White for spring

Can you tell I’m really feeling white for spring? If the monochromatic blog post didn’t do it for you then maybe this outfit will.

Recently, I attended the Create & Cultivate NYC Conference which is for females in the space of fashion, beauty, business, and everything in between – influencers, brands, entrepreneurs, etc. A few years ago I had attended this event to gain more knowledge because I am a true marketing nerd and chose to return again this year since times have changed and digital marketing has continued to evolve. Just like my love for wearing all white. Continue reading “White for spring”

3 looks for Leith Jeans by Nordstrom’s

Finding multiple looks for one new item shouldn’t be difficult, but if you are like me – it is a TASK! When I got these jeans I was so excited that I had outfit ideas flowing out of my ears for days….. and then when it came down to actually styling them, well I got stuck. Sometimes when you have such tunnel vision you forget about the items you already have. Then you impulsively shop and have more clothes than you know what to do with but never know which new top you want to wear… So I got focused. And came up with these 3 looks… Continue reading “3 looks for Leith Jeans by Nordstrom’s”

Camel Coat

Who doesn’t own a camel coat? I feel like every girl and every blogger has done a look with this style/color coat. Now I am not hating on this coat whatsoever, but it was more of a delayed reaction as to why it is such a great staple to a girls closet. IT GOES WITH NEARLY EVERYTHING! I mean hello, it is the perfect neutral that you can throw over nearly any damn look. And for a girl who tends to always wear black head to toe this is a great way to bring some other color to my look other than white.

Continue reading “Camel Coat”

Grey Coat

Working 9-5, M-F in Midtown may seem part dream and part dreadful. I am knee deep in tourist attractions which means nothing but non-New Yorkers surround me. Once in awhile I spot a native New Yorker walking warp speed (like myself) down the street and instantly get fashion inspiration. Granted I have seen plenty of suits, which are all in various shades of blue, but I hardly ever see a fashionista strutting the streets. Recently I rare sighting of a fashionable New Yorker sparked an idea – A STATEMENT COAT.

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Grey Casual Days

Casual is comfortable, just like this look. This is very true to my style in the sense it is more sporty and involves sneakers. We can all agree it is hard to wear sneakers in the freezing cold when we are all much warmer in boots. However what was most fun about this look was that I was able to layer this with my new favorite bralette from Free People. Continue reading “Grey Casual Days”

Reversible Florals

Florals for spring? So ground breaking! Any one else sick of hearing/reading that phrase? Yeah me too. As true as it may be, the weather lately has not been matching the “April showers brings May flowers” phrase. May had plenty of up and down weather, now that it is June I am waiting for consistent sunshine. Without sunshine I get rather depressed, vitamin D is a very strong vitamin lemme tell ya!

When I first spotted this top at Dynamite it made me excited for the warmer weather and the reversible feature. At first I didn’t notice the large sign that said “REVERSIBLE TOP” on the rack, after trying it on I knew this would be something I could wear at work and on the weekends – bang for you buck. After walking out of the dressing room it finally hit me that I could turn the shirt around and quickly have a day to night look. This is what happens when you are constantly on the go!!

This top incorporates a few different trends here. We have the cold shoulders which has continued from the fall/winter into spring/summer trends and the lace up trend as well. I adore both of them! The lace up can be part of the front or the back… much like a mullet you can be business in the front and party in the back 🙂

Outfit details…

Dynamite Reversible Top


xx Sarah


Saturday style

Family is everything to me. The past few weekends have been filled with plenty of family fun, and some not so great weather. The weather kept postponing any kind of days I wanted to take some pictures. So here I am posting some pictures I quickly took at my little cousins dance recital. These 3 little girls have a special place in my heart, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them… give them candy, unnecessary gifts, letting them play with my expensive makeup… no matter what I can’t seem to say no to these cute faces. Their mom asked me to do their makeup for the big day since every time I see them they scream “COUSIN SARAH DO MY MAKEUP!” They sat perfectly for me and looked absolutely beautiful!! I may be bias on this but they really are pretty damn cute 🙂 Before the show started I was able to snap some photos of my look for the day…

My outfit for the day I wanted to be comfortable but also stylish.. it was a dance show I was seeing after all. The top I got from Dynamite which I really loved. Ruffles are very much trending right now and I loved the look of this top! They only had a medium in the white and a small would’ve fit me a little bit better but I couldn’t pass up this purchase. The jeans from Zara are very stretchy, when I am sitting they feel a little bit tighter.. the more I wear them the more comfortable I feel. 

