Spring into Grunge

Grunge in the fall and now grunge in the spring. This is a simple look of distressed jeans…. insanely distressed jeans, that sit WAY TOO LOW on me but that is why I decided to pair it with this long tank from Dynamite & this new sweater I picked up from Express. I know what you’re thinking, buying sweaters in the spring?! WHY!? On my commute and at my office, it is cold.. the bus is cold and so is my office. Having a sweater to throw over my outfit can instantly change the entire look. This sweater would be more casual than dressy but I love it any way.

I based this look around my necklace. It was part of my goodie bag from the Create & Cultivate Event. Besides the fact that I love rose gold, I also have another wishbone necklace that I often wear. I feel as if it brings me some good luck and positive vibes. That may sound cheesey and all but lets be honest here… I eat a lot of pizza πŸ˜€

Outfit details…


xx Sarah


Dynamite Dress: 3 Options, Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, here is the other dress from Dynamite. classic and basic black. Can’t ever go wrong with a little black dress.. again this could be dressed up or down, even the options from Part 1 can work with this dress.

Option #1

Wearing black from head to toe is a normal part of my wardrobe, it doesn’t seem to bother me when it is 100 degrees outside either. My perspiration would say otherwise but I digress. This faux leather jacket is also from Dynamite and wearing it over my shoulders just gave this a more edgier and “fashionable” look. Recently I posted about this necklace but the detail is just too pretty not to share again. A matte black statement necklace? YAS! I needed it to be part of my collection. The ring is something I picked up from Forever 21 centuries ago, here is a similar option. My newest black accessory is the MVMT watch, I still have to get it sized properly but I am absolutely IN LOVE with this! Now lets talk about these sliders that I am wearing. I saw the Mui Mui Pearl Embellished Velvet Sandals and how much talk that these are going to be the summer’s “it sandal.” When I saw that there was a very similar pair on Amazon for such a cheap price, I had to jump on it. Cape Robbin has saved the day! Now these aren’t for everyone which I totally understand, you can always pair them with a simple slider if you’d like instead.

Option #2

Going back to the denim jacket, you can’t go wrong with a basic dress and a denim jacket. This is the same jacket I previously posted from Forever 21. What is new are these Adidas sneakers… Recently I went shopping and was looking for new sneakers. Although I love my converse sneakers, I needed new options. Everyone has those popular Adidas sneakers and of course having to be different, I needed something opposite of it. Grey suede sneakers? You got it. These are crazy comfortable which make it great to wear to work in and I could definitely get away with this look at work. Well minus the velvet choker… But we cannot leave out my favorite new sunnies – Celine Andrea from Amazon. Be sure to look at the seller’s ratings to make sure that you are getting the authentic pair. With my new sunnies I had to pair it with my new MVMT watch. All black accessories are going to be my favorite for the summer…and I am jumping for joy with this weeks weather

Option #3

Since it is spring I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and add some color to my outfit. These accessories are the same ones that I wore to the Create & Cultivate event recently. I loved them so much I had to wear these fun tassel earrings & bracelet set again. This hat I got from H&M years ago, its a great option to have when you are as fair as me and sitting in the sun. Here is a similar option from Nordstrom’s ($18). Since this look I am pulling options from my recent outfit, these Nine West Sandals will definitely be making more than one appearance on my blog. They are insanely comfortable…. and I would know because I wore them for 12 hours!

All of the options from both of my posts can be mixed and matched together. I wanted to show you how I rotate the same pieces in my wardrobe to make different looks. It is all about having those key pieces and mixing it up.


xx Sarah


Dynamite Dress: 3 Options, Part 1

Having a basic dress option is key. Personally I fell in love with these simple dresses from Dynamite 2 years ago. There were 2 dresses, one in grey and the other in black, I loved the simplicity of them that I knew I had to have them both. I got SO MUCH USE out of them, and I will most definitely show you how I wear them over the next few months. When I spotted this dress in the store I knew it was time to add more basic options to my closet. Kim Kardashian is always an inspiration to me and she often wears these simple fitted basic dresses. I love the simplicity of it and how you can make it dressy or casual.

