Hello World! Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Sarah and I am a native New Yorker. Growing up I have always loved everything about fashion…I am not the type of girl to always follow the latest trends so I have found a way to stand out in the crowd in my own way. I created this blog to share part of my journey and my daily struggle of finding an outfit, we all know that feeling of staring into your closet not knowing what to wear first…Indecisively stylish is that exact moment nearly every girl can relate to. I love to have as many options as possible so I can mix and match my looks, its part of the fun!

My motto is “ballin on a budget” and it is my secret weapon. I’ve learned how to shop to fit my style and have people wonder “where did she get that?!” Sharing my secrets of finding sales and buying higher end designer goods at a more affordable price point is something I love to do. Enjoy my mix of awkward poses, laughing at myself (virtually) and most importantly fashion!
XX Sarah