This watch. It has a story. I have been coveting this and waiting for it to be back in stock… I am not a watch person or into a ton of crazy accessories, simplicity is my main focus. The watch is just a quick simple accessory to my look, loving the all black look of the watch with the hint of gold. Forever wearing black and gold and white together. My bracelet was purchased at the Create & Cultivate conference after I had my aura “read.” Onyx is a form of protection from negativity… anything that will help deflect any negative vibes. Positive vibes only are allowed in my world! 

Outfit details…

Spring into Grunge

Grunge in the fall and now grunge in the spring. This is a simple look of distressed jeans…. insanely distressed jeans, that sit WAY TOO LOW on me but that is why I decided to pair it with this long tank from Dynamite & this new sweater I picked up from Express. I know what you’re thinking, buying sweaters in the spring?! WHY!? On my commute and at my office, it is cold.. the bus is cold and so is my office. Having a sweater to throw over my outfit can instantly change the entire look. This sweater would be more casual than dressy but I love it any way.

I based this look around my necklace. It was part of my goodie bag from the Create & Cultivate Event. Besides the fact that I love rose gold, I also have another wishbone necklace that I often wear. I feel as if it brings me some good luck and positive vibes. That may sound cheesey and all but lets be honest here… I eat a lot of pizza 😀

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


Dynamite Dress: 3 Options, Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, here is the other dress from Dynamite. classic and basic black. Can’t ever go wrong with a little black dress.. again this could be dressed up or down, even the options from Part 1 can work with this dress.

Option #1

Wearing black from head to toe is a normal part of my wardrobe, it doesn’t seem to bother me when it is 100 degrees outside either. My perspiration would say otherwise but I digress. This faux leather jacket is also from Dynamite and wearing it over my shoulders just gave this a more edgier and “fashionable” look. Recently I posted about this necklace but the detail is just too pretty not to share again. A matte black statement necklace? YAS! I needed it to be part of my collection. The ring is something I picked up from Forever 21 centuries ago, here is a similar option. My newest black accessory is the MVMT watch, I still have to get it sized properly but I am absolutely IN LOVE with this! Now lets talk about these sliders that I am wearing. I saw the Mui Mui Pearl Embellished Velvet Sandals and how much talk that these are going to be the summer’s “it sandal.” When I saw that there was a very similar pair on Amazon for such a cheap price, I had to jump on it. Cape Robbin has saved the day! Now these aren’t for everyone which I totally understand, you can always pair them with a simple slider if you’d like instead.

Option #2

Going back to the denim jacket, you can’t go wrong with a basic dress and a denim jacket. This is the same jacket I previously posted from Forever 21. What is new are these Adidas sneakers… Recently I went shopping and was looking for new sneakers. Although I love my converse sneakers, I needed new options. Everyone has those popular Adidas sneakers and of course having to be different, I needed something opposite of it. Grey suede sneakers? You got it. These are crazy comfortable which make it great to wear to work in and I could definitely get away with this look at work. Well minus the velvet choker… But we cannot leave out my favorite new sunnies – Celine Andrea from Amazon. Be sure to look at the seller’s ratings to make sure that you are getting the authentic pair. With my new sunnies I had to pair it with my new MVMT watch. All black accessories are going to be my favorite for the summer…and I am jumping for joy with this weeks weather

Option #3

Since it is spring I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and add some color to my outfit. These accessories are the same ones that I wore to the Create & Cultivate event recently. I loved them so much I had to wear these fun tassel earrings & bracelet set again. This hat I got from H&M years ago, its a great option to have when you are as fair as me and sitting in the sun. Here is a similar option from Nordstrom’s ($18). Since this look I am pulling options from my recent outfit, these Nine West Sandals will definitely be making more than one appearance on my blog. They are insanely comfortable…. and I would know because I wore them for 12 hours!

All of the options from both of my posts can be mixed and matched together. I wanted to show you how I rotate the same pieces in my wardrobe to make different looks. It is all about having those key pieces and mixing it up.


xx Sarah