamite off the shoulder look is some what similar but longer sleeved, a girl needs options! These looks I can wear all throughout the winter and show off the metallic trend for the winter. A win, win in my book.

Adding a little bit more color into my wardrobe is a challenge, I’ll admit. Since pink/blush tones are a trend for the fall/winter I wanted to slowly dip my toes into this trend. In my Quick post: Turkey Day outfits I suggested this sweater as an option for a holiday look, now I wouldn’t recommend anything that I wouldn’t wear myself. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it… stay tuned for how I feel about wearing pink rather than white or black. Missguided also had a cool graphic shirt that had part of LA & NY on it, I have a secret love for California… truly I do. Last spring I really didn’t feel like coming home while visiting there because who doesn’t love sunshine every single day?!

Now onto the classic slip dress. I’m pretty sure this isn’t something that you are suppose to wear out in public but I don’t really care. I’m not one to follow the “fashion rules.” If I like it, I’ll wear it….. and Shay Mitchell posted this in her winter look book (which you can watch all of its awesomness here). I’m really excited to create a look with this and see how many looks I can get out of it. During the spring/summer months I love wearing dresses and rompers because I don’t like wearing pants. It is so freeing not wearing any pants. During the winter I become a person with so many layers because IT IS BRICK outside. So I’ve decided to challenge myself on wearing dresses in the winter.. stay tuned for the posts where I let you know if I turned purple or blue from it.

Below are the links to all of the items that I purchased. Any one get any major deals or purchase an item that they have been lusting for that went on sale? I’d love to know! Leave your thoughts below in the comments!


  1. Missguided crushed satin bardot blouse gold
  2. Urban Outfitters Slip Dress
  3. Dynamite Mixed Fabric Sweater – Pink
  4. Express Side Zip Hi-Lo Hem Crew Neck Sweater
  5. Express Fitted Crew Neck Sweater – Deep Violet
  6. Missguided contrast sleeve cold shoulder tunic white
  7. Dynamite Satin Off the Shoulder Blouse
  8. Express Black Mid Rise Jean Legging
  9. Express Crew Neck Shaker Knit Sweater – Soft Ivory
  10. Express Solid Dark Mid Rise Jean Leggings
  11. Missguided black spliced city of new york print t shirt


Lastly, my most expensive purchase was my new camera! This was a serious splurge and a major investment. It isn’t the first time I have considered buying a DSLR camera, when I was in college I really found a love for photography.. Mostly it would be during family events and I had a lot of fun doing it. My little cousins were my main focus and now their parents have at least 500 photos or more of them because of my constant snapping. Now that I have a very good reason (my blog) it is worth having. If you recall my tip for comparing your items, this can become confusing. And it did. What I thought I was ordering was actually the Canon Rebel t5 and not the Canon Rebel t5i. Ironically I noticed this hiccup 2 days later… when I was writing this post…

Operation Dumbass:

Since I now realized why people go to the STORE to PURCHASE ELECTRONICS, I have learned my lesson. If I would have gone to Best Buy I could have easily avoided this entire debacle… but it wouldn’t be me if there weren’t some type of hilarious stupid moment. In a complete panic I call the store to find out when the sale ends, which was Saturday. I ordered my camera on Thursday night… the camera won’t be delivered until the follow week. CRAP. Calling my friend in a panic I ask if she will come with me to keep me calm as I rush to Best Buy to get the camera I REALLY wanted… they claimed to have 3 available in stores. Well. I get there. And they do not. Son of a biscuit eating bull dog.


I explained my dumbass-ery to the sales associate/really awesome dude and he totally understood my situation. He even checked the storage room to make sure they didn’t have any in stock. And they still didn’t. Instead of letting me leave the store all upset he told me to order it with them and he would wave the shipping for me. AWESOME. But he wasn’t done just yet with the sale.. he made sure it was 1 day shipping. Legend – WAIT FOR IT – DARY. LEGENDARY! THANK YOU BEST BUY FOR HELPING ME WITH MY DUMBASS PURCHASING MISHAP. Working in customer service can be tough, and it is something I completely understand. I knew he was only doing his job by giving me the let down information and I didn’t dare take it out on him, I only inquired if I should purchase it online myself or if it would be easier in store. He assured me that by purchasing it through the store I would get it faster and if I ordered it online I wouldn’t get my beautiful camera until mid-December. Operation Dumbass ended successfully in my book. Lesson for all of you: GO TO THE STORE!
Canon - EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera.png

Special thanks to my friend Alison for accompanying me on Operation Dumbass, your calming presence was much needed as was your laughter. Huge thanks to Best Buy, your employees really go above & beyond for their customers… and for laughing with me that tryptophan is dangerous when shopping online. You guys are great! 

xx Sarah


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Black Friday: How to get a black belt in shopping

If you’re a budget shopper like I am, then you know when to look for the deals and steals. Black Friday is probably the most popular shopping day of the year followed by Cyber Monday. As a marketing major this was a heavily discussed topic in a majority of my classes. From advertising & drawing the customer in to the different demographic breakdown. I could go on forever but that isn’t why you are reading this post. Here are some of my tips and tricks for Black Friday Shopping.


1. Prepare

I don’t know how else to stress this enough but being prepared is definitely your #1 to do. This isn’t just shopping for the hell of it. This is serious. This sale could make or break your day. And I am getting way too serious about this way too quickly. What I’m trying to say is making a list of the things that you need & want is the best way to start. For me I try to think of the items I have been putting off purchasing for whatever reason it may be. So this year I am looking for sweaters, jeans, shoes and a DSLR Camera. Those are the items that I NEED.

