Owning Your Style

It took me a long time to merge my very opposing styles. This was a constant battle in my closet: do I want to look girly today or do I want to be casual today? Or am I just overall grumpy and I want the world to know?

My style fluctuates with my mood. There are days where I find the energy to put the extra effort in and other days I just say… well, screw it. This look that I’ve put together encompasses all of my different styles into one: girly, comfy, a hit of rock and roll but mostly just moody.

This skirt caught my eye in Zara immediately since it gave me a Chanel feel, and we already know my back story with that. I felt like being girly but not overly girly. The knit sweater gives the illusion that it’s simple, then you see the sleeve applique and instantly have an edge. I thew my faux suede jacket over my shoulders because that’s what all bloggers do when they wear their hat like this. 

After seeing the photos after taking them, I do have a solid regret over the shoe choice. Instead, I would’ve paired it with black ankle booties from Steve Madden or even over the knee boot option. You live and you learn right? 

Just as I’ve learned to morphe my style into one solid look. It’ll be another year before I pull that off again!

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah

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