Black Velvet & Faux Leather + a Sweater

I love it when the title of my blog perfectly flows and explains everything that I am wearing. From my “cami series” I promised that I would show a full head to toe look with this black cami & bralette from Free People… Read More

Red Sweater

Can you tell the color red has slowly creeped into my very dark wardrobe? This red sweater from H&M was a super score for many reasons: perfect for the holidays (christmas and single awareness day aka Valentine’s Day), it was on sale, super comfortable, long enough to wear with leggings, a fun bold color. No need to go any further with the details on this sweater so let’s move on, shall we? Read More

Cozy Winter Whites

Staying cozy and warm is a necessity in the winter, sometimes its not always about looking cute but staying warm. With this sweater from Target I was able to accomplish the cute and warm look. I loved that this had such a mix of fabric: faux sherpa, faux suede and a knit. Everything that is needed when it comes to a cozy winter look. Read More

Pop of Red(velvet)

Continuing with my full looks from the “cami series” here is the amazing red velvet cami look. Although I tend to wear mostly black, I couldn’t help myself when it came to purchasing this red velvet cami. This time around I wore it with jeans and a faux leather jacket. Read More

Pink Faux February

Bringing this look back from last year it is definitely a jacket I like to wear during the month of February. This time around I went for an all black look underneath with a hint of layers. Read More

Green times two: mixing & matching

All girls have that moment where you feel the need to buy a new outfit instead of looking at the potential 100 or more options in your closet. Today I took that challenge and decided to use the same pants in 2 different looks with these olive green jeans. Read More