Part 1 I will show you how I styled this grey dress. Both are midi length ribbed dresses. Super light and extremely comfortable.

Option #1

I decided to go for a more dressier look to show how you can dress this up a bit, perfect way to transition a day to night outfit as well. Pairing it with a gorgeous statement necklace that tied in the gold in my leather jacket and the grey in in my dress it was the perfect accessory to make this outfit pop. My jacket is a Forever 21 closet archive, but here is a similar one from H&M. These sandals I got last fall from DSW and I am so happy how much use I am getting out of these. | DSW no longer had these sandals listed, here is the exact pair from Amazon and another similar pair from DSW |

Option #2

Casual is always my go to. If you have to quickly run out the door and want to look put together here is a simple look you can base it off of. My cousin gave me this bomber jacket she got from Abercrombie, I couldn’t find the link for it but here is another option  from ASOS I would pair this with. Converse are my go to sneaker for every day, I wear them nearly every single day to work.. they are truly one of my absolutely favorites. But it wouldn’t be a complete outfit without some Quay Australia sunnies now would it πŸ˜‰

Option #3

Continuing with being casual and it being spring why not go for your go to denim jacket? This cropped denim jacket from Forever 21 has been my go to FOR YEARS! Such a great find.  This Dynamite necklace was another great find in my favorite store.. Unfortunately it is no longer available but here is another option from Dynamite and another from Forever 21. But as I am running out the door these Van’s Slip on Sneakers are perfect for when you are on the go. Can’t forget the Ray Ban’s !


Stay tuned for Part 2!!


xx Sarah




It took me long enough to make a video, which was an adventure in itself, but finally posting one! This time I took my friends advice and did everything on my iPhone – this turned out to be a good thing and a bad thing. The good part was it made it easier to find my videos that I took on my phone and edit them. The bad thing was at 7:45AM when iMovie was freezing and crashing on my commute in and I spent all of the days prior recuperating/trying to figure out iMovie and how it works. Luckily I was able to figure this out and put the video together for you all. I know its 13 minutes long, I spent 12 hours at this event so there was plenty to include!

From 8AM to 8PM my mind was focused, I was ready, I didn’t even know where to start first. I got there SUPER early so that I could find out which track I was on – it ended up being on Track 1 which is what I wanted to be on. It was more about creative content and building your brand – the best for beginners. Walking around was so overwhelming, I didn’t know where to go to first.. I wanted to run around everywhere. My excitement got the best of me as I got yogurt in my hair nearly under 20 minutes of being at the Knockdown Center. ONLY ME! The bummer was that I had to sit the entire day with yogurt in my hair, which the bottom layer of my hair was frizzing terribly because of the weather/product in it. Luckily Something Navy thought my hair looked fabulous any way, which I still cannot believe that I met her but I digress… what I am here to talk about is what I took away from this entire event.

Throughout the day there was a repeated theme. I took plenty of notes because I am a very detailed oriented type person. Having a strong niche and being authentic. These are the 2 that stuck out the most to me personally. While I am still figuring out my strong niche, I understand that the blogging community is very competitive and very broad… with that said not once was I made to feel that I couldn’t be successful or be happy doing what I am doing. The panelist from every panel I sat through gave me such positivity and strong advice of the do’s and don’ts.. from posting what you love and how your followers will sense that to positing something because you want to make money when it doesn’t go with anything that you’d ever wear or post. Being passionate about what you are doing will come across stronger than if you were just doing it for the money. Chasing the money never got me any where in life so I am now learning that chasing my passion is worth while.

Authenticity & being genuine 

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I heard this word in every single panel I sat through. When I first began my blog I didn’t want to try to be any one or imitate what I was seeing all over instagram. Just like Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential said:

“You may not appeal to everyone but it doesn’t matter, be yourself and say true to your niche. Focus on you.”

