Halloween Look: Pretty Dead

Happy Halloween!! Today is my favorite holiday of the year, it wraps up my favorite month of October.


As I’ve previously posted about my love for skulls (Skeletal hand) you probably guessed by now that my costume would have something to do with it too. And it did, this was the first year I ever took a gamble on painting my face. I haven’t done this since I was a child and well my mother made me look terrifying… and not in a good way.


So I booked my appointment at Sephora way back in September to avoid a terrible potential make-up look. Yes, you need to book that far in advance! Searching for inspiration, I finally settled on the perfect look that I wanted. Ironically I didn’t come up with a name for my costume until a few days prior. I was going for a half glam half skull face, totally original and not basic I know. The girl who did my make-up, Briana, was AMAZING! I absolutely love a make-up artist who is truly passionate about what they do and you feel it while they work with you. She showed me step by step what she was doing and how the look was coming along. For sitting there for almost 2 hours it felt like, she definitely made the time fly by. I left Sephora absolutely loving my look..

but the looks I was getting..


Well I guess everyone forgot it was Halloweekend… Cady knows how I felt..


For my hair, I took a gamble with pin curls to go with my “old hollywood glam look.” I now have a great respect for all hairdressers. Holding hot hair and pinning it left me with a few burn marks on my fingers. Props to all of you. Here is a progress photo of my pin curls… I have a massive head of hair, so much that I’ve just called it my lion’s mane.


Using a 1 1/4” curling iron I curled all of the hair under for that old hollywood look. After spraying my hair with a ton of hair spray, I let the curls set for about a half hour (in hoping the curls and volume would stay). Once the time was up, I un-pinned the 500 pins in my hair and let the curls fall.. I brushed out the curls for a bigger wave effect. As time went on the curls continued to fall.. by the time I left the curls completely fell. So I just decided that my curls died as the other half of my face did. Gotta roll with the punches right?


It was time to venture out into the night and enjoy Halloweekend! Since I’m old and cannot participate in Halloween’s festivities such as trick or treating this is my time to still feel the Halloween spirit..

When your face is more Casper like then the rest of your body😂💀

Now onto my Pretty Dead outfit details…

  • Lace Panel Cami Lingerie Dress – I wanted to buy a dress that I could potentially wear again, not just spending $100 on a Halloween costume that you’ll wear only once. This is also the fun part about making up your own costume, you get to pick what you’ll get to wear. This dress is a mix of a trends with the slip dress and the lace accents. It gives the illusion that its a cropped dress with the lace panel underneath the bust, and with the longer length I felt more comfortable. The side slit added a bit of a “flirtatious” look.
  • Steve Madden Suede Platform Sandals from last season. Similar Steve Madden Carrson Sandals, or Steve Madden Brritt Platform Sandals or Chinese Laundry Avenue Black Sandals
  • Dynamite Faux Leather Jacket – I’ve talked about this jacket so often, in so many other posts, but when you find a new staple piece it just becomes your best friend in your closet. Wearing this jacket just over my shoulders gave a different look to my “costume” A more sophisticated look if you will.
  • Bauble Bar Catena Choker Necklace – I told you I’d be wearing this choker often! (Sweater Weather & Shay Mitchell’s Bauble Bar Haul for past references) It added the little bit of modern glamour that I was looking for. I easily could’ve worn a solid be-dazzled choker, and I did in fact consider it for a moment. But. This choker. It is just so different that I love wearing it!
  • Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C Crossbody Mini Bag – my go to bag for every evening out. This truly was worth the investment. Its small enough where it isn’t annoying to have out with you but big enough where you can fit everything you need.. in this case it was all of my make-up needed to paint my best friends face. I’ve had this bag for YEARS!

Lastly, I am a very detailed oriented person.. when I commit to a look, I go with every little bit of detail.. down to my fingers and toes. I posted this spooky manicure on my instagram but wanted to share it here too for those of you who don’t follow me on instagram ( and you should!!)  This is Essie Licorice polish with gold sparkles & gold polish – I don’t have the names of the gold polishes since it was from the nail salon.


I had a fabulous evening out with my best friend for Halloweekend & I hope you all did too!




