Bleeding Blue Round 2: Hockey gear

It took me long enough to get to another game, but since I love being honest here I will tell you the #1 reason: ticket prices. YIKES! Luckily I was able to get tickets through work. The moment I found out I was going to this game I knew it was time for new gear. I previously posted about this awesome fan based company in October. I’ve been dying to pick out some new gear, my problem was deciding on which shirt/hoodie to get. To be honest here, I wanted them all.. but my bank account said “No, you can only pick one.. maybe two.” Because it is totally normal that your bank account talks back to you right? Ok. Moving on….

The day I happened to be looking for a new shirt they were having a flash sale during a game. SCORE! I went with Mika since he had recently come back from an injury and I was ready to see him take fire with these goals. Lately the team has been up and down, we win some, we lose some. I was slightly nervous going to the gamefor 2 reasons: 1. I gave my 2 week notice after receiving the tickets & felt like it was bad ju-ju since it was an unknowningly “parting gift” and 2. because I didn’t know which team was going to show up… my team that makes me jump out of my seat in excitement or the team that was going to make me double fist beers for each period. I also mentioned previously how superstitious I am. Wearing new gear to a game is exciting, sometimes nerve racking if we aren’t winning and Yes, I am THAT CRAZY. But this time around I didn’t blame my game day gear (because clearly my shirt is awesome). They started off strong but as time went on they seemed to cool off… just like the dude sitting in front of me. Too many beers and shots and by the 3rd period he was out cold… just like the Rangers. Answered Tampa’s goals twice but couldn’t finish the game… a 3-2 loss.

I was kinda disappointed in how the game turned out, especially because I was gifted with such amazing seats too. What I wasn’t disappointed in was the shirt I got. As a female who likes sports, its difficult to find a fitted shirt. A witty fitted shirt. Of course We Bleed Blue had so many amazing options. Even saw another guy with a “ZUUUUUCCC” shirt on! Which is my all time good luck shirt. Another thing I love about this company? The shipping.. I got my shirt in what seemed like a few days after ordering it.

With the playoffs approaching quickly I am sure there will be some awesome new shirts dropping and I cannot wait! Check out some of my other favorite picks from their site.

we bleed blue top picks
All images taken from We Bleed Blue Website (links to each referenced below)
Top picks links:

Don’t forget to check out even more of their awesome apparel at We Bleed Blue and look out for their viewing parties during the regular season & playoffs!

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xx Sarah


Jumpsuit times Two

My current age is that of an adult. My actions are not consistent with that statement, firmly standing strong on my Peter Pan never growing up philosophy …. as I continue to do responsible adult behavior so I can be left alone to act like a free little bird. Maybe not so little after all the pizza I consume but you get the picture. First came all of the weddings and now all of the baby carriages… 

If you know me long enough you know how important my family and my close friends (who are like family) are to me. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them, this goes for gifts too. I love shopping for presents and surprises for them… finding that one item that will make them over the moon no matter how big or small. The beginning of March was baby shower madness for me.. I spent all of February plotting what to get. I always try to go off of the registry because sometimes I’m last minute so nothing is left or I find something else that’s sparks an entirely new idea. What I also had to prepare for was my outfit. Instead of getting 2 outfits I decided to wear the same outfit back to back weekends. It’s cost effective and I’d much rather spend my extra money on the gifts to give.

First up was my cousin Katie, she has always been like an older sister to me growing up. We always chat about Game of Thrones and how devastated we are after each episode… or the nightmares we will have. Thanks a bunch Ramsey. I searched on Pinterest for some ideas for a Game of Thrones theme which rolled into witty onesies. Luckily my other cousin has the amazing cricut machine.. it’s the same machine used to make my NYE tee. I supplied the onesies, she printed my ridiculous ideas for me. And 10 onesies later…. 

The look on her face was priceless… when you hear the “oh my god how cute!” You know you did good! I promised her to use my new camera to take nice photos of her shower and friends for her to keep as well. Knowing I was going to turn this into a blog post we both made sure our outfits were perfect. I also wanted to be comfortable moving around, hence why I went with a jumpsuit. I didn’t have to worry about a dress or skirt coming up as I had to stand at all different angles to get the perfect shot. Luckily we had people to help carry in all of the presents, which was my biggest fear. 

The following weekend I had my good friend Regina’s baby shower. This girl is the sweetest person I know and understands my level of weirdness as we always manage to laugh until we cry and eat until we can’t move. Since we went to a Ranger game back in October, and I know her husband is a fan, I went with an entire hockey themed “basket.” As you’ll see below the detail that went into this basket….

But now as to why I wore the same thing twice. As I stated above, I didn’t want to spend money on 2 different outfits. I also didn’t want to get anything that needed to be adjusted. Because it is March and the temperatures in New York cannot seem to make up its mind as to if it wants to be spring or winter. I wasn’t prepared to wear anything light and springy since I am normally freezing half of the time. ASOS has the best jumpsuits and I know my size in them which helps a lot when ordering online. I found this really cute pajama styled jumpsuit in a green velvet. I loved the idea of being comfortable and who doesn’t want to look like they are wearing fancy pajamas?! 

The gamble that I took was ordering from their petite line. I’m not super tall but I am not under 5 feet either. When I got the jumpsuit I knew that the arms and legs would be more of a slimmer fit at the end…. just not as snug as I anticipated. I was barely able to move or bend any of my limbs. I was Frankenstein. Literally. In this green velvet jumpsuit. Immediately I hopped on the ASOS website and ordered the regular sized jumpsuit. Ironically it was cheaper than the petite size, and I wasn’t complaining. It did fit me perfectly, still a little snug while sitting down so I suggest sizing up (my size up was unavailable). The buttons were snap buttons which was AMAZING….. when it came to having to use the ladies room. No panicking that you can’t get it open. Disaster avoided.

