Keep it Short

Target is my weakness. Who else can agree with the previous sentence? EVERYONE! They have always been my go to for just about everything under the sun, it is often a danger to go to the store without a chaperon. You always walk out with 100 things you didn’t necessarily need but couldn’t walk pass. They have the same effect on you even online. I was looking for another faux fur coat but nothing like I had been seeing all over instagram or on the streets. It was always the same cut, style, and feel. Since I am a giant pain in the ass to myself, I HAD TO FIND SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Target answered my fashion prayers with this coat…

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Star Gazing

You really thought I left my obsession for star print back in 2017? Think again. I love everything star print, and this scarf is perfect for 2 reasons: 1. star print winter accessories when my outfit is under layers of winter gear 2. it keeps me warm! Old Navy really was my go to for holiday shopping… Continue reading “Star Gazing”

New Season, New Bag

Rebecca Minkoff’s bags have been my go to since my early 20’s. Where I’m from every single girl had a Michael Kors bag. And I mean EVERYONE. As you know I PREFER and LOVE to stand out from the crowd, so I went against what everyone normally had….. and then that became popular. Despite its popularity, I refused to let the bag go. It was my go to purse for the evening and weekends. This bad boy went EVERYWHERE with me… dates, bars, hockey games, vacations, etc. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed it was time to retire my favorite bag… or at least give it a bit of a break.

I had been eyeing this new bag for some time now. It honestly reminded me of the Chanel bag I hope one day to buy myself, just the quilting aspect. Putting the purchase off and waiting for a sale was my reasoning not to spend money on a new bag that I didn’t per say NEED, my old one wasn’t falling apart. After a long, hectic few weeks of non-stop happenings I caved… on the way home from somewhere I said to myself “Fuck it, I’M GETTING THE BAG RIGHT NOW” Amazon Prime – add to cart – DONE!

I am in love with this bag and so happy I finally purchased it. Since it has black hardware it can go with just about anything! Here are some shots from my first photoshoot with this bag, it was definitely an excuse to reshoot this outfit again πŸ˜‰


xx Sarah


I love GOLD… Details

Focusing on accessories for today’s post. Normally I am not the type of girl who wears a ton of accessories. The simpler, the better in my opinion. Although this past fall/winter season I have really loved layering my accessories. When I got this Bauble Bar collection by Shay Mitchell it really opened up my eyes to a new way of dressing up my outfits. The smallest detail can make or break your outfit. Often I avoid wearing a ton of accessories because well I tend to break things or get caught on things since I am clumsy. Not a good look. So the less that I have to get tangled in it is usually for the better…

Today I saw an accessory post on Pinterest and fell in love with the detail. I love pulling from what I already have (no matter how old it may be) and putting the look together. The wrap around necklace was the most fun part as I wanted to use one of my favorite sparkling chokers to make a different layered look. This wrap around choker necklace has been worn a billion times by every basic girl on planet earth. But not me, nope. I insisted on creating a different look.. and I am so glad that I did. By layering the Catena choker necklace between the wrap around necklace it allowed it to pop even more and look like a completely different necklace. And that was from thinking outside of the box.

Still obsessing over the celestial jewelry, these layered necklaces made it so much easier to put this look together. The base of this look was not the wrap around choker, it was my arrow necklace. This was a gift from my parents and arrows have been extremely symbolic to me over the years…


This has been blasted all over every bit of social media possible, I KNOW. At the time in my life when I saw it I was wondering when all of these bad things happening were ever going to end. It seemed like time after time after time, something horrible or life changing was happening and I didn’t understand why. Reading this, it made so much more sense and gave me a sense of hope. That I wasn’t being pulled in the wrong direction, but pulled back further enough to launch into the right direction. And here I am. Doing something I absolutely love, my life is changing for the absolute better, anything negative or pulling me down has been eliminated and I am focusing on only the good while forcing positivity in every which way. Now that was extremely off topic, but a part of me I wanted to share with you all.

