Bootie Bootie Booties Rockin’ Everywhere

Received a request for a booties post for the the fall. So let’s jump right into it…

I LOVE booties for the fall. There are so many styles that you can turn from day to night and they aren’t killing you to walk in either. Now I did my best to break them up into different categories/trends. I will admit that I favor the suede bootie over a leather, it is just my weakness. But I did attempt to incorporate leather booties for those who prefer leather over suede.

WARNING: I heavily favorited the DSW website, they have an amazing variety of shoes for all different occasions. And to be honest, I love a good sale.

WARNING 2: I believe in having a lot of options. As the wise Rachel Zoe would say “Options, Options, Options!”

Here are some of my favorites:

Peep Toe Booties

For that in between weather. I will most definitely be rocking a pair or 2 of these this fall. When its 60 degrees in the morning but come the afternoon your dying of heat at 75-85 degrees.

These Mix No. 6 Itieli Sandal from DSW have been my absolute favorites so far. I’ve been wearing them to work a lot lately since it quickly dresses up my outfit. And I’ve also seen a lot of girls wearing a similar style or the same peep toe style. I wore these in my most recent blog post and I really can’t get enough of them. They come in 2 other colors: olive and cognac. If I really wanted to splurge id have these in all three colors. See them here in cognac..

Mix No. 6 Itieli Sandal $49.95

So now that I’ve shared my favorite fall bootie obsession.. Here are some of my other favorites:

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Low heel Booties

Some women like to walk in heels, some women don’t. I fall in between. Since I sit at a desk all day I don’t mind wearing a bit of a heel to work, but outside of work I definitely prefer a low heel. Living in New York we are all constantly moving at a fast pace, whether is running to catch a bus or running because we’re late or running to make it to happy hour. Check out these low heeled booties:

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Moto/Lace up Booties

Personally these styled booties are part of my personal style. Wearing them you feel a little bad ass, maybe your ready to kick some ass or maybe your just a bad ass woman. What I love about these is I can transition these into the winter months when it is FREEZING. Below I’ve shown the lace up booties and moto boots.. Check out some of my favorites:

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Chelsea Booties/Wooden Heeled Booties/BOOTIES BOOTIES BOOTIES

I think my title explains enough.. Let’s dive into my favorites:

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With Columbus Day sales coming up its the perfect time to purchase a new pair of fall booties.. can’t forget you can rock these right into the winter.

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Throw back: Cali Edition

About a year ago I went to visit my best friend in LA. Preparing for this trip was almost double the work since she shops out of my closet, so it was an absolute MUST that I bring a ton of options. I had a lot of fun shopping around for outfits to wear, since it was December when I was visiting I naturally assumed it was going to be warmer in LA than it would be in NY. Boy was I wrong. For whatever reason, the weather in New York decided to come along with me for the trip! But I didn’t let that stop me from having a good time.

She took me to all of the typical touristy type places because well why not? I’ve never been to LA before and I wanted to see as much as I could in a short weekend. In my first few hours we grabbed lunch at Fat Sals, which is Turtle from Entourage’s sub shop. It was delicious! She then took me to Universal Studios since it was overcast, there were parts that were decorated for Christmas too. My favorite being Whoo-ville! It wouldn’t be Christmas without the GRINCH! 

Leaving the studio I got to see the most beautiful California sunset sky… it was magical! 

The next 2 days were packed with me trying to cover every bit of LA as I could in a short period of time. My first night consisted of going to a speak easy which was a ton of fun. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures with a flash and with the jet lag (plus a few drinks) I was only able to sneak one which was completely dark. WOOPS! 

Day 2, she drove me around Hollywood and we were on a mission to find my favorite band of all time’s star- THE BEATLES. Mission accomplished! 

Outfit details…

We also went to the Chinese Theater. Being from New York I’m very much used to being around tourists. This trip it was the other way around and it felt so strange! LA is rather similar to New York in certain senses, there is a bit more of a suburban type feel in California while in New York there are busy streets and people from all over the world it seems. You can easily spot a New Yorker walking through a tourist crowd (were the ones pushing through because we have places to go and people to see), but here in LA it was different. No one seemed to be around these tourist areas except for tourists. Now that comparison rant is over, I couldn’t  leave without getting a few pictures of my favorite Hollywood ladies..

