Target $50 Outfit Challenge

Shopping at Target is always fun, and often spend way more than what you intend on spending as well. Depending on your local Target the clothing section can be a hit or miss.. trying to walk in with a specific list of items in mind is usually your best bet. This new brand “A New Day” looked perfect for my style.. it had items I could wear to work by dressing up or dressing down, even combining both of those looks! which is exactly what I did here…

These pants are incredibly comfortable. I am always about comfort! I loved the red pinstripe on the side as it makes it a little dressier. Typically you might pair these pants with a nice button down, but they make me uncomfortable and I look it too. I went with this cute Wonder Woman shirt that a friend of mine pulled out of the rack stuffed with t shirts.. I should mention its a kid’s size shirt. I honestly didn’t even realize it was until I went to look up the link!! Haha! Before I went to check out I wanted to make sure I was sticking within my budget of $50… and boy was I way under!

Target might be expensive when it comes to putting together a look from head to toe but always try to remember what you already have back in your own closet at home.. I took out my trusty go to converse sneakers and these new sunglasses!

Outfit details…


XX Sarah

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