Pink Faux February

Bringing this look back from last year it is definitely a jacket I like to wear during the month of February. This time around I went for an all black look underneath with a hint of layers.

Valentine’s Day, Galentines Day or Singles Awareness Day are not my favorite holidays. The only thing I enjoy is it is an excuse to buy an insane amount of chocolate and not be judged, “oh these aren’t for me!” (Haha yes they are!) If I were to venture out during this red and pink week this is something I definitely would wear. Mixing the black velvet cami and lace bralette I have added some mixed textures to the look. The pop of pink faux fur adds a fun color to the look while the newsboy hat keeps it a bit sporty/tom boyish – which is part of my style.

Compared to this look from last year, I really wanted to make it more edgy. The all black look underneath can also easily be worn with a leather jacket or denim jacket. I want all of my readers to see that you can make 100 different outfits with the same items you have hanging in your closet. You just don’t need to take as long as I do when deciding what you are going to wear first😉

Outfit details…

Xx Sarah

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