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Repeat offender: ripped sweater 


Even Wednesday Addams can’t believe it…

I TOLD YOU I LIKE THIS SWEATER. They say if you really like a top to buy it in more than one color. NOT EVERY SINGLE COLOR. But one other color. I’ve been gravitating towards green. My collection of this color is growing. I can’t help it.. and I bet half of you reading do the same thing. Join the club..

This may or may not have been my reaction when I saw the sweater came in green too..

So in today’s pictures if you can’t tell I just felt like sitting down in the leaves. Ah, to be a kid again… and boy did it feel freeing! Until my neighbor walked by and many cars with people staring at me. Dedication to be a kid at heart and get your perfect self timed picture..

Outfit details…


I like it too Debbie.. the only time I will ever agree with you.

Oh and ask me if I care I posted a similar look about a week ago…giphy-2


Hope you enjoyed reading todays repeat offender blog post…


I know I enjoyed writing it 😉


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Repeat Offender: Green

This weeks theme. I don’t have a brand new outfit every day, no one does. Not even the Kardashians do. So how do we rotate our favorite pieces into our wardrobe now that it is a little cooler out? Let me show you.

Today I am wearing…

I really love this maxi vest that I purchased from Dynamite. It instantly feels like I’ve dressed up my entire outfit. Most of my go to looks are very basic and simple, adding this vest makes me feel a bit more fashionable and a little less basic.

The black off the shoulder top has gotten so much use since last year. The main reason why I purchased it is because I like to be different, not everyone was rocking the off the shoulder trend. At least from what I had been seeing.

Lastly these booties are the perfect transition bootie. We all know the mornings start out freezing cold and by the time we are all leaving work it’s somehow extremely hot out. This bootie gives you the perfect amount of coverage for this kind of weather. AND they are a wooden heeled bootie, fall trend for the win!

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Copy Cat: Shay Mitchell Beauty look…

Shay posted this picture on her instagram Saturday night, research of this look began immediately.

Her make-up artist Patrick Ta posted the look’s details on his instagram. Half the battle was won, I already knew where to get her amazing lip color – MAC, High Drama Liquid Lip!

But going to MAC is dangerous for a make up addict like me… I often need to be supervised because who doesn’t want everything in a make up store. Shopping at MAC is much like Sarah Sanderson’s enchanting song…. it is so magical, it just draws you in… and once you’re there..its over.


They pull me in and I become a kid in a candy store… and then once I get to the counter to check out, here is my wallet’s reaction:


So here is my take on her look

These are unedited and unfiltered photos. I’m not truly a fan of how I look with my hair up but I figured I would try it out for a few (hundred) selfies 😜

Anyway, let’s get to the more important details of this post shall we. Products used…

Can’t forget about my sweater… I happened to stumble and by stumble I mean I was making an extremely quick exit from the mall so that no further shopping would occur post MAC enchanting purchases.. and then I saw Express was having a sale..


2 Sweaters and a pair of jeans (that were 40% off and a coupon) later… I found this Express Crew Neck Shaker Knit Sweater which is pretty similar to the one she is wearing in the picture. Did I purposely buy this sweater so I can match the exact photo she had?


OK FINE! Guilty…. But I really needed to buy new sweaters for the fall… I swear!


Can’t forget about my earrings! Can you guess where they are from?? You bet they are from Shay’s guest bartending line with Bauble bar! These are the bar earrings from her Questa Earring Trio. Read about my Bauble Bar haul here!

Now go grab a slice of victory pizza & enjoy rocking this look!




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Feelin’ Witchy

Let me tell you a little backstory about this top I’m wearing… I first saw one of my favorite bloggers that I follow (Miamiamine) wearing this maybe a month or two ago. I immediately fell in love. But. The price. I was not in love with. I searched high and low for an alternative, even with the other tops she suggested it just wasn’t the same for me. So, I made a promise to myself, if I could find it on sale I would splurge just once on this top because I couldn’t stop thinking about it.


Indeed it did.. this top had a serious spell on me… and now you’re mine…

Now I will discuss in another post about splurging on an item vs. when its not worth the price point. But my one of my many golden rules is if you cannot get the item out of your head do the following: Save up to buy the coveted item, find a similar item if it is really out of your price point, or find it on sale (which takes patience). I went with the very last of my very own suggestions and it paid off, I got 30% off the top with a shopbop sale!

The following was my exact reaction when all of that patience finally paid off & I went…



I was extremely happy that I finally made this purchase, AND ON SALE TOO!