Hearing these words from the bloggers that I follow made me feel like I wasn’t alone in these beginning stages of blogging. They too have been there & look at the empires they have built. Having the true intent behind every post is what made these women so successful in the first place, being consistent and having a strong passion. It is easy to get caught up in other influencers content and think “why not me?” When the Brooklyn Blonde herself admitted she too has felt this all I could think was “YES I AM NOT ALONE!” What she suggested (which is what I drill into my brain constantly) is flipping it and reverse it – like Missy Elliot. Ok she didn’t per say use those exact words but her point was instead of being envious use that as motivation to get to that point or create it for yourself. If you want to work with a huge brand then send them an email proving that you are an influencer to their products and that you have helped sales on one or more of their products. The passion behind your content and your purpose of sharing these outfits is what will get you noticed amongst social media. Forcing any kind of post or outfit will simply blow up in your face. I have said this a million times on here and I have no idea if any one has actually read it so I will say it again, I WILL NEVER POST ANYTHING I AM NOT PASSIONATE ABOUT OR THAT IS A FORCED POST (posting just to post).  Forcing an outfit for a post just doesn’t work, it is just trying to force a pony tail to happen that just won’t.. LET IT GO GIRL! Taking your time in what you post will allow you to have more genuine passion behind it rather than a strict business… people will notice it.

Strong Niche

Yet another word used ALL DAY LONG. Your niche is what is going to set you apart from the others. I didn’t write down which one of the panelist said this but I am paraphrasing here.. Her friend once said to her

Restaurants open up all the time in New York City, but you don’t see owner’s saying “Oh we can’t open up a restaurant there.. 4 are already on that block!” It isn’t a bad thing to have another place to eat on the same block.

The community of blogging is a crowded place, not breaking news there. It is a reason no one should be afraid to start a blog or share what they are passionate about. What does make the difference is what sets you a part from everyone else – YOUR NICHE. Now my blog is still fairly new, not even a year old yet so I am still trying to figure out what makes me so different from other bloggers or “influencers” out there. Is it that I am always laughing at myself? Is it that I always leave funny or “punny” comments when I network on social media? It could be my fusion of comedy and my love for fashion, but I am still exploring this. Letting my niche organically find itself is a plan that I already decided would be best for me. If I tried to sit down and force myself to think of one it would be just that. FORCED. NOT GENUINE. NOT AUTHENTIC!

Lauryn from the Skinny Confidential is not only fucking hilarious but she is incredibly smart. She suggested that you think of your niche market as an upside down triangle, that you want your niche to be at the very point of that triangle and you can grow from there. Having that foundation is extremely important and it is what will help build a following. This ties back into being authentic, people don’t want to see forced content or forcing comedy. You just look stupid when you try too hard, you flounder, its horrible.. I know because I’ve been there, thinking too long on a funny joke just isn’t funny. No one laughs. She also spoke about people wanting to see your every day life, it makes you more relatable. Showing your followers the behind the scenes of your shoots is part of what Lauryn also likes to call GROWTH HACKING.

Utilizing all of your social media for what it is. I am going to use the example that she gave us on the panel

  • Instagram : positing a photo of the perfect cup of coffee, let your caption be “head over to my snap chat to find out how I made this”
  • Snap Chat: show how you made the coffee step by step & end with head over to Twitter for more info
  • Twitter: Leave the link to recipe and a link to your blog post on more recipes
  • Blog:  Photos of the coffee, recipe and other recipes

What most of us forget is that social media can disappear tomorrow.. Remember Myspace?? Another great example used was Tila Tequila. She had the most friends on Myspace and became an internet sensation… now where is she? After Myspace came Facebook then Twitter then Instagram then Snap Chat. All of these could disappear.. which brings me into my next topic…

What’s next??

Staying relevant, being consistent and the quality of your content sprinkled with your strong niche is your recipe to success. This is what I’ve taken away from everything that I had learned. It is all about creating… creating your content, niche, your potential business. Looking to what could be next is a scary though. I mean I am just getting the hang of the social media we have now, the thought of having to start all over again could be a scary thought. Evolving with the times is a much better phrase and it is what I prefer to think about. Or if you prefer to carve out your own part in the industry or in the community is definitely an option. Creating something that is your own and hasn’t been done before is something that will definitely help when it comes to discovering that “niche” of yours.