Baaaaccckkk to the post. I based this look all around my arrow necklace, although the arrow and the moon don’t necessarily go together it didn’t matter to me much since all of the items I was using was gold. The amount of gold accessories I own is ridiculous, even writing this I am reminded that I need to invest in some other silver pieces for my collection for more of a variety. Another of my favorite necklaces is the star burst lariat necklace from Dynamite. Such a great find from that store and I really love incorporating it into all of my outfits. It also gave a great focal point to the rest of my accessories as it laid between the end pieces of the wrap choker necklace. Wearing it with a simple white tank and my trusty faux leather biker jacket it brought life to a simple outfit!

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


Winter Coat

In a post not too long ago, I showed everyone my winter coat. My favorite peacoat of all time. After posting those photos I realized how worn down that coat had been. I tried to recall when I had even purchased that coat, and it was a blur. High school, college? Somewhere in between? I have no idea. The amount of times I had sewn those buttons back on was a task I started to do almost every winter. And this year I was not up to that task. Luckily I have another winter coat that was holding me over in the mean time, but I was terribly sad that my peacoat was seeing its last life. The amount of memories I had wearing that coat in the winter were endless. Walking around my college campus with the collar popped up so high that you couldn’t see my face, nor did I want any one to see me. Strutting into the bars and stumbling out of them. Walking into offices for a cold marketing call trying to hid my fear and pounding heart behind this fabulous coat. My grandfather pinning his Firefighter badge as a gift to me. Finding my coat on the floor at the Garden after jumping out of my seat 10 times during a period of hockey. The list goes on.

After Christmas I had enough. Every single blogger that I follow was posting these posts of gorgeous peacoats. A majority out of my price range. I didn’t want to give up just yet. I hadn’t forgotten about my secret Pintrest board for my wish lists. And there it was. A few options of coats I had picked out. The shopping gods were with me that day because this coat was on sale, and in limited stock of my color and size. A whopping $200 savings!



It was my final 2016 awesome sale. And it was GLORIOUS. I absolutely LOVE this coat. The zippered pockets are perfect for my clumsy self. I never have to worry about my phone falling out of my pocket or my mittens or my chapstick. Heaven forbid we lost the chapstick in the winter! The gold buttons were definitely a change up from my silver ones, but this military styled jacket is something I really liked. The military trend among winter coats this seasons is a trend I’ve taken notice to. Since I am so short I prefer a mid-length coat, long enough to cover my apple bottom but short enough where I am not tripping over my coat. Yes, I am that clumsy. My other winter coat is a long bubble coat to my knees, again not too long where I could trip over myself but long enough to keep my legs warm. The only complaint I have is the waist isn’t as cinched as I am used to. My old coat had the tie around the waist where I could pull it in very tight so you can see my body shape. Yes, I know this coat doesn’t have that. If it was a smaller size it might not have fit me properly. Can’t have it all when it comes to certain things, and it is a battle I was willing to let go to have a nice warm coat this winter.

Outfit details….

xx Sarah


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Beanie Town

My winter hat collection began many years ago after a New York Ranger victory and I insisted that since they had won I was going to purchase myself a hat. See below the very old throw back when Instagram first came out… Yikes.


At the time I had minimal Ranger gear. You’d be shocked at the amount I have accumulated since then. My collection had grown over the years, hats included. This hat that I am wearing has a memory attached to it too. In 2014, the NHL announced there would be Stadium Series in the winter. Sort’ve similar to the winter classic by playing at a baseball stadium but it consisted of 4 games for the entire series. This included my favorite team playing against BOTH of my favorite rivals, the New Jersey Devils and the New York Islanders. It was a dream to attend one of these games, I loved the idea of seeing my favorite hockey team playing at my favorite baseball teams stadium. The ultimate New York team love affair. Scoring last minute tickets I had to run out and get this hat.. knowing they would be selling it for double the price at the stadium. And I haven’t stopped wearing it since.. ironically these type of hats are in trend. I’ve been rocking it since 2014 because I enjoy being obnoxious.

Let’s jump into these beanie trends, there are honestly a few different versions of the pom pom happening. The classic pom pom which is what I am wearing with my Ranger Hat and the fur pom pom which is also what I have shown.. Here are some more beanie options that are trending. Which one is your favorite?