Afterwards she took me down to ‘The Grove’ which has some great shopping , nice restaurants and where celebrities are often spotted. There is a little farmers market next to it so adventuring we went! I’ve never been to a farmers market before.. I spend more time exploring pizzerias than I do any other food. Walking around it was extremely beautiful, all of the shops were great.. of course I was mostly only browsing since I had almost a 50 pound suitcase going there. But I did purchase a sweatshirt since it was FREEZING. I’m in California you’d think it would be a hell of a lot warmer than New York would be. And that’s when it happened. Justin Bieber was there. Crying girls. Papparazzi. I had my first LA celeb experience. 

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of him, but I did get a nice picture of the Christmas tree. I was feeling the holiday spirit on this trip! 

While in LA, I had also mapped out some of the locations where American Horror Story had filmed. It was the perfect luck that the Murder House AND the LACMA lighting visual were either in driving distance or walking distance from my friends apartment. I was in heaven!

Murder House

Couldn’t take a picture without a Coven inspired hat either. This is from Dynamite (where else right?) but here is a very similar one from Charming Charlie. You can find these styles hats just about anywhere, I’m always trying to find excuses to wear them!

And I also demanded that I walked the same walk that Lady GaGa, or the Countess, walked at LACMA…

Actually I went there twice with another friend of mine.. although wearing a hoodie wouldn’t be considered fabulous I just couldn’t help myself that it was in walking distance from my friends apartment!

Now onto my favorite outfit of the trip…

We had big plans to go to SUR since we’re both fans of the show Vanderpump Rules on Bravo. I felt the need to get a little dressed up since it was a nice night out with my best friend. I found this really cool long top from ASOS, completely 90’s inspired which I was totally loving. The perfect dressy casual outfit for a night out with a friend.

Outfit details…

  • ASOS PETITE Exclusive 90s Extreme Longline Split Front Top – sold out (similar style with lace here and without lace here too)
  • 7 for all man kind jeans – the skinny – I purchased these at Century 21 a few years ago, always gotta know where to look
  • Steve Madden Platform Suede Sandals – last season (current style without the platform here and a replica Chinese Laundry Sandal here
  • Accessories: starburst lariat necklace from Dynamite last season (love this similar option from Spring or you can try this Dynamite similar option) and my go to Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C Bag


    The sangria is a definite must have!! And the food was delicious too. Yes we had the fried goat cheese balls and yes they were good. In all honesty here I’m not a huge fan of goat cheese, my best friend is and I let her enjoy a majority of them. They do have this chocolate cake that is simply to die for. Wishing I could have it right this second! Overall we had a lot of fun at SUR and would recommend anyone visiting LA to check it out. We didn’t see any of the cast (besides Peter for a split second) that night unfortunately but it’s just an excuse to go back and see them all! 

    Now I cannot end this post without showing you a beautiful sunset beach photo that I took in Venice Beach.

    My last full day day in California was spent bike riding from Venice Beach to Santa Monica. Both were so beautiful I did not want to leave. I mean look at this view …

    Before we left to go see the sunset in Venice, I saw this sign. Less than 2 months later I booked my flight to return for round 2 of adventuring with my best friend.

    Hope you enjoyed reading about my first trip to LA. If you liked reading this let me know and I’ll post about my second trip in the spring and talk about the style difference in girls from LA to girls in NY!

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    Graphic tees & jeans

    My high school style has some how managed to stay with me all of these years. Just lucky that graphic tee’s are a trend now. I have been wearing band t-shirts since my teens, not because its cool and trendy but because I am a fan of the music. Hello teenage angst, didn’t know I invited you to this blog post…

    Any way, here is what I am wearing today…

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    Shay Mitchell’s Bauble Bar Haul

    I have heard a lot of good things about Bauble Bar, having searched the site before Shay Mitchell’s line I was very impressed with what I had seen and even made a wish list. Once her line dropped, well so did my wallet.

    Let’s jump right into her amazing collection shall we?

    First look here is the Catena Choker, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this choker. I can really wear it casually or even for a dressier event. You will most definitely be seeing me wear this often.

    Up next, the Questa Earring Trio. There is a bit of a celestial/astrology vibe to her collection which I truly love. This trio set reminded me a bit of the Game of Thrones quote “Moon of my Life” and “My Sun and My Stars.” Now that I’ve completely geeked out there, lets discuss on how to wear these earrings. You can wear them as a set, or mix and match. Here I mixed and matched them to go with the Game of Thrones reference.



