70’s Inspired: Faux Fur & Bell Sleeves

Never did I think that my attire or style would ever be inspired by the 70’s but here we are. Yet another faux fur look. This vest was another item from my cousin’s closet which I am having a lot of fun wearing. I may be late on this trend but I’m having fun experimenting with this faux fur look this winter. After all, I have grown to love the look thanks to Game of Thrones.

Now I recently got this bell sleeved top and I am absolutely loving it. Finding different ways to wear this look is something I am enjoying. What girl doesn’t like playing dress up in her own closet trying to find that perfect outfit to wear…. to sit and watch Netflix haha. My weekends have been pretty much preoccupied with doing things related to my blog so by the time the evening comes I am exhausted or I am writing blog posts into the night without realizing the time. Eventually I will make it back to being social once again and I have the perfect outfit to do so. This outfit was also approved by my grandmother, recently I wore this to her birthday. Since my cousin had given me this vest I wanted to show it off and possibly take an OOTD photo. That was derailed when my little cousins wanted to play until it was time to leave. For all of my readers who are mommies, let me tell you I was very comfortable chasing around kids ages ranging from 1 to 6 years old. The only difference was I was wearing my flat OTK boots.

This outfit choice might not have been the go to look for a family party of pizza and cake but there is something that my grandmother had taught me without saying it to me. Dressing nice to feel better about yourself. She has always been well put together, her hair always done, pearl necklace always worn and matching outfits. It was something I grew up seeing and something even my Aunt’s had done too. Before I knew it I had been doing the same thing. Granted there are days where I dress exactly how I feel, a bum! No shame in having those days, but never make it an every day thing. Dressing in an outfit that makes you feel awesome will instantly lift your spirits, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money either. Take this outfit I am wearing, the only new item I am wearing is the shirt (which I had gotten on sale). The vest, a borrow from my cousin’s closet. Everything else was things I had, it was all about styling what was in my closet.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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