At my cousins shower I was moving around a lot so I was very comfortable and warm in this jumpsuit. Because the pants were cropped I didn’t have to worry about having this adjusted either. All my shorty’s : I recommend looking for cropped ankle pants or jumpsuits. It’s a lifesaver.

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Weekend Joggers

Recently New York was graced with a taste of beautiful spring weather. And now the temperatures have dropped. It was such a tease. A tease that made me very angry, especially because on the last day of the gorgeous weather I decided not to take any photos but do attempt to accomplish other things (which later did not work out in my favor). Hence why I look so angry in these photos. Its cold but I am ready for the spring weather. Whether those ground hogs were right or not, I want spring here.. I need the smell of summer, I need its noises in my ear..

After that brief emo high school moment of Brand New lyrics… let’s get back on track to this outfit. These joggers I got from Dynamite last fall, I have really loved wearing them since they are very diverse. From casual to dressy, it is all how you style it. I don’t mind rotating the same items in my blog posts because we all do this. Its realistic, and I love finding 100 different ways to wear the same item. Deciding on which outfit to go with first is a problem I’m still working on. Some days are better than others. Today I decided to wear a sweater with this look, I mean it is pretty cold outside and I am dying to wear my denim jacket on a more regular basis now. My choice of shoes is more spring rather than winter related. Like I previously stated, I am very much ready for the spring weather. Although you can see my ghostly white legs & feet aren’t as ready just yet.

These slip on sneakers are the perfect transition sneaker, from summer to fall and end of winter into the spring. You can get these styles in a variety of different colors. A majority of my shoes are black (sneakers, sandals, booties, heels).. so of course I went with my comfort zone with these. Although I would definitely invest in a gray pair or even taupe. I will link other options below in my outfit details. From head to toe this outfit is extremely comfortable. I am all about comfort…. but without looking like a complete bum ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wouldn’t be a post without the flamingo pose

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xx Sarah


Zara Wide Sleeve Sweater

Lately I am all about the statement sleeve and the wide sleeve tops. This goes from bell sleeves, to statement sleeves, to oversized sleeves. I love them all. These aren’t so meal friendly but thats why we roll up our sleeves to dig into a good meal right? When I saw this on the rack at Zara I was honestly uncertain. It looked HUGE, and insanely cropped. I wanted to take the chance, plus it was on sale. Can’t put too much of a fight on that one. I went for a color I normally wouldn’t go for. This does come in black and fuchsia. I have more black tops and clothes than I can count, nor am I a pink girl. On a rare occasion I will wear pink, just not with this top. It came in a sand, neutral color which I was curious to see how it would look against my fair skin tone.

Shopping for neutral colored tops can be hard when you have fair skin. You don’t want the top to match your skin tone too much or look like your completely naked. Maybe this is just a fear that I have of this color spectrum. Maybe its because my fair skin is still somewhat of an insecurity. What I won’t ever stop doing is pushing myself to get outside of my comfort zone and find the beauty in what I am insecure in. Embracing my fair skin tone has been a struggle, but I continue to push myself to try new styles. And this time. IT WORKED! I was so happy when I had put this sweater on. Although I look like I am drowning in it, I cannot begin to tell you how snuggly this sweater is! I understand why it is cropped since the sleeves are so.. HUGE. And such a fun look to wear! The only thing I regret is not having a lighter shade of shoes to wear with this (because I only own black shoes) Just another reason for me to go shopping for spring ๐Ÿ˜€ … I’ll link below other shoes I would wear with this style.

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xx Sarah


In Between Weather: Layers

Layers. Its key to almost every in between season. Layers are great to wear because if it gets warmer you can take the bulkier layers off and still be comfortable. Or if it gets a little colder you can add the layers on to stay a little warmer. I’ve been seeing so many bloggers layer looks especially with slip dresses and slip tops. Although I only have a slip dress, I didn’t want to waste money by purchasing another top that would just be in my closet for one specific look. Converting my slip dress into a slip top was easy.. I just tucked it into my jeans. The material is thin enough where it wouldn’t bulk up and look funny which made life so much easier. I recently got this simple top from Zara, of course I have it in black too. I am trying my best to stay clear of buying black clothing items since I have SO MANY already. This was a compromise since gray is in the same color family of my favorite color to wear.

I wanted to keep with the trends of the fishnets under the jeans look, it was some what strange to wear. Despite the fishnets being thin, it is still another layer… underneath your jeans. My jeans are ripped at the knee so its a cute little pop that you’d see when I’m walking or sitting down. Its a fun little surprise to my outfit that most might not see immediately. Wearing my trusty leather jacket draped over my shoulders has been my go to look for the past 2 seasons (I’m counting winter as almost over with that quick warm weather we got). This changes the entire look and I highly recommend trying it out… just not walking around on a cold winter day. It looks cute, but doesn’t feel so cute as your getting a blast of cold winter air in your face and chest.

Accessorizing this was rather easy and I wanted to keep things simple. My velvet choker added another fabric style to the mix and my Dynamite layered necklace. Of course I had to wear my Quay Australia Vivenne glasses. I love them dearly. Also because it was so windy out my eyes were tearing… it was so bad that my liquid liner was smudging terribly and my makeup was making its way onto my contact lenses! Not sure if this has ever happened to any one else before but it has happened to me way too often that I know what to do. And that was to cut my photoshoot short and fix my lenses haha!

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xx Sarah