Quick marketing geek moment here – the difference between a want and a need. You NEED water to live, but you WANT the expensive water… fashionable reference: you NEED new jeans because everything you own doesn’t fit but you WANT the designer jeans that are beyond out of your price range. See the difference? Ok moving on…

Be like Santa and make a list of the items that you are looking for, it makes it easier when searching for a Black Friday deal. This also includes items for your family and friends!! Cannot forget your loved ones, fortunately most of my list (minus the children) revolves around similar items that I am looking for.

Another suggestion is looking at your favorite brand or department stores website for gifts. They usually have a gift giving section where everything is pre-picked for you and by category. There is an option for clothing, accessories, technology and a budget. Often when I am unsure of what to get someone I look at the “hottest and latest” items online. You’d be surprised how many ideas you can find from these. Check out BloomingdalesNordstromsMacysSephora (check out my Sephora’s VIB Sale post for ideas!) , ASOS even has a gift guide! Don’t shy away from the bigger departments, you never know what deals and awesome (affordable) gifts you can find.

2. Search

Once your list is completed it is time to look at the deals. I know this can be overwhelming for some because the flyers and emails and ads are IN YOUR FACE. Ah, marketing at its finest. Here is a tip, look at your favorite stores! It is so much easier to know where to look when you already know the stores that you shop in. For me personally I will be looking in: Express, ASOS, Dynamite Clothing (duh), Macys, DSW, and Amazon.

You can check out this website: The Black Friday for a list of deals on multiple websites. Express shows all of their Black Friday deals along with their current deals, they are always having some type of sale which I am eternally grateful for. Dynamite usually doesn’t announce their Black Friday Deals until the day before, I discovered this last year. However, you can always get 15% off of your purchases year round.

Ok so Amazon is not a store but DO NOT over look this website. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of items that I have purchased from here. Recently they have been promoting their Amazon Fashion Line… this is designer clothing ladies! Not a knock off. THE REAL DEAL!

3. Compare

Currently, I have Best Buy and Amazon up head to head for my DSLR Camera.. I will tell you that I am going with Cannon. From my research and questions written to other bloggers I have learned that Cannon is very reputable and purchasing a 50mm lense is a necessity. Once I look at my final decision I will compare the prices and see which has the better deal. Even better about this decision? I can do this from my own home, in my bed or my couch looking like a complete bum. SELF FIVE!

Express tends to have really nice sweaters and great deals. Last year I got a really nice sweater for myself and for my mom.. I regretted not purchasing more of them. So this year I have made my list and I am checking it 100 times. SO MANY OPTIONS!

Often I find myself on my laptop with 100 tabs open from different websites and I make my wish lists on them or add them to the cart if I have no wish list option. What I do next is I compare my lists to other sites I am on, sometimes you tend to gravitate towards a similar item and you get more than one. It is ok but if you trying to stay on budget there is no need to have the same shirt in the same color. For example, this fall season I have been loving the army green tones and I already have 2 sweaters in this color. Actually 3 if you want to count my jewel toned color sweater (jump back to Sweater Weather) . So there is no need for me to get ANOTHER green sweater.

4. Final Decisions

Now that you’ve acted like Santa, made your list, checked it twice, made sure you were not naughty but nice. It is time for your final decisions. You know what you need and from what stores.

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have been struggling on whether or not I want to go to the stores to shop or would I rather sit at home post turkey day meals comfortably and shop online. Most stores have the same sales online as they do in stores. In the past I have experienced both chaos shopping and quiet Black Friday shopping. My first Black Friday shopping experience seemed to be complete and utter madness, those videos and pictures of people on top of each other fighting to get into the stores are no lies. The stress and anxiety had set in. I was sweating, the shoe department became so small that I had to get out. I had been in Macys looking for boots and it became so overwhelming that I ended up buying a pair that I hated, so unfortunate. My other mistake was that I had no game plan or list of what to get so I was very scattered while shopping on a budget. If I had planned out where to go then I might not have missed a better sale instead of settling for what I had seen in front of me because I just wanted to leave.

The following year I decided to go alone and completely prepared. I had scoped out what I needed online and where to get it. It was war, with a full belly of turkey and a quick nap prior I was ready for the crows.. I had mapped out exactly where to go from start to finish, nothing in between. Once I got there, it was quiet. Tumble weeds of mall garbage just floating by.. what was this?! 10:30PM on Thanksgiving the year prior was maddening! Immediately I took advantage and slowed my pace. I got everything that I had needed and left without any stress or anxiety. When I returned home my mom LOVED one of the sweaters I had gotten, but I refused to go back to the mall to get her just one. So we sat online together and she picked out a few things she liked and I got the same deal online!

Certain items I can’t just order online.. like jeans and shoes. I need to try them on. Ladies this is a serious golden rule: ALWAYS TRY THE ITEM ON FIRST! I cannot tell you how many times I have purchased something without trying it on and I couldn’t return it or exchange it. So I may have to force myself to venture to the stores to try these items on and get the really awesome deals. If you have the time to head to the stores PRIOR to Black Friday then  I suggest this plan: try on all of the items you are looking for and write the style number and size down so you can purchase the items online, do find out of the items are in store only just in case.

5. Happy Shopping!

Among all of the chaos and swiping of cards, do enjoy yourselves! There isn’t anything more satisfying than scoring a major deal or finding your loved ones the perfect gift. Growing up I was taught that it isn’t the size or the amount of money that you spend on someone but the thought behind it, a small little gift can make someone’s day.



xx Sarah


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