Naturally growing your following was yet another phrase that made me feel like I was on the right path. I never want to force my “work” down someones throat or rub it in their face, I wouldn’t want it done to me. Letting things happen organically while still working your ass off seems to be the best balance. This is my current balance in my life. I work full time, as many of the other bloggers I have met too, and this is technically a “part time” gig – yet the amount of time that I do put into this is more than what most would think. It is a 7 day a week 24 hour “part time” gig or hobby. First thing in the morning after getting ready for work I leave myself at least 15 minutes to catch up – I network on my social media, check my email, reply to any comments left on my social media, plot for what time I should be posting my blog photos and posts for the day (depending if it is on blog posting day). I repeat this same act at lunch and again when I get home from work after eating dinner. In between all of this I am planning my weekend ahead of what I need to do for my blog – checking the weather to see if I can take photos outside (since I take my photos on a self timer), plotting my outfits which will change 100 million times until the day of the photo shoot, looking at the new trends, searching for sales & inspiration. Not to mention the day of my photoshoots it is all on me. I single handedly do EVERYTHING for this blog…. my hair, makeup, styling, photos, photo editing, blog posts, PR, networking, and planning is ALL ME. It is a shit ton of work, lately I have been exhausted trying to keep up…. but when I am not doing any of this for more than a day I feel terrible, as if something is missing or I forgot something. This is what I LOVE to do.


Attending the Create & Cultivate event was all about learning. And I sure as hell learned A LOT. Many of what I already wrote about, in insane length, are things I kinda already knew but I NEEDED to hear from the women that I look up to, the women that I scroll through the pages endlessly looking for inspiration. Ally Love was one of my mentors, she doesn’t like to say she wears many hats but instead says she is multifaceted. She does many things and is constantly on the go and damn is she one hell of a positive person. Just sitting there it radiated off of her throughout the entire group. I couldn’t think of anything to say or to ask, besides the fact I was slightly overwhelmed with the many many things happening all around me at the Knockdown Center, she just said the right things. Surrounding yourself with good people and using your core values to be part of your brand. She said that there should be no separation from yourself and your brand…. and she is totally right. Which brings me to my final topic….

Building your brand

Wrapping up everything that I learned it comes down to the simple fact that if you aren’t your true self and being an influencer for the right reasons then you aren’t going to get any where. Who you are is what your potential brand is being built on. Your niche is what sets you apart and can be used as a selling point when reaching out to brands about working with them for an affiliation or sponsorship. Although I am not at that point where I am working with brands or am an affiliate with a brand, I am working towards that point. Getting the correct information from this conference was a HUGE selling point for me.. How do I go about this? What the hell do I even say in the email? I gotta learn Google Analytics now? Wait that girl said she didn’t and hasn’t but is kicking ass? What are all of these numbers? Should I write that down? Holy crapola! It was soooo much information!!

This is when what Ally had said, and I actually wrote this down, that stuck out the most. Out sourcing! Since I do everything myself it is hard to let the reigns go a bit to allow someone else to help me out. After all this is MY BRAND, MY CONTENT, MY POINT OF VIEW. That might sound narcissistic, it isn’t. Creating this blog is just that, creativity. Spreading myself so think that my creativity isn’t at 100% becomes a problem. I can’t do everything all of the time myself. Weighing my options of what I can outsource certain things to would make things a lot better. She also suggested that I list all of the things that I am good at & how I can make something out of that. Creating outfits and putting my content together down to the stupid captions. I say stupid because I am always writing something silly.

This is all part of building my brand, its a journey if you think about it. To some I might have a long road ahead of me before I get to the point of “success.” To me I already am successful because I found what I love to do, I found my passion… for fashion.

What I wore both nights is on my previous post.

Links to Panelist from my video (in order of appearance)….