I really love this top and the bell sleeve trend, its a perfect fall outfit. Especially with Halloween right around the corner. Who doesn’t want to feel a little festive?! I wore a cami underneath because quite frankly it was cold out and I wasn’t up for being bold and brave just wearing a bra. The back is quite low but I didn’t feel comfortable going this route today.

Now onto the outfit details… and options. You know I’ll never leave you ladies hanging without a ton of other options!

Oh and a word of advice..



Since you asked Winifred …. Don’t wear a hat on a windy day. It’s a recipe for disaster.. running in heels after your hat is not a cute look 😉

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Hockey Look: bleeding blue

Being from New York I obviously follow New York teams, my favorite one being hockey. I am a very passionate and loyal New York Rangers fan. Being at the garden is much like being at my second home, I’ve gone to games so often that my phone automatically hooks up to the wifi. Not even ashamed, not one bit.

October is the beginning of hockey season so I always make sure I try to go to a game. What I love so much about going to watch them play is the energy at the garden. It is unlike anything you will ever experience. The fans will make that place roar.

A few years ago I discovered this fan made apparel company through Twitter. My style goal is to stand out from the crowd so I like to wear different things than what’s sold in the stores. This company is AWESOME, all of the fan nickname shirts for the players you could possibly dream of. Even with the first pair of shirts I got from them I still wear them, despite the players no longer being on the team. They even hold viewing parties in NYC for the fans where you can pick up a new shirt. This really awesome apparel company I’m talking about is Webleedblue.

If you are a New York Ranger fan I highly recommend  you checking their site out. Even the players have worn their stuff!! See all of their photos from their Instagram here:

Captain Ryan Mcdonagh

My favorite bromance: Derick Brassard (former ranger ;( ) with Mats Zuccarello

JT Miller

Anti Raanta

Carl Swagelin, I mean Hagelin – another former player of the Rangers. This was one of the first items I got from webleedblue, but it is a shirt. I still wear it!

Tonight I’m sticking with a bit of an oldie but a goodie. Since I’m a hockey fan, OF COURSE I AM SUPERSTITIOUS! I wear the shirt that brings the wins. I even have a really nice varsity jacket that I can’t wear because they lose (miserably) every time I wear it.. so I save that for post victory days. Any way, I’m wearing one of my favorite players shirts: ZUUUUUUUUUCCCCC

Now since it is a sporting event, styling this I like to keep it very casual– while still looking nice. No need for heels ladies when your jumping out of your seat. These really awesome fan made shirts will definitely bring a unique look to your fan style. Have I mentioned it’s a fun way to get on the jumbotron or even on TV by standing out from the crowd?

The rest of my outfit details..

With all of my superstitious gear I am proud to say that on Monday night the New York Rangers beat the San Jose Sharks 7-4. Believe me now that it’s a lucky shirt?

One more thing.


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Sunday Uniform

After a hard night of partying I am forced to let the world know who I am today.. the President of the Hangover Club. If you are forced to go out in public when you much rather be in bed, here is your go to outfit. The sunglasses are a MUST. AN ABSOLUTE MUST… just like the absolute vodka you were drinking last night.. it hurts.

Today’s outfit…

Take some advil, drink some gatorade and find your way back to your bed where you can watch netflix all day…

Or hit a piñata on your birthday. Whatever works best for you 😉 

Happy Sunday!

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Why is your sweater ripped?

“Did you pay for that? Did you pay for a sweater that is already ripped? Why would you do that? Your jeans are ripped too.” This is a conversation I have with my father nearly every fall/winter.. as a matter of fact I had it with him last weekend. I always have a laugh because I am paying for a destroyed product. Purposely destroyed but clearly I don’t care..
I wore this outfit for a casual Friday night to the movies with my best friend to kick off my birthday weekend. We saw “The Girl On The Train” and the following photos are what I like to call “The Girl On The Floor” …. these outfit selfies are WORK 

If you can’t tell by now that I am halloween obsessed now you do. More fun facts about me! Anyway, I purchased this sweater because the back reminded me of skeleton ribs. Creepy? Maybe? I’m still going to wear it though.. I also got it in green too (wait for the repeat offender post)

📷 the fall nights have truly arrived here in New York. My girl took this photo for me as she yelled “JUST LOOKING AT YOU MAKES ME FREEZING! How are you wearing that sweater now without a coat?!” For fashion and style my dear friend, it’s always for fashion! #dedicated📸

This was a comfy and casual styled look for a Friday night to the movies. She also gifted me with a necklace for my birthday that I added to this look, it is half of an arrow.. she wears one half and I wear the other. I love arrows, they are very meaningful to me. It went perfectly with my layered necklace look and I adore it so much I’ll probably be wearing it in multiple posts! 