    I also purchased the Solar Necklace Set. I really love the idea of layering chokers and necklaces. This gives me the freedom to do both. I can wear the choker alone or the layered necklaces individually. Essentially, I got multiple necklace options in 1 purchase.


    Last item, is the Galileo Choker in Burgundy. I already have 2 other black chokers which is why I went with burgundy. Besides the fact it is a really beautiful color for the fall and the winter. I cannot wait to find the perfect outfit to wear this with!


    Her collection doesn’t end there just yet ladies! Here are some of my other favorites…

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    • VORTEX CRYSTAL CHOKER – I mean can we say the perfect crystal choker?! YAS HONEY! I will either be wearing this just to wear it or finding some place fancy to wear it.
    • ODYSSEY DROPS – New Years Eve. Enough said. These are perfection for your NYE outfit!
    • INTERGALACTIC RING QUARTET – Continuing with the celestial/astrology theme. I love a nice ring set, especially in gold. Again, these could be worn separately or together as a set.
    • SOJOURN BRACELET SET – If you have been looking for a nice bracelet set, here you have it. Personally I don’t like to wear a lot of bracelets. I tend to get tangled up in many things, but these I would definitely purchase. I could wear them as a set entirely or pick a few that I would like to wear. Who doesn’t like to have options when it comes to accessorizing??
    • SUPERNOVA CHOKER AND BIB SET – I can’t even put into words how beautiful this set is. It is just simply BEAUTIFUL. And again, these can be worn separately or as a set. Honestly it is so damn beautiful that I would wear it to bed.


    I hope you enjoyed reading about my Bauble Haul!

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    Quick look

    It is very, very, VERY rare that I am able to pull a cute outfit together in 30 seconds. And here are the results…


    Today I am wearing..

     It’s very simple and casual which is my go to look. A few accessories can take your outfit to a new level, and not to mention a red lip. 

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    Jeans and a tee are my most frequent outfits. It is easy to put together, I don’t have to think too long and can spend more time doing my hair and makeup. This is usually my every day style, minus the heels and insert some chucks. But every now and then I want to feel like a girly girl and make an attempt to walk in heels without looking like a baby deer or giraffe trying to learn how to walk for the first time #thestruggle

    So throw on some ruby woo red lips and take on the day

    Where to buy…


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    Feeling Blue

    It is no lie that blue is my favorite color. I mean I am a huge New York Ranger’s fan afterall, but that has nothing to do with this outfit or post…

    I found this Navy Blue Front Tie Top on the sale’s rack at Dynamite. If you didn’t believe that I shop there often, now you do. Jean are also from Dynamite that I purchased last year, below I linked the same pair.

    Where to buy…

    Some fun facts about the last picture above. My 5 1/2 year old cousin took the photo on her mom’s iPhone. Can we say future photographer??


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    Dynamite Style

    3 different styles with 1 dress, YAAASS.

    I practically LIVE in Dynamite’s clothing. What I love most is that I can mix and match all of my outfits. Which means I’m getting my moneys worth. 

    So as Super Mario would say, HERE WE GO…

    Outfit #1: I styled this Ribbed Mock Neck Dress with a purple cinched waist maxi vest  and Steve Madden Stecy Sandals. A great outfit when your ready to take on the day and kick a little butt.

    Outfit #2: This could easily be a perfect date night outfit as well with a statement necklace. Worn with the same Steve Madden Sandals as above. (similar necklace here and here too)

    Outfit #3: Now as much as I love how heels may look, my feet cry with pain after awhile. For a more casual look I styled this with a Dynamite faux leather moto jacket and Van’s slip on sneakers.

    Accessories worn in outfits #1 & #3: Rebecca Minkoff Moto Hobo and Quay Australia Vivienne Sunglasses 


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    Quick post: Look for Less – Shay Mitchell 

    Quick post here! Since we’re living in that in between season looks, I wanted to share a look for less by my favorite fashion inspiration – Shay Mitchell.

    Yesterday’s post was 1000% inspired by her look here:

    Want this look for less? Shop here: 

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    Hope you enjoyed today’s quick post, if you have any suggestions for a look for less please leave it in the comments below. I’m always up for the challenge! 

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