Sneaker obsession

A trend I have been noticing more and more lately. Sneakers with everything.. I mean the only outfit you can’t wear sneakers with is a bikini but everything else is fair game.

Now as much as I love the look of heels I DO NOT like the feel of them. For an every day shoe I would prefer to wear sneakers, preferably my converse sneakers. Since I was 14-15 years old I have been wearing them, I didn’t care if it was pouring or snowing or 100 degrees out.. I was wearing my chucks dammit!

It was a trend I never really grew out of, even throughout college. I would try to wear other sneakers, but the good ole chucks were always my favorite. This trend has sky rocketed, girls are wearing them with their wedding dresses, ball gowns, choosing them over a sky high pair of stilettos, it is endless.

In my first post on the blog I wore my converse sneakers, walking around NYC it was a good choice. I have made the mistake of walking in 5 inch heels before, it is not a wise one. If you are the type of girl who can wear heels every day, that’s great. I’m not, and I bet more than half of you out there or reading this aren’t either.

Some celebrities rocking the converse sneaker look:

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High top vs low top: I have both in a few different colors. I tend to always wear my black low top converse, I do own a white pair and a pink pair too. Recently, I purchased the Chuck Taylor 2‘s, and THEY ARE SO NICE. Beyond excited for the cooler weather since I will probably wear them with everything, which I’m sure you’ll see on my blog in the future. I also have a red high top converse pair which I like to wear to hockey games. Yes the arena is cold but the cold never bothered me anyway…

Let’s snowball this trend shall we? Athleisure is part of this sneaker trend and having a bit of a sporty style I really love that I don’t get the stares of wearing sneakers any more. For some time now I have been covering the Nike Roshes. I don’t work out regularly, even though I should, so there was no reason per day for me to own these.

Now I do.

Some celebrity and Pintrest inspirations:

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There are so many different types of sneakers that you can wear. High top, low top, slip on, running, training, air Jordan’s, nikes, whatever your little hearts desire.

Another trend that is beginning to sky rocket is the old school vans sneaker look. Now Kendall Jenner rocked this look:


Buy the Van’s Old Skool Sneaker.

I mean who doesn’t like a laid back skater style? It is all about comfort, which is a word I will use repetitively since it is a highly important part of my style. Again, I rocked these shoes when I was younger so I am very happy to see this trend come back.

Adidas sneakers. I mean these were an 80’s classic… and their back again! Very easy to incorporate these from dressy to casual as well. Take a look at some of these celebrity inspired looks:

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Buy the Adidas Original Superstar sneaker.

A sneaker I highly recommend investing in is the slip on sneaker. Sometimes we’re lazy, most of the time I am. So it’s just easier to slip these shoes on and run out the door because your “fashionably late.” I got these vans slip on sneakers last winter for a vacation. I can pair them with just about anything.. a dress, jeans, workout gear because I’m “running to the mall”, sweats, etc. I truly appreciate these when I’m shopping. It’s a lot easier to slip your sneakers back on after trying on 100 different outfits and 200 different shoes.

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There are so many sneaker trends out there, always go with what catches your eye!

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Bootie Bootie Booties Rockin’ Everywhere

Received a request for a booties post for the the fall. So let’s jump right into it…

I LOVE booties for the fall. There are so many styles that you can turn from day to night and they aren’t killing you to walk in either. Now I did my best to break them up into different categories/trends. I will admit that I favor the suede bootie over a leather, it is just my weakness. But I did attempt to incorporate leather booties for those who prefer leather over suede.

WARNING: I heavily favorited the DSW website, they have an amazing variety of shoes for all different occasions. And to be honest, I love a good sale.

WARNING 2: I believe in having a lot of options. As the wise Rachel Zoe would say “Options, Options, Options!”

Here are some of my favorites:

Peep Toe Booties

For that in between weather. I will most definitely be rocking a pair or 2 of these this fall. When its 60 degrees in the morning but come the afternoon your dying of heat at 75-85 degrees.

These Mix No. 6 Itieli Sandal from DSW have been my absolute favorites so far. I’ve been wearing them to work a lot lately since it quickly dresses up my outfit. And I’ve also seen a lot of girls wearing a similar style or the same peep toe style. I wore these in my most recent blog post and I really can’t get enough of them. They come in 2 other colors: olive and cognac. If I really wanted to splurge id have these in all three colors. See them here in cognac..

Mix No. 6 Itieli Sandal $49.95

So now that I’ve shared my favorite fall bootie obsession.. Here are some of my other favorites:

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Low heel Booties

Some women like to walk in heels, some women don’t. I fall in between. Since I sit at a desk all day I don’t mind wearing a bit of a heel to work, but outside of work I definitely prefer a low heel. Living in New York we are all constantly moving at a fast pace, whether is running to catch a bus or running because we’re late or running to make it to happy hour. Check out these low heeled booties:

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Moto/Lace up Booties

Personally these styled booties are part of my personal style. Wearing them you feel a little bad ass, maybe your ready to kick some ass or maybe your just a bad ass woman. What I love about these is I can transition these into the winter months when it is FREEZING. Below I’ve shown the lace up booties and moto boots.. Check out some of my favorites:

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Chelsea Booties/Wooden Heeled Booties/BOOTIES BOOTIES BOOTIES

I think my title explains enough.. Let’s dive into my favorites:

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With Columbus Day sales coming up its the perfect time to purchase a new pair of fall booties.. can’t forget you can rock these right into the winter.

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