Rock the Joggers


We all have that go to look for when we need to run around to make errands or go shopping. Mostly this look is geared for shopping and trying on 100 different outfits, but hey you can wear this to the grocery store, grab some lunch, meet up with a girlfriend to discuss the juicy details of the reality show you watched the night before. The list goes on.

I purchased these joggers from Dynamite earlier in September, obviously I needed them in black because what other color do I wear all the time? HA!


My really awesome Blink-182 shirt I got at one of their shows, when Tom was still in the band. That’s how long ago it was. Since I was a teenager I loved going to concerts and I always pick up a shirt or a hoodie when I go.. Mostly because you can’t find these shirts at anywhere other than their tour merch stand.


Sorry dudettes, but it’s true.. I’ve listed below all the places where you can find something similar or if you want to get some of their latest tour merch. What I really love about this look is my new Nike sneakers. I have waited I don’t know how long to get these, why the wait? Laziness? Probably. Point is, they are SUPER comfortable and I’m trying to find excuses to wear them with everything. This athleisure trend is perfection for my style right now. Actually in general, but we won’t get into that.

What I’m wearing…

Accessory details…


If your wondering at what age I’ll stop wearing band tees? Its never. Been rocking that “trend” since ’03


xx Sarah



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