Links to Booths shown…

xx Sarah


Create & Cultivate: NYC Conference

I found this event when I originally created my twitter, I was looking for other sites to follow & found this cute website where they had a TON of positive and up lifting blogs. This immediately caught my attention, while exploring their site I saw that they had conferences for bloggers… Not only did it include other fashion or lifestyle bloggers but brands and any one interested in this type of field could attend. Luck was on my side when I found out they were preparing an event in NYC! I immediately got my ticket when they went on sale. The main event was going to take place on Saturday, May 6th and there would also be a cocktail hour on Friday, May 5th. I had to attend both since this was in my New York backyard after all.

Friday’s outfit:

When I heard cocktail hour I wasn’t too sure if I originally wanted to go. The following day was going to be a long day and beauty sleep was a priority. Last minute when I saw the space they were going to have it in I decided to go. I wanted my outfit to reflect how beautiful the space was and it was a cocktail hour after all, why not go with a cocktail dress? When I got there I realized how overdressed I was! Standing out from the crowd is what I like to do best any way, so it worked its way out. I met a few other bloggers that night & everyone was super sweet. My goal for the night was to have fun, which I definitely did! Being awkward and shy is also a huge thing for me, I wasn’t able to snag a picture of my full outfit from head to toe but here are 2 awkward photos of my dress πŸ™‚

Outfit Details…

Satuday’s Outfit:

This outfit was plotted for MONTHS! MONTHS I TELL YOU! Knowing that this was going to be an all day event (8AM to 8PM) comfort was my #1 priority. I found this top on ASOS and fell in love. It was different and incorporated the off the shoulder trend I had been seeing. It was also very ruffly which is crazy in trend as well. If I was going to go over the top for a top, this was it. My accessories were a way for me to bring in some color to my white top… Bauble bar was the way to go. I chose the blue tassel earrings for 2 reasons: 1. it is my favorite color and 2. because the New York Rangers were playing and I was supporting them from Queens with the lack of a TV to watch them (they lost but that’s another story). Adding even more color but still keeping it simple I chose this really awesome colorful bracelet. It was the subtle hint of a confetti of colors that I was looking for. My detail even went to my makeup, inspired by Christen Dominique from Instagram I chose to add some bright purple as my under eye liner.. this also made my hazel eye’s really pop. With a hint of pink lipstick I was ready to go.

I will talk about what I took away from the entire event in another post but I need to take a minute, or a paragraph, to tell you the most amazing part of my experience there. I had the pleasure to meet and listen to Arielle from Somethingnavy. She is one of the first bloggers I began to follow years ago! I never knew much about fashion bloggers nor did I understand how the entire deal worked but I absolutely loved following her instagram. All of her outfits are and continue to be amazing, and even affordable at times – she pairs some high end designers with her looks. Constantly am I looking at her instagram for inspiration, motivation and even just a reminder that she too has some struggles but doesn’t let it stop her. Watching her instastory and even following her on snap chat I was able t see the behind the scenes life she was living. What an inspiration she is to all bloggers around, from the ground up she has built this into a business and to think it all stemmed from her going through a bad break up that she even decided to create the blog in the first place. Being relatable is something she strongly makes sure her readers and followers feel, and as a follower and reader I sense it immediately. Especially when I met her, she gave me a hug and complimented my hair (which was having a total frizz ball moment). She was so humble and so kind and sweet and waited to take pictures and talk to any one that wanted to meet her. If she ever reads this, which I hope she’ll find in her million likes and comments, I just want her to know how inspiring she is. I cannot wait for her clothing line to come out in the fall & I hope that I am able to get it all before it sells out.

Outfit details…

Accessory details…

Stay tuned for another post as to what I’ve learned and what I saw πŸ˜‰

xx Sarah



Truly could not help myself with that blog title and I also had been counting down the days until this collection was released. Being a child of the 90’s I am obviously a Spice Girls fan, my pre-teen years were filled with spicing up life, girl power and wishing one day to grow up and be a Spice Girl. Last fall I learned of Victoria Beckham’s line with Target and was filled with excitement. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her style and who she has become as a woman. She went from being in a girl group, to marrying a man who adored her more than anything in this world, a mother and a respected designer… she constantly reminds me that as a woman I can have it all & it doesn’t have to happen all at once either.

