Reversible Florals

Florals for spring? So ground breaking! Any one else sick of hearing/reading that phrase? Yeah me too. As true as it may be, the weather lately has not been matching the “April showers brings May flowers” phrase. May had plenty of up and down weather, now that it is June I am waiting for consistent sunshine. Without sunshine I get rather depressed, vitamin D is a very strong vitamin lemme tell ya!

When I first spotted this top at Dynamite it made me excited for the warmer weather and the reversible feature. At first I didn’t notice the large sign that said “REVERSIBLE TOP” on the rack, after trying it on I knew this would be something I could wear at work and on the weekends – bang for you buck. After walking out of the dressing room it finally hit me that I could turn the shirt around and quickly have a day to night look. This is what happens when you are constantly on the go!!

This top incorporates a few different trends here. We have the cold shoulders which has continued from the fall/winter into spring/summer trends and the lace up trend as well. I adore both of them! The lace up can be part of the front or the back… much like a mullet you can be business in the front and party in the back 🙂

Outfit details…

Dynamite Reversible Top


xx Sarah


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