Snap chat pretty filter for the win! I’ve previously written about this layered necklace but I wanted to show you all how I accessorized this for my outfit. Using all of the layered necklaces for tonight’s look. I love gooooolllllld.

See. Can’t talk or write about anything without adding a joke. 

MY POINT IS… you can really layer any gold necklace that you have with this look. My birthday gift from my BFF added to my look perfectly. Mix and match any of your favorite necklaces.. I love adding accessories on a whim. Mostly because I’m running fashionably late and I’m putting my earrings/bracelets/necklaces/rings on as I’m running or hobbling on one foot out the door.

So now for my outfit details…

 Stay tuned for my birthday weekend looks!!  

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Skeletal hand

Continuing with this weeks theme of beauty.. lets try the darker side shall we…


Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. I love every bit of it. So all of October I like to celebrate. For whatever reason I do like skulls, I know it’s morbid and all but I clearly do not care. I saw this photo on Pintrest over the summer and was immediately inspired.

The inspiration:

My final look:

Disclaimer: I am not a professional makeup artist nor do I claim to be one. This is just me having fun.

How I created this…

Materials used:


  1. Primer: Urban Decay Naked concealer. I wanted the makeup to have a bit of a base so it would hold onto my hand. (This was wiped off multiple times in the processes of creating this look.. woops!)
  2. Outline: I started by outlining the nose on my finger by using the angled brush with Urban Decay Blackout and worked my way downwards. I literally copied the pattern on the photo.
  3. Once I was satisfied with the outline, even if it’s a bit messy, I went over it with Urban Decay perversion liner.. this helped me blend out for the shadow effect.
  4. White out: since it’s a lot of shadowing, I used the Urban Decay white liner (yeyo) to fill in the open spaces, I then used a flat headed brush which comes in the UD2 pallet with MAC crystal Avalanche and packed it on the white liner. This became very smudged but I wanted it to look heavily shadowed.
  5. Liner: I went back over my lines with the liquid liner to make them stand out even more. This was mainly for the teeth since in the blending process they became rather smudged.
  6. For the jaw line I used a mix of UD Bootie call and verve for a darker look. I went back with black out and filled in any areas that needed to be blacked out.

Every so often I would hold my hand up on my face and make sure I had the angles I was looking for. If you’d like me to record myself doing these looks in the future please do let me know. I love sharing my looks and how I do them!

Stay tuned for more looks!

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Purple lips

This weeks theme is BEAUTY! All make up looks happening this week!

It’s a bold look. I took a chance. Here it is.

Products used:

How to wing it:

The cat eye effect, winged liner that cuts. I LOVE wearing this look. What I don’t love is the struggle to get it. I know beauty guru’s on YouTube say practice makes perfect and everyone has 100 different ways on how to do winged liner. To each their own. Why? Because it’s stressful. I cannot tell you have many times I have nearly cried because one side comes out beautiful and the other side is just not on point… like hello get it together it’s time to be fierce

Needless to say I’m currently experimenting with my winged liner products. The Beauty Blender Liner Designer slightly helps with this problem. Depending on the product that you are using depends on results in my opinion. This look I am wearing it really helped me greatly. I used an ELF angled liner brush to help me achieve this look. I am still in search for the brush that I feel most comfortable with. Luck just happened to be on my side with this winged look and I was damn proud of it! 

Review: do I think the Liner Designer is worth it? Probably. If you are just starting out and struggling like I am then it’s a great tool to use in the beginning. The more I used it more comfortable to became going freehanded since I learned how to achieve the shape.

Choice of liner: my girl Jaclyn Hill raves about this liner. Since it’s a drug store brand I didn’t mind checking it out. Although I kinda have to disagree with the coloring, I noticed that my liner would fade after applying it. Still on the hunt for the perfect gel liner… or liner in general.

Oh and since my blog is mostly about fashion I can’t end a post without letting you know what I wore 😉 

What I’m wearing..


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