This line is all about her and her daughter’s relationship. As chic as she dresses is as chic as her daughter dresses too. Her designs aren’t meant to make you feel body conscious either but to feel great in the clothes. That is something that I think many of us forget, these cuts and patterns aren’t the typical things you would see all over stores either. Plenty of subtle floral, lace, and color.. can’t forget about everyones favorite go to color either – black πŸ˜‰ Since her designs and cuts are so different from what is typically out there is what drew me to this line when they gave a sneak peak. The dresses were straight and yet made me feel completely “posh” when I put them on. The wide leg pants, button down tops, lace bomber jackets with matching shorts, options to mix and match skirts and tops and even pants. What I wasn’t expecting is the matching options for little girls (from newborn to young girls). I’m sure all of my mommy readers would be excited to pick up an affordable “Mommy & me” outfit – designed by the Spice Mom herself. Everything complimented each other and I absolutely loved it.

When I went to Target not much was left, every woman seemed to want to “Spice up their closet.” I was happy with what I had seen since I had to get my hands on a few items rather than waiting for it to be shipped in the mail. Patience wasn’t my strong point as I had waited MONTHS for this line to drop… I had a reminder in my phone for the night prior to  remind myself to get my ass to Target the following day. The dress I picked up is the orchard pattern dress, prior to the launch of her clothing line many of the bloggers I follow had been posting photos of an outfit they chose. And no offense but they were all the same. I ADORED the orchard pattern top and pant set that Victoria was wearing for the launch party of her line…. but so was everyone else. And having the need to be different, I deferred from buying the outfit. Besides the fact that I would have to cut the orchard in half with the pants as I am vertically challenged. The cut of the dress was VERY different from anything I have in my closet. Most of the dresses I like to wear are either body conscious or empire waist… sometimes I like to show off my curvy shape, and other times I don’t. I can’t wear mini skirts because they simply do not sit on my body shape well nor do I feel comfortable in them. This dress was a straight dress from shoulder to past my hips…. with a subtle ruffle at the bottom I wanted to take the chance. And I am so glad I did! It was definitely a different cut and style of dress than I am used to and I LOVE IT! Victoria has used this cut for quite sometime in her main collection (which is unfortunately out of my price range)… I give her props to this because every body shape can wear this and it looks flattering. I hope to see more of this cut in stores and from other designers… or if she could even extend this collection for more than one season.

Outfit details #1….

Another item I picked up was this orange top. I’ve read that orange is super in this season and since this wasn’t super out of my price range I was willing to take the risk. Like everyone else when you think of the color orange you think “pumpkin” and looking like a pumpkin isn’t something I aspire to do. Even during Halloween. This top can be dressed up or dressed down which is why I got it.

Outfit details #2…

xx Sarah

Spring Shoulders

The off the shoulder trend continues into the spring, along with this comes the statement sleeve trend. My love for bell sleeves has grown into my love for statement sleeves. I cannot get enough of it, except when I am trying to eat. Then it becomes an annoying trend… but I digress. This cute top I picked up in Zara on my lunch break, after seeing so many blue stripe shirts all over Instagram I wanted to find something different compared to the typical blue stripe shirts that I had been everywhere. This top had the blue stripes but vertical rather than horizontal, I once read that these are more figure flattering… since I am constantly hiding my wide hips I figured this would be a fun new trick. The beautiful sleeves with this top were an added bonus… They aren’t too overpowering either. I could definitely get away with wearing these out to lunch or dinner.
White jeans. These have been on my lust list for over a year. Why did it take me THIS LONG to cave in and buy them? I could not find the right fit or a pair that didn’t seem see through either. Since my hips are so wide I try to stick with the darker washed jeans, they are more slimming for my body type. But I hate denying myself from a color that I could make more flattering depending on how I styled it. These jeans were found in Dynamite. I mean where else would you expect me to find them? I can rave about this store for days on end. What I loved most is that the length fits me perfectly as well. Did I mention they had the frayed ends? Even better in case they stretch out and I need to trim them to fit me better πŸ™‚

Outfit details…

xx Sarah