Winter Velvet Black and Blues

An obsession with velvet this season may or may not be admitted here. This velvet top is much more affordable though. Old Navy and the Gap were having a huge sale on Black Friday and I stocked up! During the winter I like to have different options for layering and I am doing my best to stray away from wearing so much black. Blue is my next favorite color and I can subtly support my favorite hockey team while doing so…. Continue reading “Winter Velvet Black and Blues”

Star Gazing

You really thought I left my obsession for star print back in 2017? Think again. I love everything star print, and this scarf is perfect for 2 reasons: 1. star print winter accessories when my outfit is under layers of winter gear 2. it keeps me warm! Old Navy really was my go to for holiday shopping… Continue reading “Star Gazing”

Red Velvet Cami

After my most recent fail of trying to take detailed photo’s of my new cami’s, I figured it would be much smarter to move these shoots to indoors until its tolerable outside. I love layering outfits for a few reasons: you can get more than one look with each item, they can carry over into different seasons and its fun to put these looks together! This look had some major inspiration from Miamiamine… I wanted to recreate one of her looks but in my own way…  Continue reading “Red Velvet Cami”

Day Dreamer

Recently I picked up this sweater on Christmas Eve Eve… who doesn’t love to go shopping when the malls are crowded, the parking lot is a game of don’t hit that car or those people? If you can sense my sarcasm then you can sense that I am the Grinch during the holiday season. But I am a sucker for anything super cozy with a little bit of sparkle Continue reading “Day Dreamer”