Grey Tones for the Fall

Sometimes a girl just needs to put on a pair of heels. Today happened to be that day. I felt like being a little dressier than usual. My first instinct was to pair this outfit with converse, typical. So I decided to mix it up a bit.


I know Monica, shocking. Let’s get to how I styled this outfit shall we?

I really love wearing a leather jacket, year round if I could handle it. I got this faux leather jacket from Dynamite which is a little bit heavier than the other one I’ve been wearing mostly. Wearing it with this nice Express grey sweater gave me a bit of extra warmth. I added a big silver statement necklace to this look to dress it up a bit, sometimes it just takes one nice accessory that will change the entire look. With a darker wash denim and my go to black heels I was ready to go. My poor feet didn’t appreciate the lack of warmth but at least my upper body did! This could also be another go to look for thanksgiving. Check out my post for more ideas here.

Outfit details…

xx Sarah


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