Favorite Swimsuits 2019

Swimwear trends and styles change every season. Sometimes it can be a pain to keep up with those trends, do you spend the money on those nicer bikinis or do you buy cheap ones that you will only wear one season? Read More

Travel Diaries: Miami

Have you ever just felt the need to impulsively book a vacation? Where nothing you seem to do can get you out of this funk and maybe it is just time to take a step back to hit the reset button? This is exactly how this trip transpired. I’ve always wanted to visit Miami and this was my chance to do it.

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Throwback to The Shallows Bikini Challenge

A little fun fact you should know about me is I LOVE SHARKS. Shark week is a celebratory week in my world and I watch every new episode every year. When I saw that the lovely Blake Lively was coming out with a movie about sharks I was immediately a fan and hadn’t even seen the movie yet.

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I spotted her jawesome bikini from the trailer and I decided I needed that exact one to wear during shark week. The film and shark week happen to premier during the same week. The challenge began…

I searched to the ends of the earth on the internet to find out what brand the bikini she was wearing. Part 1 of my success was that her bikini bottoms were Tory Burch, and they were available.. but I decided to take gamble and purchase them through Amazon. It was a bit of a splurge ($95), it was also the first pair of designer swimwear I had ever purchased in my life #treatyourself

The last part of my challenge was the orange bikini top. You would not believe how difficult this was, I had figured out that the top she is originally wearing was Roxy. And my luck was not on my side since I could not find them ANY WHERE.

Blake’s character Nancy didn’t give up in the movie… and I wasn’t about to give up either.

Another gamble: ordering from a website I have never heard of before. The only gambling I ever do in life is for my closet, and I happened to get a winning hand. SUCCESS! They updated me on my order every single step of the way, which I am forever grateful for and it completed my Shallows Bikini look!

Amazon bikini bottom’s – unfortunately these are out of stock, but there is a similar pair here.

Dollswimwear organe bikini top  – A California based company, these bikini’s are SO ADORABLE. I would definitely order from them again.

Challenge: complete✔️

Blake’s reaction:

(owned by Sony)
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