  1. Double Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie
  2. Top Shop Black Tonal Pom Beanie
  3. H&M Grey Pompom Hat
  4. H&M Patchwork Beanie
  5. Super Dry North Cable Bobble Hat *note this is the one I am wearing in the above picture
  6. SuperDry Color Block Beanie
  7. Kate Spade Cat Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie
  8. Roxy Beanie
  9. Nike Beanie
  10. Cozy Ribbed Knit Beanie
  11. Adidas Originals Cuff Beanie
  12. New York Rangers Black and Grey Pompom Beanie
  13. New York Rangers Pom Pom Beanie
  14. New York Rangers Royal Face-off Beanie

xx Sarah


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Hard & soft: leather & faux fur



For some time now I have been looking for a faux fur scarf.. this past year I have gravitated towards faux fur, and not just in my wardrobe.. but in even in my bedroom. It started with a faux fur pillow, which evolved into a faux fur type blanket and then a year later an actual faux fur blanket… and pillows. Honestly, I will just out right blame Game of Thrones. If you don’t watch this show, well you should. It is amazing, addicting, thrilling, will make you cry in horror and in joy. For the past 6 seasons all I have heard is that “winter is coming” please see below popular meme:


My cousin who also watches Game of Thrones has asked me if I secretly wish I was part of the Stark family clan, or just wanting to be in the nightswatch to be closer to Jon Snow. She made 2 very clear observations.. although I am not coordinated enough to be part of the nightswatch, I would like to be Jon Snow’s lady. Here is Jon Snow.


My point has been made.

Now after that tangent, back to the fashionable part of this post. I have had this idea for a Game of Thrones inspired look but I also wanted the pieces to be versatile. For some time now I had been searching for a faux fur scarf in stores. Sure I have seen them all over Amazon, and for amazing prices might I add, but with faux fur it can be tricky. Your not going to know the texture or quality of it until you actually have it in your hands. When I was in target searching for a scarf I had seen a small row of faux fur scarves, not only did they feel nice and soft but the price was great ($25). As I have said I have been looking for faux fur scarves for some time, the price ranges have been every where from $10-$100. Huge gap. Target closed that gap. What I love most about this faux fur scarf is that underneath is a band where you can slip part of the scarf through so it would hold in place. Much like I have in these pictures. You can wear it tied or if you just want it as an accent piece with your winter coat. I did wear this out at night, and it was rather windy, it definitely held up to the beginning of the winter cold. So I would highly recommend this scarf, it also comes in a few different colors too.


Since I always wear a leather jacket when I go out, I was curious to see how this would look with the faux fur scarf. What kind of look would this be? And honestly, I love it. The hard look of the leather and the soft faux fur brings an interesting balance to the look. You can wear this out with jeans, or even leggings or even over a dress. I am all about being able to rotate pieces of my wardrobe for multiple looks. I also got this cute hat from Target as well. It was one of those “Hey look, its a black hat.. I don’t really need it but I’m here so why the hell not” moments. Target does that to people. Maybe its just something about the store, the pricing? I’m not sure. But it is easy to fall out of control in that store much like Sephora. Chaperons needed!

Stay warm!!

xx Sarah


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Backpack, backpack

“Backpack, backpackBackpack, backpack

On the backpack loaded up with things and knickknack’s too
Anything that you might need I got inside for you”

Now that I got the Dora the explorer song out, let’s jump right into the latest fall bag trend.

These did catch my eye early in the season, and to be honest it looks a lot easier than carrying around a bag. I mean you could definitely fit a lot more needed items in a backpack over a regular pocket book. And by needed items I mean a pair of flats for when your 5 inch heels have slaughtered your feet. Every girl does it, I saw girls outside of 1oak switching into flats #truestory. A friend of mine actually pulled off this trick, this is when I first encountered the backpack trend in the summer. It was the end of the night and she had the cutest backpack since shad come straight from work. Right before we were about to leave she pulled out a pair of flats and changed her shoes. From that moment on I respected the backpack trend.

I guess Cher from clueless had an innovative idea back then with this trend.

So let’s be honest these can be worth the investment for this trend. I’m talking to all you mama Bears out there too. Wouldn’t this be easier than carrying an oversized bag?

Let’s jump into a few of my favorites that I found..

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Hope these options helped make your backpack shopping more fun! And I am sorry if that Dora the Explorer song is stuck in your head now πŸ™‚ 

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